Part V: Once a Prodigy, Always a Prodigy


Anneline: Anneline, now very angered by what Persephone did, brushed off whatever it is and headed straight to Brianna. "Persephone gave me a clue. She said there was no murderer. I'll let you judge since I'll never trust her." She then laughed and muttered, "I know I am a freaking clueless duchess, so who has the final laugh now?"

Brianna: When Anneline arrived, Brianna had been finishing up homework for her History class. She was throughly surprised as Anneline barged into her dorm. "How did you-" but she was quickly cut off when Annline started talking. "I've seen your grades Ann, no offense, but you might want to try something called studying. Also, for now, you need to trust her. The only reason she talks nonsense with you is because of you two's past. If you show a little, I don't know, actual emotion she might think she's talking to a friend. Anyway, she's right, there is no murderer. I checked the records, no spirits, no murder, but Scarlett is dead. I don't know how, but she is."

Anneline: "Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just that I was never able to pay attention in class, as you may have observed. I get distracted easily. But there's a bright side. I'm starting to do better in Elemental Spirits class and I didn't even need Jack's help. As of Persephone, I've tried over and over again to be nice to her but she never wants to listen. However, I'll try one last time. And now to the investigation, what happens now? Is this the ending?"

Brianna: "What? Of course not. We still need to find out what happened to Scarlett."

Anneline: Anneline gave a single nod and became quiet.

Brianna: "So, what I'm thinking, is that she was still attacked, however they weren't classified as an elemental being, dead or alive. Maybe it was a monster under someone's control?" she explained.

Anneline: "A brutal monster at that."

Brianna: "Yeah... Pretty artistic too."

Anneline: "And Marcus seems to be behind this somehow."

Brianna: "Well... We're going to need to go back to the basics. We need to review all of Marcus's relationships while he was alive, maybe while-" in the middle of Brianna's sentence the lights flickered. "Huh... The lights don't usually go out like that... Um, let's just ign-" the lights flickered again, "-Bloody hell, what is this?" This time, the lights went out. "And we have no power, great."

Anneline: Anneline was not entirely fazed by the lights going out. "I wonder where Jack is."

Brianna: "The emergency power should come on soon, in the meantime let's go find flashlights."

Anneline: "Okay."

Brianna: She got up and held her hands up, trying to navigate the darkness.

Anneline: Anneline felt her surroundings and managed to feel something circular in the process. She tried to look for a switch. "There's something circular here that I picked up. I don't know if it's a flashlight, though."

Brianna: She shrugged, "Press the switch. It might be."

Anneline: She used her thumb to feel for a switch, feeling relieved when she found it and pressed it. "That was convenient."

Brianna: "Yeah... That's strange..."

Anneline: Anneline handed the flashlight to Brianna.

Brianna: She took the flashlight and slowly moved it around. "Oh my gosh... How the hell did we get here?" she asked, turning around in a circle to the sudden stone cave appearance of the walls. "This doesn't make any sense."

Anneline: "This has to be the most confusing time of my life so far."

Brianna: "Well this cave is going to have to beat a lot of things before it becomes the most confusing time of my life. Come on."

Anneline: "Alright. Lead the way, comrade."

Brianna : She rolled her eyes and started walking.

Anneline: "Believe it or not, that actually wasn't sarcasm. Good on me."

Brianna: "Well, good for you."

Anneline: "I know, right? Okay, I'll shut up with the jokes now. It's probably for the best."

Brianna: "Yeah, thanks would you-" Suddenly Brianna screamed, as she descended down a dark pit that immediately closed up.

Anneline: "Brianna!" She managed to shout before the pit closed up. "What the f**k do I do now?" she asked herself in panic.

A glowing green wisp passes Anneline, directing her towards a certain path. A voice. A voice saying, "This way..." coaxes her there.

"Hello, Anneline. It's nice to finally meet you. How's my sister?" A somewhat mysterious voice echoed throughout the cave. And standing in front of her, is a stranger. A stranger by the name of Marcus.

Anneline: "You must be...Marcus. And I've only just met you, how am I meant to know who your sister is?"

His smile fades into a scowl. "I said how's my sister!" he yelled.

Anneline: "Whoever it is, I'm assuming they're not okay."

"You know her, you know her you liar! Now how is she?!"

