Part II: You're Singing The Words Wrong

ATTENTION! Only advance to this part if you have finished your interrogation!

After the interrogation, all students returned to their normal school day activities, however, you (your character) happen to take a wrong turn and wander into a dim hallway where a stranger leans against a wall at the other end. You choose to talk to him.

Anneline's Encounter

Anneline: Anneline, depressed and not feeling her usual self, walked down the corridor. She decided to head back to her dorm to put on her black jewelry, as a sign of mourning. As she continued to walk down the corridor, she sensed a presence nearby, which she then came across. She knew that this person was Scarlett's killer. "Oh god. It's reality."

Murderer: A deep chuckle echoed throughout the hallway. "Nothing can ever be reality, reality isn't a thing sweetheart. It's just what you believe you see and hear."

Anneline: Anneline's sorrow turned into confidence and anger. "Don't you dare sweetheart me. You took the life away of my friend. You probably did it to fulfill your sick, murderous fantasies. If you think I'm gonna fall for it, you have another thing coming."

Murderer: He laughed again. "I don't have murder fantasies. In fact, I don't even do this out of free will. I'd tell you but-" suddenly he faltered, and his golden eyes flashed silver, and blood spilled from the corner.

Anneline: Anneline noticed the flash of the silver and the blood. "Oh my god." Anneline suddenly realised that she was closer to finding out who the killer was then she originally thought.

Murderer: "S-Stop it... I-I won't tell..." A thud resounded from the darkness as the stranger fell to the ground clutching his stomach. His eyes we're closed now and he was murmuring something unintelligible.

Anneline: Tears streamed down Anneline's eyes. She figured it out. "You're not actually the killer, are you? If you aren't, tell me who the real murderer is."

Murderer: "The real one.. H-He's d-" the stranger lifted an arm and pulled at some invisible force tugging at his neck. "H-Help... Take the note t-to her..."

You pick up the note, it reads:

So you know my secret

But it's not a secret

I am the unknown, and I am the dead

And the dead always win, they always kill

Anneline: Anneline furiously took and read the note, before running off, heading back to Brianna.

Brianna: Brianna was reviewing her notes with Jack who was pretty much doing most of the work and explaining everything to her when Anneline barreled in.

Anneline: "I have a note from the killer. There's a mastermind behind this. The killer was their puppet." She then passed the note to Jack.

Jack: He glanced at the paper in his hands and then looked at Brianna.

Brianna: "Oh, uh, give to Jack. He's great at analyzing notes."

Anneline: Anneline observed as Jack looked at the note. "I can't believe this is happening."

Jack: "Daragi. A dark spirit. Dark spirits can either inhabit the body of a living person, or mimic a living person's appearance and become alive for a limited amount of time. It's a daragi. The murderer is a daragi! But..." he exclaimed.

Anneline: The name seemed familiar to her, since she had heard about this in class. But she didn't know much about it, since she was on her phone at the time and wasn't paying attention.

Jack: "But why... Usually the dead can't become Daragises unless they didn't die at their time. Then they can use their powers to get revenge or wreck havoc on the living until their satisfied. The only recent person I know died besides well... yeah... Is.. Marcus."

Anneline: This prompted Anneline to ask one question. "Does this mean that Scarlett...could become a Daragi?" She asked in fear.

Jack: He sighed and glanced at the window before murmuring something. "Y-Yes."

Anneline: "What do we do now?" Anneline asked.

Jack: "We can check the ancestral records!" Jack exclaimed.

Brianna: She blinked, "Check the what now?"

Anneline: "The ancestral records, aren't those in the basement?" Anneline asked Jack, wondering if the records were still in the basement. It was more or likely that they had the files on an online database nowadays.

Jack: "Yeah, they are. I have access to the basement. Well, technically, but they switched the security to an electronic system now so I can hack it." He turned to face Brianna, "The Ancestral Records, are the records of every single elementrium concering thing that has ever happened to she school. It'll tell us if a Daragi has entered. Best part, you can't destory them so you'll always have evidence." He readjusted his thick black rimmed glasses and gave her a reassuring smile.

You have several options. It is now night and curfew will draw in. You can either chose to skip dinner and break into the basement, or wait until tomorrow and go to your dorm.

Victoria's Encounter

Victoria: Victoria whistled as she strolled through the corridor. She took her black coat off, revealing her casual pink dress and V necklace. She then came across the presence she had noticed earlier, the presence that took the life of the Casiieomark girl. She decided to have a bit of fun and play her mind games on the murderer. "I have to say, whoever you are, thank you for giving me something interesting to come back to."

