Part III: The Day, The Night, and the Murderer

For All Failed

For all characters who failed to get information from the Murderer during Part II, you will meet up with Brianna, Jack, and Hollander in the Mess hall with any other failed characters.

Selene: After her encounter with what she thought could be the murderer, she decided to try and find Brianna.

Brianna: Brianna currently sat in the Mess hall, struggling to eat her salad as she looked over the current evidence summary Jack had put together after he had watched the recorded interrogations and the notes she gave him. So far her only leads she had was that she had narrowed it down to about five people, but she couldn't find the link that connected everything together. She was waiting for Jack, and a girl with name of Persephone Victoria Hollander as she ate, Persephone was one of suspects.

Selene: She finally found Brianna in the mess hall, and without a question, sat right next to her. "The murderer isn't a nice person."

Brianna: Startled, she dropped her fork. "Oh, it's just you Selene. And what about a the murderer?"

Selene: "We were talking, and I had my lingerie on so it was really cold. And then he just left like that."

Brianna: She raised an eyebrow at the latter but ignored it. "So, did you get anything out of him? What did he say?"

Selene: "Nothing important, really. He took my whip though, so maybe if we can find my whip, we will have a clue to finding him."

Brianna: "I don't think a murderer would leave a whip lying around if it has their fingerprints. Anyway.. ah! There she is!" Brianna pointed to a girl who had just entered the Mess hall, she had straight dirty blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders like a waterfall, and dark brown eyes like tree bark. She was dressed causally, decked out in a pair of jeans, boots, and a silver one-sleeved tunic like shirt.

Persephone: When the solar elemental spotted Brianna she put on a fake smile, slipped her phone in her pocket and walked over to them. "Hey Brianna..." she said dryly, then glanced at Selene, "And Nightluck." Persephone had horrible history with the Trinity. She had been bullied all the way to her 4th year until she used her powers to blast them into a wall, they left her alone, but they still teased her once and awhile. "You wanted to talk?"

Selene: Selene, direct as always, looked at Persephone with the most genuine face she would, which was her resting vixen face, "Look, Hollander. I'll be honest with you. I don't like you. At all. And I know you probably hate me, but I truly look at this as an opportunity for us to tolerate each other and at least be honest. If a life means anything to you at all, we'd like to know it. "

Persephone: "Yes, yes, of course." She rolled her eyes and sat down. "Now, point here. I have nothing to do with Scarlett's murder. I dare you to give me the truth serum, I'm telling the truth."

Selene: "DIdn't you see anything weird today? Any person nearing or going away the fire classroom?"

Persephone: She shook her head, "My classes started at 11:30 am that week, so I slept in."

Selene: "Then why are you suspicious?!" Selene shouted sternly as a tear came out of her eye and she banged her hand on the table. Wiping it out and realizing what she'd just done, she stood, up, "I-I think this is getting to me. I believe I must now leave."

Persephone: She looked at Brianna, "Yes, why am I a suspect?"

Brianna: "Because of your close connection with another suspect and several of the people interrogated," was all she said.

Selene: "Which other suspects? How is she close to me?"

Persephone: "It's none of your business!" Persephone screeched at her. Anger was burning in her eyes all she wanted to do was slap the girl right in front of her. "It's none of your business!" she yelled, her voice cracking. "Leave him alone..." she whispered, her hands shaking.

Selene: "We get it, we get it, it's none of my business. No need to go all macaw-screeching on me. Although it kinda is my business. If it isn't you that killed Scarlett, then it could probably be that close connection of yours."

Persephone: "It could probably be that close connection of mine? Of course, because if I haven't done something, it must be someone I know, isn't it. Isn't that what you always think Selene? That you're entitled to everything and that you know what's best hmm?" She gave Brianna a cold hard stare, "And as for Newton, he's been missing because he's dealing with family issues. Besides, why would he to kill his own cousin for? And when we would he have the time? Yes, you heard me right. He's related to royalty, don't get thar small strip between your legs you call panties in a bunch Selene. And don't give me that look."

Brianna: Brianna was very surprised, she did know that the Casiieomarks were distantly related to the Ayers due to some marriage of peace about twenty years ago, but she didn't know they were that closely related. "Wait, what? Then why isn't he a duke ?" She blurted out. "And why don't I know about him?"