Anneline: "No I f***ing don't unless you tell me their name!" Anneline shouted, her sassiness returning.

"You talked to her before you came here, you know her you liar!"

Anneline: "Persephone? Wait, what...the...f**k? You were her brother? Wow. That b***h seems smug like always."

Marcus narrowed his eyes, glaring at her with a powerful ferocity. "Silence," he ordered, his voice ringing out, bouncing out along the walls. The cave shook, rocks fell. "You, are at my mercy. And I don't like killing my guests."

Anneline: Anneline, having been shook by the falling rocks, then laughed. "You're so predictable. Really, you are. You're just threatening to kill me because I insulted your sister."

He studied Anneline for a second and smiled. "You're interesting, you might actually have another use besides yelling stupid remarks at me."

Anneline: She couldn't take it anymore. Tears rolled down her cheeks. "And what might that be, huh? Murder? Before you do whatever the f**k you're going to do, just tell me. Why did you kill her? Why did you kill Scarlett?"

He raised an eyebrow. "I don't have a long list of murders, and I definitely don't remember a Scarlett."

Anneline: The circumstances finally caught up with her. Anneline collapsed to the floor, crying. In a soft voice, she said "Do you at least know who the murderer is? What are you going to do to me?"

"....I-It's..." he started, "You, really don't want to know...."

Anneline: She sighed, before blurting out her thoughts. "Look, I never wanted to be hostile with Persephone in the first place. I'll even take back those comments I made about Persephone. I was just following what Sasha and Selene were doing, because I had to maintain my place in the Trinity. Me being sassy and me being a part of the Trinity is who I am. Take those away from me and I'm a nobody who might as well just not exist. I have no talents and I'm not smart. So I'm assuming that whatever it is that you're going to do to me, it involves the Trinity or my personality."

He sighed, "See, it's those... those sterotypes that everyone makes, that makes life so difficult. You're not stupid, you're not stupid if you try not to be, and you can be talented if you take the time to find yourself. Following... them hasn't done anything for you all these years, has it? And look, just being away from them for a few days, you found someone who adored you no matter what. I'd help you, and I'm sure Persephone would have too, but... You know... Time travel isn't possible yet, not even here." Marcus cracked his knuckles and looked at the roof, "It's Max. The murderer, it's Max."

Selene: After quite some time of navigating through the darkness of the cave after finding the secret passageway from the boutique shop, Selene started hearing voices and she started walking towards them, with the flashlight Brianna had left to her off, not wanting to waste the battery. Once she saw who was talking, she stepped forward and heard the last part clearly and aimed a now turned on flashlight at Marcus. "Who the hell is Max?"

Marcus rasied an eyebrow and glanced at Selene. "You're late Nightluck."

Anneline: Anneline ignored Selene. "I guess you're right. And I'm not talentless after all. I used to play the piano." She then smiled. "And life has been different for me since I've not been a follower. Meeting Jack was unexpected. Life is unexpected when I'm being normal." Her smile then faded when she heard who the murderer was. "Wait, Max is the murderer?! She hangs around Grace!"

Selene: "What did I miss on? Who's Max? You're not talentless at all, Anneline..." she spoke in different times, trying to catch bits from the conversation she had intruded.

Anneline: Anneline finally turned to face Selene. "Thank you." She gave a half-hearted smile for her comment, before starting to explain the conversation. "We were having a conversation about the circumstances and Marcus told me that it might be good for the both of us to spend some time away from Sasha. And Max is an angel spirit. She's supposed to be one of the school guardians. Grace is her friend."

Selene: "Why would an angel spirit kill an innocent duchess?"

He smiled, partly amused at the conversation. "Max... has a dark past with royalty, more in general, Earth royalty. She's an Earth Elemental herself. And Scarlett was one of her, quote and quote, 'enemies'."

Selene: "One of her enemies? Does that mean Brianna is her next target?"

"Unfortunately, yes. Without Brianna or Jack, Max can go on to kill any royalty she wants and not get caught. As a school guardian, she can access the Ancestral Records room in the school basement and remove any records of the murder. And before you ask, Jack and Brianna are descendants of a past Omnia member. That's why they're so special," he continued. "Right now she has Jack hidden somewhere in the school catacombs, and as we speak she's going after Brianna so I suggest we quit chatting and go find her before the worse happens."

