Arabelle Duvall
Master of None
Arabelle Duvall 1
Full Name Arabelle Duvall
Nickname None
Birthday 17th April
Age 14
Status Single
Sexuality Questioning
Gender Female
Element All
Arabelle Duvall 3

At first glance, Arabelle is quiet and timid. She seems shy and small, and she is bad at making conversation.

However, in truth, Arabelle is very paranoid, making her alert all the time. She'd like to make friends but she is afraid of socialising; she stutters every time she speaks. Due to her past, she has a hard time opening up to anyone.

Despite this, Arabelle wants to be brave and fight back, even though it is nigh impossible for her. She wants to find friendship even though she always backs away from conversation. She will always search for happiness--something that she will likely never find.

Model Odeya Rush
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 5'2" (157 cm)
Weight 98 lbs (44 kg)
Voice Contralto
Body Style Underweight
Mental/Emotional State Tense
Mental/Emotional Disorders PTSD
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Middle-Eastern and Caucasian
Arabelle Duvall 2
Arabelle Duvall
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