Selene: Unphased by that information, Selene shrugged, "I was just asking, and if he's related to Scarlett then that gives him a closer motive."

Persephone: "A closer motive for what? Would he kill his cousin because she took the last strip of bacon at a banquet? Newton is more overprotective then a drunk bear with cubs. He's more bent on protecting them then hurting them. He couldn't have murderee her. Besides, he hasn't been to school in two months. How would he get to her?"

Selene: "Darling Persphone," Selene sighed, amused. "You are so naïve that the truth is right in front of you but you're blinded. What if he's been planning this for a long time and acted to be overprotective? With a major reason, if he hasnt bren here then people wouldn't suspect him and lastly, maybe it was just a screw up from him. Now, I am not saying he is necessarily the murder, but really, is that what you think, or is what you just said what you WANT to believe?" Selene asked seriously by the end.

Persephone: Suddenly her eyes sparkled with a dark tinge. "I was waiting for you to say that. Let me ask you a question Selene, has Scarlett ever told you about her childhood... issues?"

Selene: "Yes. I know it wasn't easy. I also happened to know things that no one else in the trinity happens to know. I don't know much, though, because I didn't like asking, as it always hurt her to speak about it."

Brianna: Then Brianna spoke up, "Er... What are you talking about? You say it in a sense that implies it was horrible. She wasn't abused or anything, just struggling in elementary. And also partially diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, but it cleared up later. It was pretty much decent."

Persephone: She watched them before she pretended to cough to draw their attention. "It's true. So that means you don't know her as well as you thought, if she'd lie to you about something so harmless as that. It is an issue, but the disorder barely effected her. Anyway, if you're so keen on convincing me Newton's the murderer, tell me this. What are the Casiieomarks' family roots? Just the basics, because you're not too bright."

Selene: "Like I said before, I'm not convincing you Newton's the murderer. I'm saying we shouldn't cross him out as a suspect. And I don't need to prove my smarts to someone who couldn't even understand what I mean when I speak. So Percy-Phone, call someone else, because I'm going to find out who killed Scarlett."

Brianna: Brianna rolled her eyes and checked her fingernails before she looked up at them. "Okay Miss Drama Queen, are you done telling lies now?" She asked, faking a tone of sympathy. "First of all, quit bickering. Bloody hell, the royals of this age. You're all vain stuck up prissy wannabes who can't take the higher road for once. Second, you're not doing anything, because I just figured it out. Thank you Persephone, now I need you to take this up the School Administration building."

Persephone: She raised an eyebrow. "Sure... What's it for?"

Brianna: "I'm just asking for access to the video cameras. I have a feeling someone, isn't actually dead."

Persephone: It took her awhile, but then she realized what Brianna meant. "Oh, okay, sure." She took the note and turned around, "Tah tah, Selene Bitchyluck." And then, she strode out of the Mess Hall, her long hair swinging lusciously behind her, attracting many make students attention.

Brianna: She turned to face Selene. "If you're so keen on helping, move your ass out the door. We're going shopping." Then she too left.

Brianna has managed to collect a clue as to Scarlett's Murderer and has a main suspect now who shall remain unknown until Part V. You may either spy on Persephone, or go shopping with Brianna.

Continue to Part IV

For Remaining Characters:

For All Who Chose Basement

For characters who have chosen to break into the school basement during dinner, here you will role-play the events if the break in.

Anneline: Anneline had decided to break into the basement, since she didn't feel like eating. But before she could go anywhere, she needed to wait for Jack and Brianna. Currently, she stood one of the corridors.

Brianna: She walked down the hall, down the stairs into Anneline's corridor. "Hey."

Anneline: As soon as she saw Brianna, she replied back. "Hey."

Brianna: "Have you seen Jack? I went by his dorm and his dormmates say he hasn't passed by," she added nervously.

Anneline: "No. Have you seen Victoria by any chance?" Anneline asked.

Brianna: "Yes, an hour after you. But she left for her dorm."

Anneline: "Oh." Anneline then made a memo on her phone as a reminder to meet up with Victoria later.

Brianna: She sighed and leaned against the wall. "Where is he?"

Anneline: "I have no idea."

Brianna: "You know why no one knows me?" She asked after awhile.