Anneline: "Let's go then!" Anneline replied.

"I have to warn you, the catacombs are a dangerous place, I'd know personally, I've been there before while I was alive. And Max is even more deadly, she'll stop at nothing to complete her scheme, she'll go as far as unnecessary killing, she's not a force to underestimate."

The plot has finally been revealed, and the key is so close in range. To unlock the second gate, go find the Prodigy to get to the third gate, and unto the final one.

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Anneline: Anneline followed Marcus.

With a flame in one hand, and a knife in the other one, Marcus forged onward, the two duchesses close behind him. Suddenly he stopped and turned to face them. "She knows were coming... There's serpents at the next corner."

Anneline: She realised that he was right once she heard hissing sounds. "The only plan I have in mind is hiding. Do you guys have a better plan?"

He let out a hush sarcastic laugh. "Yeah, a whole lot better then waiting for a Winter serpent to come eat us alive. Well eat you, I'm already dead."

Anneline: "Lucky you." Anneline sarcastically replied. "Well maybe my fate might not be being snake food after all, since I have a better plan. What if I act as a distraction and lure the snakes towards you guys and then you can use your powers to kill them? That's if you have any powers left."

"Ooh, that hurt Princess. Yeah I have powers. Unless Selene has a better plan, I think this is are only chance."

Anneline: "That's a relief." Whilst they were conversing over plans, Anneline yawned. "I feel like I've been down here for a week."

"I've been down here for several weeks, and I'm fine. Maybe it has something to do with your cells. They're live so they get affected by the enviorment... Unlike me."

Anneline: "Ah. I guess you were good at biology, then?"

"Yeah, anyway, not the point. Let's put your plan into action, 'right?"

Anneline: "Right." Anneline took a moment to compose herself, before walking towards the serpents. She then conjured a fireball using her pyrokinesis and threw it at the serpents, provoking them.

The snow white serpents hissed and turned their scaly heads to stare at Anneline. "Who daresss... to challenge usss..?" one hissed.

"And they're talking serpents... nice," Marcus whispered dryly.

Anneline: Anneline was once again confused. "Talking serpents? How?"

"Do you not know the tale... of the serpentsss.. child?"

Anneline: She was traumatised, but remembering the plan, she slowly walked backwards. ", I...I have heard of the tale before."

"You lie! Foolish child, you shall now perish!" The serpents prepared to strike, showing their swiftness. 

Anneline: Anneline gulped, before making a run for it.

"Don't move Anneline! I reconginzed these serpents. They're not Winter serpents. They're the Elder Serpents. They guard the other entrance to the school's treasury." 

Anneline: Anneline stopped.

Marcus stepped out, "Hey... Um, you haven't happen to see the way to the catacombs have you?"

The serpents looked at him, finally one spoke, "Dead. Dead elemental. No threat."

Anneline: Anneline sighed in relief, before she facepalmed herself. She then turned to Marcus again. "Thank you."

"Uh... You're welcome?" he murmured.

"We know of the pathway spirit, but at what cost shall you receive this knowledge?" the serpents replied finally.


Selene: "At the lowest cost possible," she finally spoke up, after being idle from the stress and trauma. "What would that be, now I ask? There must be something that you really want."

Anneline: Anneline became the idle one, feeling more stupid than ever, even though she only wanted to help.

One of the serpents studied her, but none of them said anything. They glided along the floor, swiftfully, and gracefully and surrounded Selene. "You are of the wealthy, are thou not? There is no such thing as a low cost, all costs are high, maybe not now, but later. If you suggest on taking the "lowest" cost... Someone must contribute half of their soul. Only the living, as the dead, there souls are all they have left."

Selene: "Can't each one of us give like a sixth of their should until it makes half a soul? Besides, what would having half a should be like?"

Thunder echoed throughout the cave, which just turned out to be the snakes' laughs of amusement. "A sixth of a soul? Oh the poor children of this age! What have they been teaching them?"

Anneline: "Selene, wait. You don't have to give anything. I'll do it. I'll give up half of my soul."

"Sacrifices, sacrifices. And to answer your previous question, half a soul, is half of your memory, and a part of your personality."

Anneline: "I'm willing to forget a couple of parties. And as of my personality, I guess you could take away my sarcasm."

