Part IV: When The Ends Meet

Spying on Persephone

Anneline: Anneline stood, tired. All she wanted was for Jack to return, in which he didn't.

Persephone: She walked passed Anneline a note clenched in her hand. She quickly looked behind her to check if anyone was following her, then dashed out of the Mess Hall.

Anneline: As soon as Persephone walked past, Anneline stealthily followed her, hiding behind corners when she thought she could be detected.

Persephone: As soon as she was out of the Mess hall, she started barreling down the hallway, taking swift turns left and right, eager to get to her destination. Finally, she stopped at the doors to the courtyard and read over the letter. Then she smirked, and teared it apart.

Anneline: She continued to be stealthy, waiting for the right time to corner her. When that time finally came, she quietly went up to Persephone and grabbed her.

Persephone: Using a quick defense tactic Newton taught her, she ripped herself free and elbowed Anneline in the stomach. "Okay, I know you people hate me, but what the hell was that for?!" she exclaimed.

Anneline: Anneline groaned in pain and backed off. "I need to talk to you, but I know that you're not the easiest nut to crack." She said through gritted teeth.

Persephone: "So I've been told. Ask away, but I'm not answering with straight foward answers, just saying."

Anneline: She eventually stood up properly. "That's what I mean by "not the easiest nut to crack", but I will get answers from you. What was your relationship with Scarlett?"

Persephone: "Haven't met her. Whenever you were out messin' with me, she was never around. I thought you'd notice that. At least she's better then some people."

Anneline: "Oh please, we meet people on a daily basis so we can't keep track of everyone's locations. Also, remember this. I'm not the worst of the Trinity, Sasha is, but I can become the worst if people anger me or provoke me. So you may want to be careful. Now that one's been answered, next question. When you did see her around and when she wasn't with us, was anyone with her?"

Persephone: She rolled her eyes, "I know that, girl you've bullied for five years, standing right here. Anyway, why should I know? I barely know what she looks like. Newton talks about her sometimes, but I don't actually know her."

Anneline: Anneline sighed in irritation. "I know that I've bullied you, which I didn't even mean to because I was following what my friends were doing, but you could at least be compliant with me. I'm not bullying you. I just want you to tell me what you know about Scarlett. Okay, so I've deduced that you didn't know her, didn't know who she was with when she wasn't with us and that you know Newton. What about Newton's relationship with her? Whenever he talked about her to you, did he talk about her in a positive light or a negative light?"

Persephone: "Honestly, you should be asking Newton these questions. Not me."

Anneline: "I'm pretty sure that answering my questions will be the last thing he wants to do. He was only just discovered in the school basement."

Persephone: Her eyes widened, "So that's where he's been. In the school basement?"

Anneline: "Yes. Now just answer my question."

Persephone: "Like I care about how he talks about hiss family, he's extremely protective so maybe positive?"

Anneline: Anneline rubbed her eyes and sighed once more. "So Newton is related to the Casiieomarks and speaks in a positive manner about them. He's also been in a basement for two fucking months. There's also "Marcus Chancler", who I didn't even know and was a Blacksmith or something, that died in a car crash and became a fucking Daragi spirit. There's no records anywhere of him having a grudge against Scarlett or any of her family. All I can deduce from this is that Newton and Marcus are connected somehow, and I'm not talking about appearance. Now you can see that our main priority isn't actually bullying people, so cut out the crap."

Persephone: She gave Anneline a devilish smile. "You haven't got it, have you? I thought you'd figure it out by now, but then again, I wouldn't expect you to do any research." She laughed, throwing her head back, "And here I am, laughing at all your attempts to catch the murderer. There is no murderer." She took a handful of something out her pocket and sprinkled it on Anneline's head. "Bye bye clueless duchess," she laughed once more and walked out into the courtyard.

Amongst all the tricks, Persephone has gave you a clue. You can either go off on your own, or report this to Brianna.

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Shopping with Brianna

Selene: Deciding to quit the pointless arguing with the stupid Percy-Phone, Selene stood up and looked at Brianna, ready to leave shopping, although she did not know quite why, "Well, as you go."

Brianna: "As I go what?" She snapped. She continued to walk foward untik the reached the courtuyard. Then she turned to face Selene. "Look, I know like everyone who isn't as 'great' as you is your enemy, but can you hold your mouth shut please? Just for now? And second, it's Chancler."

