Andrew Parsons

The Dark Sun


Character Information
Andrew Parsons is a Male Solar Elemental created by Time. Please do not use this character without his permission.

Full Name Andrew Llewellyn Parsons
Nicknames Drew, Andy
Current Age 18
Birthday 8/2/99
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality heterosexual
Current Location The Elemental Academy
Dorm 9

Mother Tanisha Parsons
Father Dominic Parsons
Other Relatives {{{other relatives}}}
Home Town Los Angeles

Model Daniel Bederov
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6"2
Body Style Lean
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right
Shoe Size
Native Language English
Accent American
Mental/Emotion Disorders none
Medical Issues none
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Attitude Kind.
Social Temperament Somewhat bad
Bad Habits His desires
Viewpoint on Life Life is a bitch
Fatal Flaw His dark side
Likes He loves sedatives
Dislikes He hates being selfish
Fears He's scared of people finding out what he's truly like
Hobbies Shooting
Personal Motto
Things He/She Won't Do He won't give up
Most Admires Violet
Most Influenced By By his drugs
Reaction to Crisis He takes it calmly
Reaction to a Problem He revels in them
Reaction to Change He can't handle it
Alignment West

Color Green
Music R&B
Food Apples
Drink Wine
Animal Cheetah
Book Doesn't read
Song None
Movie The Godfather
Sport Shotting
Subject Maths


General Status

Drew use to be a student at the academy before dropping out for a while. He's come back under unknown reasons.

“Only those who do not wish to see can be deceived.”

History and Personality


Drew has become everything everyone expects him to be. Kind, selfless, kind of funny. He goes out of his way to make people happy. Underneath this, he has a dark side that craves to possess things around him. Selfish, cruel. His fear, that people will find this out causes him to turn to drugs and alcohol

“My lying is a second skin by now, so easy to forget it's there.”

Roleplay Information

Special Skills His methods of hiding stuff
Strengths Offensive
Weaknesses His fears
Weapon(s) His fist
Quests Been On {{{been}}}

*Photokinesis - create and manipulate pure light. This includes creating shields/force fields out of solid photons and bending light to make themselves invisible.
  • Photoportation - Teleport by using photons.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control, and manipulate heat.
  • Heliokinesis - control, generate, and manipulate solar energy.

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Credits to Tyler


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