One serpent glided towards her. "You are not brave child, but you are worthy. If this is all... We must have one more request."

Anneline: "Well I didn't know that there were f***ing talking serpents until now. And I'm doing this because I really need to find my boyfriend. So, what's the final request?"

"The crown of the kingdoms."

Selene: "Which crown out of all the kingdoms?" Selene asked, hoping the answer wouldn't be what she was afraid of.

Anneline: "All of them, I'm guessing." Anneline remarked angrily, feeling a sense of bitterness towards the serpents.

Marcus yawned as he listened to the conversation. "What the f*ck have you been learning for the past six/five years?" he spoke up. "In the time of Ancient Elementrium, there was one ruler before the elements split up into kingdoms. All direct royalty's crowns are based off of it, but the original is kept in the school's treasury."

Anneline: "How the f**k was I meant to know that? Also, why do these talking serpents want the original crown?" Anneline's anger was drowned out with confusion.

"One, you should know that because they review it in History in 5th Year, and Two, it's a test obviously."

Anneline: "Well, I was blessed with the joy that is being an Edan. So clearly, I'm not gonna have much time to remember things when I'm always involved in drama." Anneline, having conquered her initial fear of the serpents, walked up to them. "Look, I offered you my f***ing soul. But you're being greedy by wanting the crown. You're not going to get that crown. Simple as. Now, instead of asking us for something you're not going to get, can you please just let us through? For f**k's sake. I'm getting sick and tired of people and things trying to test my patience!"

The serpents didn't give her a second glance. "No one is testing your patience child, it is a test like the deadman said. You are the one testing yourself, only the good proceed, the wicked shall perish. Now before you attack me, I dare say you take it easy on the tail, all the fighting is doing is taking a toll on my spine."

Anneline: "I'm not going to attack you. I just want to know what you are testing? What are you testing if it isn't my patience? To see if I'll be kind to two serpents? What?" Anneline was desperate.

"I am testing your willingness."

Anneline: She realised that she could do this from another perspective, instead of being angry. "I do believe that I've proved my willingness already when I offered to give up a part of my soul, but it seems that you are determined to have the crown in your possession. Why would two wise serpents want a crown from the school treasury?"

Selene: "And if you want it that much, then why cant you get it yourself? No sarcasm there."

Marcus groaned and faceplamed, "We're going to be here all damn day. It's a f*cking test, I think we've both said this. The Elder Serpents don't need the damn crown for anything, if they wanted it, they'd get it. It's a test of willingness, of intelligence, and self strength. It's not that hard!"

Anneline: Anneline accepted defeat, but she wasn't going to give up on Jack, only herself. "I failed all of the tests. There, serpents. I'm not smart. I was never going to pass your "tests". So you might as well just kill me." She didn't mean the last part, however.

"Then you may want to find your loved one first, the archangel Max shall soon kill him," the other one finally spoke. "Edward, let collection go, and let them pass, Max is a dangerous force, even we know this," they spoke again.

Anneline: Feeling stupid and worthless, Anneline didn't look at anyone. She just looked at a spot on the ground. She had given up on herself, but she hadn't given up on Jack. She only wanted to get the serpents to let them pass, so she could see Jack again.

"Because this world depends on Max's destruction, we let you pass on the terms earlier before. There shall be no test, time is ticking," Apparently, Edward, said.

Anneline: Having got herself together and realised that she needs to calm down, use her brains and stop being angry, despite the situation, Anneline nodded. "Thank you."

Both serpents slithered towards Anneline, and began to circle her, towering up. Simultaneously, the started to glow a dull blue. "With the power of thou forefathers, and thy wisdom of our founders, it is done," they whispered. The light perished into darkness, and the serpents disappeared.

"Hey, look, the path!" Marcus shouted, pointing in the direction the golden doors had once been. "Come on! Let's go, let's go!"

Anneline: Anneline followed the path, whilst still feeling like rubbish. "At least I can explain myself to Jack." She thought to herself.

Despite how far tthe others could be behind him right now, Marcus kept running ahead. "I see something, some type of light!" He shouted.

Anneline: Anneline ran to keep up with Marcus.

Selene: She quickly ran behind Marcus until she caught up to him, "Wow... It is much easier to run without heels. Sorry, that's besides the point... What is that?" She said ointing at the light.

