What Are All-Elementals?

All-Elementals are elementals who can control all the elements, as it says in their name. They are the third type of Multi-Elementals, after Bi-Elementals and Tri-Elementals. These type of elementals are actually extremely rare, and it's only once in a while do you even find an All-Elemental at the Academy. Out of the population, only one out of ten elementals are All-Elementals every other year. 

All-Elementals can control all the elements, but that does not mean one element they wield can not be signficantly more powerful, or they have more control over that one element, then the rest of them. In fact some All-Elementals mostly use one or two elements to conceal their idenitity and such.

Like Tri-Elementals, All-Elementals do not get their elements from their parents at all. In fact their Elemental gene is somewhat considered a mutation because it's above the normal. Some extreme conditions need to happen in the enviorment they were carried around in during the nine month stage in the womb for them to be All-Elementals.

Extra Information

  • All-Elementals can skip 20+ generations, and sometimes the gene never replicates and is lost
  • All-Elementals often as young children have no or little control over their powers, causing accidents to happen constantly around them