Anneline: "No." Anneline replied. She didn't know why anyone hardly knew her. Scarlett never mentioned it.

Brianna: "Because my parents hid me," her voice cracked slighlty, "they hid me from the outside world because they thought I was disappointment."

Anneline: "Ah." Anneline replied. "An example of bad parenting." She thought to herself, as she remembered how her parents tried to stop her from having her champagne lifestyle in the Earthen world.

Brianna: "What royalty will do to keep their status these days," Brianna muttered bitterly.

Anneline: Anneline just sighed.

Brianna: Jack still hadn't arrived. "F**k this, let's just go in."

Anneline: Anneline started walking down the corridor. She texted Jack, saying how she and Brianna were ready to go into the basement.

Brianna: "I know some stuff about hacking, Jack's always ranting about electro genetics. Anyway, this doesn't look to hard," she said looking at the key system.

Anneline: Anneline just watched as Brianna managed to hack into the system. As they entered the next part, Anneline came to a halt as she spotted guards. "I'll handle this." Anneline whispered as she walked up to the guards and fought them, eventually knocking them out and rendering them unconscious.

Brianna: Brianna stepped over the unconscious guards amd reached a large stone ancient looking door with strange unintelligible carvings in it. "I guesd this is it."

Anneline: "It looks like something out of those trashy fantasy shows."

Brianna: "That's because they base those trashy fantasy shows on real life artifacts."

Anneline: "Ah."

Brianna: "Yeah, anyway...." Brianna stepped forward and tap the door lightly, the doors opened with a loud BOOM. "Wow, sounds like them too."

Anneline: The sound had startled her, but as soon as the doors opened, she walked right on in.

Brianna: When they walked in, hundreds of paper files were stacked upon eachother. "This is going to take a while."

Anneline: Anneline noticed that the files were arranged in alphabetical order. Documents of royal families could even be found, including that of her own family. "Wow."

Brianna: "Alphabetical order huh? Then magical mishaps and spirits would be right..." she started walking to the left and pass a few columns of folders before she found what she was looking for. "Here!"

Anneline: Anneline walked up to the spirits section.

Brianna: "The most recent one is on the top so...." she grabbed a folder and started flipping through it. "Wow that wasn't hard. Everything is right here. We can go no- Wait a second."

Anneline: "What is it?"

Brianna: "A map. A map of everything that's happening, right now. Look, there's Victoria, and Max, and there's Fred."

Anneline: She looked at the map and spotted what the other Edans were doing. "Well from the looks of it, Victoria's walking out of the campus and Branton is with some girl called Aria. I don't know who that is but good for him. And Grace is with Max." That's when she spotted something strange. "There's something weird here." And then she spotted Jack. "Jack's there."

Brianna: "Yeah... What's he doing in the Cataco-" Suddenly the sound of something dropping and a curse followed through. "Someone's here," she whispered.

Anneline: Anneline grabbed Brianna and hid behind a wall, out of instinct.

???: "Well you know I'm here anyway! Just come out!" a voice yelled, a few feet away.

Brianna: Brianna glanced at Anneline and shrugged.

Anneline: She decided to come out.

???: A complete stranger stood there, or so they thought. It was a boy, a tall one, a bit on the scrawny side, with messy sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He was holding a stack of folders, and stared at them with curiosity. "Who are you?" he asked.

Anneline: "Why should I tell a stranger?" Anneline attempted to show a non-Trinity side to her, but a more wiser side, whilst giving quick side glances towards Brianna.

???: "But you know me, don't you?" he furrowed his eyebrows while he stared at the marble tiled floor. "Why doesn't anyone recognize me?" he murmured. "I look the same don't I?"

Brianna: She tilted her head to the side, watching him talk to himself. "I'm Brianna," she decided to tell him. "And this is Anneline. We're looking for something, and we've found it now. So we were going to go, but you showed up. What's your name?"

???: "I-I... I can't remember," he croaked.

Anneline: "I don't recognise you. Is there anything you remember about yourself?"

???: "No... not really. I just know... I live in the walls."

Anneline: "Okay, so that's one thing we know about you. You obviously recognise me, so who else do you recognise?"