Anneline: "I don't know. Marcus, do you know what that light could be?"

"Whatever it is, it has to be linked to Jack, or maybe it is. I'm going to check, you stay here and think of a plan." Just before he disappeared into the cave wall, he gave them a look. "I know you can do it, you're not dumb, you're not dependant on that bitch you called a leader, just for now, and maybe for the rest of your life, be the hero you know you've always wanted to be," he told them, then dispanded.

Selene: "Maybe we can save Jack, I can distract whatever is holding him and you two run for your lives. You already put half of your soul on the line. This time it is my turn to be of help for once in my life," Selene said bravely and suddenly confident, but not haughty or snarky.

Anneline: "Okay." She agreed to the plan. "Be careful."

Selene: "I will be, let's just wait for Marcus to come here so we can work out the plan."

Anneline: "Alright." Anneline replied, not meaning it in a sassy way.

Selene: "You're nice Anneline. I never thought of you as a real friend. But this time, after all this has happened you have managed to stay strong. I admire that, and I hope that if we get to survive this we can become actual and mutual friends. Not just friends of Sasha."

Anneline: "Thank you. I feel the same way and I hope we can be actual friends, not just clique friends. I'm starting to realise that maybe I'm capable of much more than just being sassy and following Sasha. That's what Marcus was talking to me about before you came. He was telling me how following Sasha and doing as she says has not done anything for me at all. Well, it did get me recognition at least but that's just about it really. And I try to be strong because I don't want to resort to collapsing and losing faith. So basically, we can do much more than we think."

At this moment, Marcus returned, looking horrified in a way that signaled everything was going downhill. Very downhill. "That's Jack alright... But... He looks... Different... More violent, and definitely more powerful."

Anneline: Anneline suddenly felt so disheartened, even though she couldn't be. "She's controlled him, hasn't she? What do I do?"

"That's the thing... I don't know what to do. He's... He's not normal. And I don't think it's Max this time."

Anneline: "Well, I don't want to fight him or hurt him. Wait, would offering my soul do anything? Look, I'm so sorry for all the questions. I just can't believe this is happening. I never thought that my life would turn into a living cliche."

"I dunno, maybe he sensed it and went into total rage mode. Whatever it is, we need to get rid of it, before he shoves a prickly vine up someone's ass. Namely not me," he replied. 

Anneline: "That's even better, he's gone nuts because of me. Great job Anneline. Right, if he's gonna stick a prickly vine up someone's ass, it's going to be me." Anneline turned comical, rather than sassy this time.

Marcus snickered a little, "This... Is not... the time for-" before he burst out laughing. "Sorry, sorry, anyway. You have a plan or something?"

Selene: "Wait. I have an idea. I brought this chloroform wipe fro the boutique shop with Brianna. Maybe someone can distract him, and I cam come from behind to make hi fall asleep?"

Anneline: "My plan was to approach him, see how he would react and then see how things go from there. But that idea is better."

"So... You're plan is to make the Prodigy, fall asleep and hope he'll wake up in time to face of Max?"

Anneline: "I knew that Jack was smart but I didn't know he had a reputation. But then again, I did only get with him recently."

"No, it's just like the prophecy."

Our Legend is long gone

Our Prodigy is overtaken

Our Champion is lost

And the Chancellor proclaims death

One shall perish

One shall fall

They will rise until the coming day

Anneline: Anneline finally understood and all sarcasm was gone. Nothing but shock was on her face.

Selene: "Is Jack going to die?"

Anneline: "He can't die. I won't let him. Max needs to be punished."

Selene: "How do you kill a Max? Isn't she like a guardian angel or something?"

Anneline: "I just realised that, so that's why I said she should be punished."

Selene: "I know how to punish," Selene stated nonchalantly, referring to her dominatriz tendencies, "But not in the way I think we're looking for..."

Marcus shuddered as he replied, almost instantly knowing what Selene meant. "Thank goodness. Anyway, there is no such thing as a "Max". She's a person Selene. Yes, she's an Angel Spirit, and one of the School Guardians, but there's a way to destroy people, that even their souls can't come back from."

Selene: "So what, are we going to go all espectro patronum on them, or what?"

Anneline: "Whatever it is, let's do it."