Murderer: "You're welcome." Through the dark, a pair of gold irises glinted at her in the darkness, before they dissolved into red.

Victoria: Victoria, who had the advantage of a photographic memory, made sure that the image of the golden irises stuck in her mind. "Nice eyes." She complimented, before asking the murderer a question which she had to get across carefully. "Got any plans?"

Murderer: "Plans. Odd question to ask. I know Brianna Casiieomark interrogated you, and if I tell you anything you'll tell her. I also know you have photographic memory.

Victoria: "Yeah, I have a photographic memory. But that doesn't prove anything. How could you possibly tell that? For all you know, I could lie to Brianna."

Murderer: "Brianna has a large stock of truth serums. If she knew you had information, and wanted it, she could force you drink it. See, I know everything, watch everything, and hear everything. But I don't do it."

Victoria: The murderer had gotten one over her. "Oh for f***'s sake." She remarked.

Murderer: "Here, give this to Brianna for me. Just so she knows we're on the same side," he hands Victoria a note. "But I tell you now, look for the Chancellor."

You glance at the note, it reads:

So you know my secret

But it's not a secret

I am the unknown, and I am the dead

And the dead always win, they always kill

Victoria: "Turns out I didn't even need to use my mind games in this case. Thank you." Victoria sarcastically replied before walking off with the note in her hand. She then remembered the final thing he said, "look for the Chancellor."

Murderer: He sighed and clutched his head. "F**k you Blacksmith," he muttered.

Victoria: Victoria finally found Brianna and Jack. "The murderer handed me this note. They were talking about knowing and hearing and seeing everything. They also mentioned "the Chancellor". Victoria handed the note to Brianna.

Jack: He took the note from Brianna and scanned it. "Huh, Anneline came here earlier with a note just like that... I got it! The Chancellor! There's a student with the last name 'Chancler'. But he died in a car crash... That doesn't make any sense."

Victoria: Victoria was confused. She didn't know of a Chancler. "I'm guessing they were attending this Academy when I was away."

Jack: "Yeah, we had Elemental Creatures together. Anyway, he died a few days ago in a car crash in Manhattan. Maybe... Daragi... Chancler... Maybe he became a Daragi spirit."

Victoria: At the mention of Anneline, Victoria became more alert. And as of the current conversation, she didn't remember Daragi spirits.

Brianna: She furrowed her eyebrows, "I don't understand. Aren't their special protection spells and stuff on this place? How could a Daragi get in?"

Jack: He shook his head, "Daragi spirits could've possessed a student to the murder themselves, or use them until they get in and then take their appearance."

Victoria: "Ah, now I remember." Victoria remarked as she got out her pink iPhone.

Jack: "Still, it doesn't connect. Why would he murder someone at the school? I know he hated his parents, but as far as I know he was on good terms with everyone," he continued to mutter.

Victoria: Victoria received a text message. "I have to go." Victoria stated. "I'll be around if you need me." She then left the classroom.

You have chosen to leave the classroom. Now you cannot go to the basement, curfew has drawed in and you must return to your dorm.

Contine to Part III

Fred's Encounter

Fred: Fred walked towards his dorm after fireball practice, his shirt dampened with sweat and his auburn hair soaked. He still had his uniform on and was ready to hit the shower... but the one in his dorm, as that one was significantly cleaner and more private than the one in the locker rooms. Suddenly, he felt somebody staring at him. Looking around and trying to find the source, Fred's hands instinctively balled into fists.

Murderer: The stranger in the corner yawned sarcastically and glanced at him. His eyes we're silver for some few moments before they melted in a turquoise, then later turned to sea green. "You're getting way ahead of yourself buddy. Calm down," he started, straightening up.

Fred: "You're the one who killed Scarlett, right?" He noticed the shift of the eye color, so he tried memorizing it, it would probably help.

Murderer: The stranger frowned and rolled his eyes, "Anyone could be her murderer. You can't just go around asking people, are you the murderer? Are you murderer? And no, I'm not. The Chancellor is." A strained groan echoed out from the corner a second later. "You're... Lucky... I'm not alread..."

Fred: "The chancellor could not hsve poddibly have been the murderer. So if you claim to know who it is, but it isn't that can only mesn it is in fact you." Fred stopped for a second. "Wait. I am lucky? What?"

Murderer: He fell to the floor. "Figure it out... make it stop... it's the Chancellor... I swear... look for the-" the sound of choking filled the dim hallway.

OOC: No, he is not dying

Fred: "What the bloody hell is going on with you, mate?" Fred asked concerned, as he backed up a few steps. "Look for what?"

