Part I: Hey You! Yeah You! It's Time to be Interrogated!

Brianna was pacing in front of the mess hall doors when her best friend and savior appeared.

"Hey Bri-"

Suddenly, Brianna tackled Jack in a hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping me!"

Jack stumbled back, a bit red. "No p-problem.. Um... Anyway, I have all the names of everyone in the crowd this morning. I suggest we interrogate Scarlett's friends and acquaintances first, what do you think?" he asked once she released him.

"Sounds like a plan... Except... No one knows I exist really besides the Staff and well... you. So..."

"I already had that covered ages ago. C'mon, go in. I'll back you up, okay?"

She nodded in response and opened the door.

Selene's Interrogation

Brianna: Brianna sat at the other end of the metal table, legs crossed, and holding a folder full of photos and papers, put together by Jack. She smiled politely at Selene and gestured for her to sit down. "You must be Selene Nightluck, duchess of the Water Kingdom, a friend of Sasha Petrova, and a friend of my sister, Scarlett Casiieomark. Is that correct?"

Selene: Her eyes red from being sad over Scarlett's death, Selene nodded. "Yes. Scarlett was my friend. Maybe she wasn't the brightest, but she was definitely a friend."

Brianna: She took a deep breath and held back tears. "H-How was your connection with her?"

Selene: "I was probably her best friend. Yes, she hung out with the Trinity a lot, but I believe she spent the most time with me. We used togo out to Lunarbucks at least once every week. I think she would trust me with anything, just as I trust her with anything too."

Brianna: She nodded and continued writing, she looked up at her for a second. "T-Thank you..." she whispered, her voice cracking. It was becoming even more difficult not to collapse in a fit of tears, "T-Thank you for being my sister's friend." She sighed and collected herself. "In your opinion, who despises Scarlett most?"

Selene: "I don't know. Maybe Sasha or Alexander? Sadha seems to have resistance towards Scarlett, but I am not sure if it is hate. Alexander just hates any member of the Trinity."

Brianna: "Alexander Martell. He's a fifteen year old fire elemental that has been romantically involved with prince Harry Petrova, ex-prince Kyle Jopan- er Columbia, and Cliffe Meadows. From what I've heard he's a bit arrogant, but nice as a whole... Hm, I'll interrogate him next. Anywho, do you know Hollander?"

Selene: "The name rings a bell. I think Sasha and I have ambushed her. Is she the one that randomly runs around with a ponytail?" Selene was ashamed of this, but she wanted to help as she could to find the murderer of Scarlett.

Brianna: "In my files, Persephone Victoria Hollander was closet to the Fire Classroom when the incident happened. Have you noticed anything different about her lately?"

Selene: "Haven't seen her since the incident, if I am completely honest with you. I've mostly been secluded, trying to avoid conversations with people about it."

Brianna: "Okay then, I believe that is it. Thank you for your time."

Anneline's Interrogation

Brianna: After finishing her interrogation with Selene, she had went to get a glass of water but was thoroughly surprised to see Anneline already there when she returned. She sat down and immediately opened her folder. "Anneline Edan. Duchess of the Fire Kingdom, friend to Sasha Petrova, Selene Nightluck, and my sister, Scarlett Casiieomark. It says here your quite the party animal I suppose?" she gave a questioning glance toward her.

Anneline: "Yeah. I've hosted quite a lot of parties." Anneline replied, adjusting her earmuffs. She felt miserable from Scarlett's death, but was able to handle her emotions.

Brianna: She nodded, "We'll continue then. How was your connection with Scarlett?"

Anneline: "Besides the facts that we were friends and that we got along, I helped Scarlett out a lot. Whenever someone was troubling her, she could always call me and I'd give her advice. In return, she would give me fashion advice. She was also one of the first people I'd invite to my parties."

Brianna: She nodded and scribbled something down in her notebook. "Who do you think despises Scarlett the most from your observance?"

Anneline: "I know that my brother didn't like her, but he would never kill her as all she ever did to him was tease him playfully. Also, he's obsessed with impressing our parents and trying to be responsible. There is an event I do recall, however. She got into an argument with someone in the dorms, I think. It was someone new to the Academy."

Brianna: As she wrote a sudden memory rose to her conscious. "That Hawaiian girl! I saw her on my way into the grounds yesterday. That reminds me, do you know a girl with the last name Hollander?"

Anneline: "Unfortunately, no. I did see a blonde girl jogging around campus, though. That might have been her. All I know is that she has tattoos of birds or something like that on her shoulder."

Brianna: "When did you last see her? And who was she with?"

Anneline: "Oh, I remember now. This was in the morning. She was with Claire du Versailles."

Brianna: After processing the information she gave Anneline a polite smile and thanked her for her time.

Anneline: Anneline reciprocated the smile, even though she wasn't in the mood to, before exiting the room.

Victoria's Interrogation

Brianna: "Hello your highness," Brianna said. "I'm glad I've been able to have a word with you. This is your last term at the academy I believe?"

Victoria: "That is correct." Victoria replied, with a look of intrigue in her eyes. A murder as soon as she returned. Wow.

Brianna: "Ah. So, from my notes here, you we're in the crowd in front on the Fire Classroom this morning. Of course your a fire elemental so I won't question what you we're doing there, but when did you arrive- Wait!" Brianna bent down and slipped something from her purse. "Drink this please. It's a truth serum."