Selene: "Alright. I'm in favor."

"And we have a Potterhead among us. The surprises just keep coming," he muttered.

Anneline: "Should we put our plan into action then? I'll distract Jack."

"Yeah, just don't get killed. Trust me, being dead is not fun. Next thing you know, you're being charged of murder."

Anneline: "Well now that we know you didn't do it, we're sorry. And if I can survive alcohol poisoning, then I can survive this."

"Well then go! Max is about to murder someone!"

Anneline: Anneline ran, heading for Jack.

Selene: "Should I follow her too?"

"No," he replied. "Stay here, Anneline can handle it."

Anneline: Anneline stopped running and started walking. She didn't call out for Jack, instead muttering "You'd better not be dead", since Max was on the loose.

The walls shook, and rocks crumbled from the ceiling, a roar emerged farther down the tunnel. Sounding somewhat a lot like, "You little-"

Anneline: Anneline continued to run, until she could finally see Jack and Max. "Oh hell no."

Max spotted Anneline first and smiled maliciously. "Oh look, your girlfriend's come to save you. Every Percy Jackson needs a sidekick, right?" she yelled.

Meanwhile, Jack was fuming, vines covered the walls and were slowly creeping towards Max. "Shut the hell up you fucked up bitch!"

Anneline: "Oh hello bitch." Anneline remarked at Max, waiting for the right time to attack her. She was also shocked at Jack's dark side. "Or should I say murderer? But then again, bitch suits you better." She decided to deal with Max first and then Jack.

"Oh calm down Princess Perfect. I think you've run out of lies to tell," Max yelled back. Jack this opportunity to attack. Vines crawled up Max's legs and pulled her down to a kneel as they began to cover her. "Screw y-" the rest of her sentence was cut off by the vines.

Anneline: Anneline smirked. "And to think you were trusted. Even by my own fucking cousin. But you don't care about that or her. Hope you suffer for eternity for what you did to Scarlett." She then turned to Jack. "You're angry right now, but know this. It isn't you. You're only like this because of me. And for once, I'm trying to do the right fucking thing. I don't want to hurt you at all because I care about you. I even learned more about you, like the fact that you are the Prodigy. You probably don't like me at all at this current moment, or hate me even, and I understand that. But please, just know that this anger is not who you are."

Selene: "Marcus, if I touch you, would my hand go through you?" Selene casually asked.

Marcus rasied an eyebrow, "I don't think so..."

Jack stared at her coldly. "Why did you do it Anneline?! Why would you...?"

Selene: "So then, if I do touch you, will I be able to feel you?"

Anneline: "I didn't mean for this to happen. All I did was offer my soul. I don't know what it's going to be used for, but I hope I'm doing some good with it because right now, I'm doing a terrible job. But that's expected of me because I'm just a dumb duchess. I don't know any different. People say it's because I hung around with Sasha and allowed for her to indoctrinate me but I doubt that. You must have connected with me emotionally, somehow. You could probably explain it better than me because you're the Prodigy, after all. So that's how you must have gotten my anger." She then looked up before tears started rolling down her cheeks. "You can go ahead and hurt me or kill me, I don't mind. But I didn't do this to hurt you. I was doing this in the hopes that that piece of shit would be punished for what she did."

Marcus stifled a laugh, "Wait what?"

He stared at her for a second, and then slapped her. "You're an idiot Anneline, I swear one of these days you'll be the death of me," he said. He then kissed her cheek, "By the way, sorry. Just... angry."

Anneline: She hugged him. "It's okay. I understand. It's been so horrible recently. Also, I do admit that I find you cute when you're angry." When she stopped hugging him, she looked him in the eyes (but not creepily). "I love you."

"I love you too," he whispered. "Come on, let's get the others before Max breaks out of the vines."

Anneline: "Okay." Anneline waited for Jack to lead the way. When he did, they proceeded to head back to Marcus and Selene.

Selene: On instinct, she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned in for a kiss. She really needed affection. Harry wasn't there lately and Dustin was nowhere to be found and he wasn't answering her texts. Since nobody would see her with a death person and he had no way of confessing, she figured she'd give it a try in need for love and at least a short kiss.

Caught in the moment, Marcus kissed back, trying to figure what was happening and how it happened.