???: "Um... T-Two girls. Their twins. Twins I think. We were born on the same day. They, they know my name. Yeah, they know my name. In Los Angeles. Born in Los Angeles..." he rambled.

Anneline: Anneline immediately knew who this person was talking about. She turned to Brianna. "You and Scarlett, right?"

Brianna: She raised her arms up in protest. "I don't know him! There could be a bunch of female twins born in Los Angeles in this school!"

???: He stopped stuttering and stared at her for some time. "You. You, it's you."

Anneline: "You have a point. There's only one way we can settle this." Anneline turned to the stranger once more. "Do you remember your birthday or is there any date at all that you can remember?"

???: "I can remember two dates. February 14th, my birthday. And March 3rd. A twin died."

Anneline: Anneline looked at Brianna. "Well, there you have it." She said before looking at the person for a moment. "When you said "I look the same, don't I?", what did you mean?"

???: "Yeah. I do."

Anneline: Anneline sighed, before facing Brianna once more. "I know I'm just a dumb Trinity duchess, but I have a feeling that Daragi spirits has something to do with this."

Brianna: She glanced at him, and then back at Anneline. "No... He doesn't have a, negative aura. If he did, you'd probably feel it by now. I don't think he's a Daragi. But I don't know if he's an elemental either."

Anneline: Anneline gave a slight nod out of understanding, before she decided what she was going to do next. She used her pyrokinesis to form a fireball and launch it at him.

???: He stared at the incoming fireball, and when it hit him, he didn't flinch. He just smiled like a little kid and laughed, "I'm on fire! Look!"

Brianna: "He's definitely an elemental alright. A fire elemental."

Anneline: "Great." She said sarcastically.

Brianna: She snickered, "Oh cheer up, Miss Trinity. Since your Fire Royalty, he might possibly recognize you. Go on."

Anneline: Anneline rolled her eyes and walked over to the boy. "Do you know who the Edans are?"

???: The fire dimmed to a low glow. "Yes, I know the Edans. Friends with one, can't find her."

Anneline: "You know Victoria or Grace?"

???: At Victoria's name, slowly the dazed gleam in his eyes faded and he shook his head. "Yeah, I know them."

Anneline: Anneline noticed this. "You're friends with Victoria, aren't you?"

???: "Yeah, I do. Agh, where am I? It's so... dark." He squinted and looked around, at this moment his eyes flashed gold.

Brianna: Brianna clenched her teeth, trying not to scream, "It's you!"

Anneline: Anneline used her pyrokinesis once more to attack the person.

Brianna: "WAIT! STOP!" Brianna screamed but it was too late.

???: Fortunately, the boy countered the attack with one of his own and conjured a bright light, hoping to effectively blind them enough to make them look away.

Anneline: Anneline looked away, but she felt the heat from the light. She then looked at Brianna. "The jackass was a Solar Elemental all along, not Fire."

Brianna: "That doesn't make sense. Then how did he survive the fireball attack you did earlier?" she ducked to low ground, trying to regain her barrings at the light began to dim.

Anneline: "I only have one theory or explanation, whatever you wanna call it. He's abusing his thermokinesis power."

???: "Thermoki- what?" he asked. The light faded, and his gold eyes depleted into a sea green.

Anneline: Anneline looked back, now that the light was gone.

Brianna: "You're a Bi-Elemental, aren't you?" she asked.

???: He nodded. "Also, does anyone know where we are?"

Anneline: "We're in the basement, where the records are."

???: He furrowed his eyebrows. "What the hell am I doing in the schools' basement? How did I get here? What's going on?"

Anneline: "You must have followed us somehow."

???: "I dunno..."

Brianna: "Wait a second... Newton?" she questioned, finally remembering his name.

Anneline: "Newton?"

Newton: "Brianna!" He beamed. "Long time no see, cous." He glanced at Anneline. "Yeaaah?"

Anneline: "I just remember who you are now. Well, if you want to have a family reunion, I'll leave you to it."

Brianna: "I don't think so, Newton doesn't look too good. He's extremely pale, I think this is where he's been for those two months. Someone trapped him here, but why?"

Anneline: "Grudges, conspiracy theories, secrets. I don't even know anymore. The only person who should know is him."

Brianna: "We can figure it out once we get Newton some air, I don't think he'll last any longer down here."