Selene: "What's a chancler?" she asked, ignorantly, not knowing what Brianna meant, "Also, no. A lot of people who aren't as great as I aren't my enemies. Look at you, I'd dare to even consider you a friend."

Brianna: She gave a fake laugh. "Stop yourself right there Miss Fabulous. I'm just tolerating you until the murderer is in prison. I'm not friends with prissy stuck up wannabe drama queens like you who believe you're the only one with emotions. I've seen your victims, you're as cold hearted as Sasha Petrova herself, and that is saying something. Maybe, if you would actually act like human being, we could work out a mutual relationship, but right now, I want nothing to do with you and your 'Trinity' stuff. Second, Chancler is a person, get your facts straight. I wonder how you've made it this far, you're dumber then a farting duck." Brianna continued walking across the courtyard ans strutted out the gates.

Selene: Now feeling haughty by Brianna's reaction, she walked up next to her and held her by her shoulder, "No, no, no. You stop right there. I'm actually pretty smart when it comes to things, or people I care of. I'm doing this for Scarlett, not for you, vixen, so either you let me help and stop being fricken rude, as I have been trying to be, or you're on yourself. And for the record, the Trinity was a part of Scarlett's life and viceversa. Her spot is open as of now. Now, I'm not offering it to you, but if you'd even care of being respected, you should consider taking it, and to do so, you have to be liked by some people, namely me. I tolerate you, but you act all important when a week ago nobody even knew you existed. So yeah, if you'd on't want to have anything to do with the trinity, you might as well stop trying to solve Scarlett's murder and forget me ever helping you, because I can really be cold hearted with people I don't like. You've seen nothing of me so far. "

Brianna: Selene's response was fueling a monster inside of her, a monster of rage. "No. You don't know my sister. Not like me, never like me. You don't know who she really is. And I already know who it is, I just need my evidence Nightluck. And to speak of that spot in the Trinity, you may think you get respect, but that's only because people fear you. I don't want to be feared, I just want a true friend who will never give up on me, and so far you and Sasha don't seem very appealing. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure you can be nice if you tried. But I don't see you trying." Brianna smacked Selene's hand off her shoulder and walked out of the gates, and into Aliquid.

Selene: "You've made your decision. One Casiiemoark down. One to go." Selene muttered just at enough volume intentionally for Brianna to listen as Selene looked into her nails.

Brianna: When she heard this she just grinned, "Anything is better then hanging with you. That's why I bet she asked him to do it."

Selene: "I'm not sure. It seems more logic that she did it when she found out her psychopath sister was coming over. I mean, I would probably do the same. Blame her I can not. Once we find the killer I might as well ask him for a favor too."

Brianna: "Oh, she never knew I was coming. Mother never told her. Selene, there are just some secrets about our family you'll never understand. Really, all my family cares about is reputation. They'll do anything to make their name known. Hire someone to kill their daughter? Sure. Launch illegal attacks on another kingdom. Why not? And that's why, I hate 'Mean Girls' so much. Because to me, they're just like my parents, always trying to get attention no matter what."

Selene: "So then by your definition of a mean girl, you are one too. Besides, now I get it. Thank you for clarifying it. Now I now that they care about reputation so much, they'd never let someone even know you existed."

Brianna: "Attention? Please, if my sister hadn't died last week you probably still wouldn't know I was here. I hate attention, but this is an investigation, and it's kind of hard to investigate in quiet." Brianna crossed the street, and stopped at a popular expensive boutique.

Selene: "If you're going to buy there, don't buy perfume. IT's tacky. Instead buy necklaces. The ones on the right side are normally the prettiest." She advised unconsciously.

Brianna: She gave Selene and odd look, but smiled. "Thanks, I'll remind myself next time I come here. I have been wanting to buy a new necklace lately anyway..." she started to drift off. "Anyway, this was the last shop Scarlett was in before she was murdered. So, I'm looking around for clues," Brianna explained.

Selene: "Makes sense, Scarlett and I used to come here all the time to buy her necklaces."

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Brianna: "Ah. Well, I'll take right, you take left. Alert me if you spot anything suspicious," she explained for she took out her phone and set it to camera mode.

Selene: She nodded and started searching, until she found something weird that she couldn't quite put her finger on. "This is weird."

Brianna: Brianna kept looking over things as she had not heard Selene.

Selene: "Brianna!"

Brianna: This time she heard her, and immediately came rushing over. "What? What did you find?"