Anneline: Anneline was determined to get Jack safely to Selene and Marcus, whilst still watching over her shoulder for Max.

They arrived back to their hiding place to see Selene and Marcus kissing. Jack stared at them with a loof of unbelief.

Selene: She moved her right hand to Marcus' chest as she continued kissing back a tad more fiercely.

Anneline: "That was unexpected." She said to Jack.

"Yeah.... You think we should separate them?" He asked.

Marcus placed a hand on her waist, pulling Selene closer.

Anneline: "Let's just leave them be. They'll stop making out eventually."

"Uh... If it includes Selene, I don't think it's ending anytime soon."

Anneline: "True." She then turned to the new couple. "Guys, it's cute that you've found love in a short space of time but we have to go before the murderous angel comes after us."

Marcus pulled back, his face red. "It.. I... Not.. Argh, you know what? Let's go and pretend this never happened. Alright?"

Anneline: Anneline started to leave.

You've found the Prodigy, the second piece to the key. Now follow the pathway to receive the final piece, and end Max once and for all.

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Anneline: Anneline walked alongside Jack. "I still can't believe you slapped me." She whispered.

"And I can slap you again," he whispered back, not turning to look at her however.

Anneline: "The true you wouldn't threaten to slap me. You're a loving person, not an abusive one. Please don't turn abusive. I don't want you to hurt me."

He took her hand in his own, "I won't."

Anneline: Anneline briefly smiled in relief, whilst holding his hand tightly. She then adjusted her diamond necklace.

Jack then noticed the necklace and to which he said, "Didn't think you'd keep it."

Anneline: "It's a beautiful necklace. Of course I wouldn't throw it away. And you bought it for me out of your money, throwing it away would have just made me ungrateful."

"Wasn't really convinced you were the ungreatful type anyway. I'm just surprised. Don't you have like millions of those?"

Anneline: "I have a bunch of necklaces of different colours but I only have one diamond necklace." She looked at her necklace again, before looking up and then looking at him.

"Oh..." he responded, dumbfounded.

Anneline: "Don't worry, my necklace collection, except for this necklace, isn't astounding. It just goes well with my dresses. Anyway, enough about me and my necklaces, we should go and find Brianna before it's too late."

"Yeah. We're in the school catacombs, so you must have passed the Elder Serpents which means we entered the Mayrion Cavern, so we must be heading to the Champion's Convenant. Brianna must be there, she's the supposed "champion"."

Anneline: "Okay. To the Convenant we go, I guess."


Anneline: She looked to Marcus and Selene, thankful that they weren't distracted again by consuming each other's faces, before focusing on getting out of the cavern.

Meanwhile, Marcus's face was somewhat still a bit red, and he was more quiet then earlier.

Anneline: For a moment, she yawned.

"Oh, what it was like to sleep," Marcus groaned, listening to Anneline's yawn. "The thing about souls is, they can't eat, or drink, or sleep. It's just... argh."

Anneline: "I want to sleep once this is all over."

Marcus glared at Anneline, "Because you can sleep. Unlike some people, so if you don't mind, please shut the hell up."

Anneline: Anneline just sarcastically giggled.

"Oh shut up."

Anneline: "Okay, Markie-boy, whatever you say."

He rolled his eyes and walked ahead. "Where the hell is this Champion's Convenant, I want you to leave as soon as possible before I loose it and kill you myself."

Anneline: "Don't be honoured because that isn't the first threat I've ever received. Alright, I'll shut up now especially for you Markie-boy."

"Believe me, I'm not," he whispered to himself.

Anneline: Anneline wanted to respond with "Good" but she promised him that she would shut up. Instead, she gave a thumbs up and went back to focusing on walking ahead, whilst still holding Jack's hand.

"So, how much farther Jack?" Marcus asked. 

"About 60 or so more meters."

Anneline: Anneline's phone, which she had forgotten about until now, went off once she turned it on. It was Branton calling. She decided to answer it. After two minutes or so, she hung up.

"Who was that?" Jack whispered, noticing Anneline put away her phone.

Anneline: "My brother. He's checking up on me." Anneline whispered back. "He thinks I could potentially do something stupid."

"With what happened earlier, I don't think that's physcially possible anymore."

Anneline: Anneline looked at him, frustrated. "Why are you threatening to slap me so much? Is it because you're scared that I'll actually end up doing something stupid?"