Victoria: Victoria observed the so-called serum. "It looks like something Anneline would make for me. Oh well." She took the serum and quickly drunk it.

Brianna: "That was a necessary precaution as from the notes you aren't too familiar with my sister, you just happened to be at the crowd. Let's continue. When did you arrive?"

Victoria: Victoria felt the serum kick in. "I arrived at 8:30am."

Brianna: She raised an eyebrow, "Class is at 9:00 am. I assume you came to ask the teacher a question or...?"

Victoria: The serum continued to affect Victoria. "I visited the classroom to look for Mr Briquet and pay him a visit, since I hadn't seen him in a year. I also assumed that Anneline, Branton or Grace could have been in the classroom."

Brianna: "Did you ever leave the classroom until the bell rang for class?"

Victoria: "Yeah, I did eventually leave, once our conversation was over."

Brianna: "When did you leave? And did you run into anyone on the way out?"

Victoria: "I left about 20 minutes later. And I ran into someone, but they were masked so I couldn't make out who it was."

Brianna: "Thank you, that's all." She gave Victoria the antidote to the serum and waited for the next elemental.

Victoria: Victoria took the antidote and used it. She then left.

Quinn's Interrogation

Brianna: Exhausted and irritated, she wasn't looking forward to meeting the next elemental that walked in. The duchesses and the princess we're somewhat annoying and she had a headache already. She took another sip of water and waited for Quinn.

Quinn: I walk into the room and sat down across from you. "So then, you called? I'm assuming this must be concerning Scarlett."

Brianna: She narrowed her eyes at her, glaring. "Wasn't that obvious when I announced it in the Mess hall? You're not very observatory are you?"

Quinn: "I'm observatory when necessary." I smirk a bit. "So then, why am I here?"

Brianna: "I wonder how you even pass your classes, you're an idiot," she muttered under her breath. "You know why. Stop playing around, this is an interrogation." She slid the truth serum across the table, "Drink it. It's a truth serum."

Quinn: I drink the serum. "Alright, start talking.

Brianna: "You're a water elemental, correct?"

Georgios's Interrogation

Brianna: As soon as Georgios walked in Brianna glanced at the array of photos and papers laid across the table. "You must be Quinn's twin brother I believe?"

Georgios: I quickly scan over the photos and papers before looking at Brianna. "Yes I am love." I sat down across from you.

Brianna: "Tell your sister for me she's annoying as hell. Anyway, you we're the crowd of the Fire Classroom, however, you're not a Fire elemental, are you?"

Georgios: I scoff a bit. "That's Quinn for you. She has her own special charm." I chuckle. "No, I'm quite the opposite of a fire elemental. I'm a water elemental.

Brianna: She slid somrthing across the table. "It's a truth serum, drink it."

Georgios: I down the serum. "Alright then darling, what's up?" I lean back and fold my arms.

Brianna: She rolled her eyes. She was getting tired of his little nicknames for her but she didn't complain. "What were you doing in the crowd in front of the Fire classroom? The Water classroom is on the other side of the school."

Georgios: "Well, in the middle of our class, a kid shouted that someone had been murdered, so naturally our entire class ran to the other side of the school to check it out."

Brianna: She rasied and eyebrow, "And who was this kid?"

Fred's Interrogation

Brianna: "Fred Baker. Aha, you remind me of that jokester duo from the Harry Potter series," Brianna snickered. "Anywho, Fred, it says here your a Bi-Elemental."

Fred: "Is that just because I am a British ginger with the name of 'Fred'?" He asked, unamused, he'd heard about that several times, and an interrogation didn't seem appropriate to be talking about it. "Either way, yeah. I'm a bi-elemental. Solar and Fire."

Brianna: She shook her head, "No, no. You just have that... aura. Anyway, You we're on your way to the Fire Classroom apparently when this happened. What time did you arrive at the scene?"

Fred: "I believe I got there from 7-5 minutes before the class actually started, but I am not entirely sure to be exact." Fred offered a lopsided smile, taking pity in the girl and feeling sorry that he couldn't be of much help.

Brianna: She furrowed her eyebrows for a few seconds before she looked at him. "Do you know Hollander?"

Fred: "Hollander? Who the heck is that guy?" Fred seemed confused. Strangely enough, this sentence had been said with the poshest tone ever.

Brianna: She rolled her eyes. "First of all, Hollander is a female sixteen year old solar elemental, and I have knowledge you've run into her. I'm just asking if you know her."

Fred: "Well, if I don't recognize her I definitely think I haven't actually met her properly. So, no. I don't know her."

Brianna: She sighed and mumbled something along the lines of 'idiot' and continued unto her next question. "Does she look familiar to you?" she asked, holding up a photo of female student with dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail, bird tattoos on her shoulder.

Fred: "Ah yes. Vaguely familiar. I didn't know her name though."

Brianna: She looked at the table, realizing something. Then she quickly glanced at Fred and closed her folder. "Thank you for your time, you may now leave."

Fred: "Oh that's it. Well. Hope I could be of help." Fred stood up and opened the door to leave.

OOC: Should I post in Part II? If so, like, what should I post?

OOC: Yes, you do, and you do what it says. Look at other examples, you can ask who they are, what they're doing their, basically stuff like that. Stall for clues, and at the end he'll give you a note with a riddle on it that you can either give to Brianna or decipher yourself. It's like an interactive game.

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