Anneline: Anneline proceeded to lead the way by walking out of the basement.

You have found the files you came for, and solved the mystery of a student's disappearance. However, returning from the Mess Hall, you spot Persephone, a close friend of Newton's, sneaking along the hallways. You may chose to spy on her, or ignore it.

Continue to Part IV

For Those Who Slept

For all characters who have chosen to resort to their beds before the next day, you will meet in the Mess hall, you can chat with failed characters, but take not Basement characters are not available for conversation.

Victoria: Victoria walked into the Mess hall, her arrival shocking many. She needed to find Brianna. When she did however, she was surprised at the presence of a blonde girl sat next to her. "Well, I'm here."

Persephone: Persephone looked up to see Victoria. "Oh hey," she said and for once since she had entered the hall, it was genuine.

Victoria: Victoria responded to the girl with, "Hey", before turning her attention to Brianna. "So, has there been any more progress?"

Brianna: Brianna shrugged and glanced at the papers. "Depends on how you look at it. We've narrowed it down to five people, Persephone Hollander-" she gestured to the girl, "-, Emily Columbia, Caelum Hio, Chris Auriga, and a student named Newton Ayer I think... That's been missing for two months."

Persephone: At Newton's name, Persephone stiffened. How could her childhood best friend be a suspect for murder?"

Fred: Fred got into the Mess Hall dressed fancily, as he always did when he didn't wear his fireball uniform. Clad in some beige slim slacks, rosewood-colored matching shoes and belt, a light yellow cotton dress shirt and a navy blue sweater poshly hung around his neck, Fred sat right next to Brianna, shifting his big vintage glasses into place as he offered her a courtly smile, "Aye, hello there." He greeted, slightly self-conscious at his glasses as he'd lost one of his contact lenses and had had to use his glasses.

Persephone: She kept silent and didn't greet Fred. She wasn't feeling very cheery now, or feeling anything for that matter.

Brianna: Brianna didn't even blink at Fred's arrival. "Hey Fred," was all she said before she resumed looking over her notes.

Fred: "Well, why are you all so gloomy, all of a sudden?"

Brianna: "Me? Or Persephone?" she asked. Frankly, she was fine, Persephone didn't seem to well though.

Fred: "Kinda like, both of you, actually."

Brianna: She shook her head, "I'm fine. Just reviewing stuff. Her, I don't know."

Victoria: Victoria ignored the ginger British person and continued to listen to Brianna.

Brianna: "Hey, um, has anyone seen Jack?" She asked.

Fred: "I saw him last night. But not after that, I'm afraid," Fred rubbed the back of his neck with his thumb nervously, "Why, is he lost?"

Brianna: "Is he lost? Is he lost? That boy knows the campus in, out, and upside down. He can't get lost. Same for Aliquid."

Fred: "Who ever said he us in either of those places?" Fred indirectly suggested.

Brianna: "What the damn hell are you implying then?" She asked in frustration.

Fred: "That he's not in either of thos places. He said he'd investigate after I told him I saw the murderer."

Brianna: She gave Fred a blank look. "Wow, you're a genius," she saud sarcastically.

Fred: "AT least I give ideas, I just don't ask everybody if they've seen him."

Brianna: "I haven't been doing that. It's just occasionally for your information." She glared at him and then turned her attention to Victoria. "Morning Victoria, you sleep well?" She asked.

Victoria: "Morning. Oh yeah, it was nice. Thanks." Victoria replied, daydreaming before coming out of her trance.

Fred: "Whatever," he gave up.

Brianna: "I have an idea. I think I know who it is," she told Victoria.

Fred: "Uh, shoot, I guess?"

Victoria: "Do you want to go somewhere private to discuss this?" Victoria asked.

Brianna: She continued to ignore Fred out of earlier anger. "Yeah, outside please?"

Fred: He gave up and banged his tray against the table, "You know, I might as well just leave so you too can talk 'privately'," he mad air quotes at the last word as he stood up, ready to leave. FOR VICTORIA: You have been asked to come outside and talk with Brianna, at the same time you will be subconsciously looking for Jack.

Continue to Part IV

Remaing Characters:

Brianna: Fifteen minutes later, Brianna returned, looking a bit more upbeat then earlier.

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