Selene: "I don't know. Something is off, but I cannot point my finger to what exactly it is. I mean, what is that?"

Brianna: "Put your finger on what?"

Selene: "On what it is, idiot. But that area looks weird overall."

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Brianna: Brianna rolled her eyes and resisted slapping the girl. "There's nothing weird about it to me, it's just a bunch of tacky perfume."

Selene: "Exactly. The new perfumes are supposed to be tacky, but that one started selling in 2010. By then, the perfumes were still decent. Maybe I am just overreacting, but that seems really weird to me."

Brianna: She stared at the perfume bottle with a raised eyebrow, and picked it up. "Looks normal to m-" Suddenly, the lights flickered out.

Selene: She squealed, hoping Harry could be there to hold him and rest against his chest.

Brianna: "Damn lights," she muttered as she stumbled around in the darkness. She felt something, plastic with a switch on it so she grabbed it. She fumbled around with the object trying to find the switch, and she finally did she flicked it on. It was a flashlight.

Selene: She walked towards Brianna once she saw the flashlight flicking on, "You can actually do good things."

You have uncovered the passageway, and are now on your way to the final chapter.

Contine to Part V (Legend)

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Looking for Jack

Victoria: Victoria walked out of the Mess Hall with Brianna. "As you were saying..."

Brianna: "Remember the 'murderer' told you it was the Chancellor? Well it's Chancler! It's a code for the murderer's last name. Take out a few letters and switch it around, Chancler!" She explained.

Victoria: "So the murderer is Marcus Chancler. I also remmeber something being said about a blacksmith. How is Marcus connected to that?"

Brianna: "That's what I'm trying to figure out! I'm thinking of the possibility of him being a Daragi spirit, but he has no spite towards anyone in the records... Not even the Trinity. And that's amazing." She startrd to chew her thumb, "Why would he kill one of the Trinity members, if he has no spite against the Trinity?"

Victoria: "Well, an event could have occurred between him and Scarlett, which he didn't inform anyone of."

Brianna: "No, of course not. Even if he didn't tell anyone, everything is recorded in the ancestral records in the school basement. I've checked, nothing came up."

Victoria: "Ah."

Brianna: "Which leads me to conclude the murderer was hired. I mean, if you lived in my house it would make perfect sense. All my parents care about is reputation, if their daughter was killed and then their second daughter was revealed to be alive. Attention. All eyes on them."

Victoria: "I see what you mean. So the murderer is an assassin or a hitman."

Brianna: "Yes. But why would they hire Marcus of all people? And how would they get him to do it if he's only a Daragi spirit? I mean, you can't pay spirits. It's just not possible."

Victoria: "What was Chancler like, in terms of personality? Also, is it possible that some characteristics from their former self are transferred to the Daragi spirit or are they not themselves once they become a Daragi?"

Brianna: She shrugged with a sigh. "I don't know. I've never met a Daragi spirit, nor Marcus."

Victoria: "Ah. I guess it'd be a good idea to start searching for Jack, then. He seems to know a lot about this kind of stuff."

Brianna: "Yeah. Got any ideas?" she asked, turning to face Victoria.

Victoria: "We could start at the library."

Brianna: "Already checked earlier. No trace of him."

Victoria: "Where did you last see him?"

Brianna: "In a classroom, we were all talking remember?"

Victoria: "Oh, yeah."

Brianna: She sighed and twirled a strand of her hair around her finger. Brianna bit her lip as she tried to think, "Where's Anneline?"

Victoria: "I don't know. She's probably in her dorm or something."

Brianna: "The map!" she exclaimed. "The map, the map, the map! Why didn't I think of that earlier!"

Victoria: Victoria was really confused.

Brianna: "I'll explain later, just let me go get the map."

Victoria: "Okay."

Brianna: Brianna returned several minutes later, with a wrinkly decaying sand colored paper. "This," she began, "is a map of the whole school. Every student, every teacher, every spirit. Everyone."

Victoria: "Oh, the school map. I remember."

Brianna: "Yeah, but this one is special. Because it shows everyone's movement."

Victoria: "That's what I mean. I used to have a bit of mischievous fun with it, back in like my third or fourth year."

Brianna: "What? How'd you find it then? It's been in the ancestral records room for years."

Victoria: "Well, some of us found it rather easy to access. But that was years ago."

Brianna: "Yeah..." she replied, slightly suspicious. "Years ago."

Victoria: Victoria just remained silent as she watched Brianna look at the map.

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