It was evening one night, and Genevieve Petrova was sitting in her dorm room, reading a newspaper from Moscow, sipping coffee, like it was any normal night. That was, until, she read the back page. Gen's jaw dropped, causing her to drop her coffee cup against the ground as she glanced at the article.

"Royal Scandal Exposed: Bastard Twins Confirmed."

According to one witness, it has been confirmed that Queen Tiara Myelin-Petrova had an affair with one of the dukes in her court, causing her to give birth to twins Charlotte and Christina Petrova. The palace has yet to release a statement, leading us to think - does this kingdom have more secrets to hide than we thought?"

Gen picked up her cellphone, calling Charlotte. "Stop what you're doing right now, and meet me in the Water Classroom. We're going to Moscow."

So basically, a small squad of people are going to head to Moscow and try to sniff out who revealed the Petrova secret. It won't be easy, as there will be many temptations to sidetrack the questers from finding out the true culprit. However, finding the witness will result in great rewards for those who are successful, but you must ask yourself this - are you ready to get involved in a Royal Affair?


A Royal Affair/Meeting

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