Murderer: "L-Look for the B-Blacksmi...." the choking continue followed by another thud, and from the corner blood covered the marble floor.

You have enough nesscary information to go infrom Brianna. At this point you may choose to either stay here and help the 'Murderer', run off to tell Briannna, or walk away and keep it to yourself.

Fred: Fred felt bad for who he thought was the murderer. But even then, if he WAS the murderer and helped him, what guaranteed that he wouldn't kill Fred himself? Deciding to tell Brianna, he ran off towards where he thought she could be.

Jack: Instead of Brianna, Jack was in the Earth classroom, however he was behind the teacher's desk, opening drawers and flipping through files.

Fred: Entering the classroom, finding Jack and closing it shut behind him, Fred shouted, "I- I think I saw the murderer."

Jack: Immediately his head popped up from behind the desk. "What?!"

Fred: "He had these eyes that changed color and he said he wasn't the murderer. But I knew he was because he said it had been the chancellor? Then he had like a seizure or something and said we should find a blacksmith or something of that sort."

Jack: He stared at Fred like he was the most ignorant idiot he had ever met, and then widened his eyes and facepalmed. "I feel so freaking stupid," he muttered. "Of course! Why didn't I look into that!"

Fred: Confused, he asked, "Into what?"

Jack: "The murderer is part chromathmyina. A chromathmyina spirit is a spirit that reflects off of emotions, you can tell when you've met one if their eyes change color. The eyecolor change is based on their emotions. I had an original theory that the murderer was a spirit, but I ditched that when I remember the charms placed on the Academy. But I never thought about part spirits," he explained.

Fred: "Well, it does make sense. With that in mind, wouldn't it be much easier to find him?I mean, if they always change color..."

Jack: "No actually. Chromathyminas can change their whole appearance based on their emotions, if he's part chromathymina, his eye color might not be the only part of his appearance that can change."

Fred: "So we're basically looking for a chameleon. C'est parfait." Fred sighed.

Jack: He rolled his eyes and closed the drawers he had been looking for. "Not a chameleon, not even close. If the murderer is part chromathymina we have a hug deal on our hands, we can't find him by appearance, not by fingerprints, and not by eye scans. Any physical evidence is useless if this who we're up against."

Fred: "Exactly," Fred said, with his eyes giving Jack a 'that's what I was saying' look. "That's just like a chameleon. It can change appearance."

Jack: Jack took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Not. A. Chameleon," he growled. "Anyway, I'm going to review my notes. Brianna is in her dorm if you need her." On that note, Jack walked out without even a second glance.

You have informed someone of your information. You must now return to your dorm to sleep. In the morning you will meet Brianna, Jack, and Hollander in the Mess hall.

Continue to Part III

Selene's Encounter

Selene: Wearing her black bustier with garter belt under her thick and long black mink coat, and burgundy high heels. She was looking for either Harry or Dustin. Probably more the latter as it had been a long time since they had... reunited. And Selene really needed some arms to cry into and something to distract herself. Her hair was tied up in a thick bun which suddenly collapsed. She felt someone near her. Immediately scared and afraid that she was next, she took out her whip from under her mink. "I have a whip!"

Murderer: "And now I have it," he spoke. The stranger raised his hand and the whip struggled against Selene's grip before it finally freed itself and flew into his hands. "You look sad, what's wrong?"

Selene: "What's wrong is that someone killed my friend. But not that it matters, does it?" She replied sarcastically, feeling the water from the pipes in the bathroom nearby in case she had to use it.

Murderer: "I can't tell you my full name, but I can tell you a part of it. Camyron. I don't like being addressed as a stranger, because you know me, and I know you Selene. Oh, and don't bother with the water, I'm an air elemental, I have my own ways of protection."

Selene: "I do not care. So stop stalking any of us, okay? Besides if you do know me, how can I not know you?"

Murderer: He chuckled, "Stalking you? A minute ago, I was reading and minding my own business, then the lights go out and I see you walking down the hallway. I'm ao sorry for not walking faster your highness."

Selene: "Well, you should be sorry. I'm extremely cold, so what is it that you need to tell me so I can go?" Selene relied after crossing her arms.

Murderer: He gave a coy smile, "I never said I had to tell you anything." The stranger bowed dramatically, walked around her and disappeared down another corridor.

You stare at the hallway he took for a second. Then you realize something, you had just messed up big time. You could tell he had some type of connection to Scarlett's death, but the chance to find out more had slipped away, you turned to leave.

You have failed. You have collected no information for Brianna, now your character will be condemed to a future uncertain.

Contine on to Part III

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