He gave her a questioning look as they continued to walk. "I'm talking about the soul transfer. Why did you automatically assume that?"

Anneline: Anneline sighed when she understood what he meant. "Sorry. I don't know where my mind is right now."

He gave her a weird look and face foward, his face blank.

Anneline: "I just want everything to be normal. And if this soul transfer will help contribute to everything being normal again, then I'll do it." She whispered, before turning to Jack. "I'm sorry I assumed you was going to slap me. There's actually something that I need to tell you."

"It will be, as soon as we get rid of Max, everything will be fine."

Anneline: "Actually, nevermind."

"You never make any sense sometimes."

Anneline: "I know."

He smiled, "Another reason why I love you."

Anneline: She looked up to him and smiled at him again. "I love you too." However, he didn't know the real reason why she had a tendency to not make sense.

Selene: She looked up back to Marcus. "I imagine being dead is hard, su if you need any pleasure for your lips, don't be afraid and tell me." She offered genuinely.

Marcus furrowed his eyebrows, refusing to look at Selene. After awhile he finally settled to ask, "Why did you kiss me back there?"

Selene: "Did it do you any wrong? Did I have a reason not to?" Selene replied with her own questions.

"That doesn't work with me. Answer the question Selene. My question."

Selene: "Because you're easy on the eyes, and I wanted to know if I might or might not have feelings for you after all your chastising me."

Marcus opened his mouth to speak, before snapping it shut into a thin line. Finally moments later he decided to speak with the words, "I-I like you Selene, you're fierce and independent in a way that can't be explained. I have to admit, back before... you know.... I wouldn't have minded hitting on you, but now it feels... I don't know, weird. Maybe because I'm dead and we're trying to save the Elemental world as we know it from some crazy angel spirit. Or maybe it was the kiss. I don't know. My point is if this ever happens again, which I doubt it will, I won't hesitate. Now that I've got that out, let's focus on the quest thing, alright?"

SeleneN: "My point exactly, Marcus," She agreed.

He blinked perplexingly. "I'm going to pretend I understood what that meant."

Anneline: Anneline eavesdropped on their conversation.

Selene: "I also like you, in a way, but right now we do have to to focus on the quest."

He nodded his heahead smiling a little. "You're just so cute, when you look calm like that."

Anneline: Anneline was quick to see the exit. "We're almost out of here."

Selene: She nodded towards Anneline and then looked back at Marcus, surprised. "I have been called anything but cute.

He chuckled at Selene's response. "I'm glad I'm the first."

Jack glanced ahead, "That's the gate. To the Covenant."

Anneline: Anneline started speed-walking towards the gate.

Selene: Selene bashed slightly but ignored it and hurried after Anneline.

Jack rushed foward, eager to get to the gate. Marcus didn't even bother to speed up as he could get there before them due to the new abilities being a spirit gave him.

Anneline: Anneline reached the gate first. "It's locked."

Selene: "What do you mean it's locked? Wait. Jack, you are an Earth elemental, right? Can't you guys manipulate metal too?"

Anneline: She turned to face Jack, waiting for him to answer Selene.

Jack gave the lock a quick glance a'nd shook his head. "Enchanted. It wouldn't work."

Marcus looked at them funny, and stifled a laugh. "What do you mean it's locked?" He started towards the right. "Follow me, that's a fool's door. There's hundreds of them down here."

Anneline: Anneline sighed and rolled her eyes, before turning to Marcus. Her frustration was kicking in again. "Couldn't you have just said that earlier before I made my clearly idiotic judgement?"

Selene: She followed Marcus, "Yeah, we looked like idiots right there trying to figure something out while you were just laughing at us backstage?"

"Well I'm sorry, I have to get close to the actual door before I can tell it's a fool's door, and you all ran over here like mad people so," Marcus replied sarcastically.

Jack didn't say anything, but he did roll his eyes.

Anneline: "Okay. Whatever. Let's just keep moving ahead." And so Anneline continued to lead the way.

Selene: Selene followed, unsure as to what she should say or do.

Marcus headed in front of Anneline making them the the right. "Have you guys ever heard of compass? You should buy one. It might help your sense of direction."

"Compasses don't work in the Catacombs," Jack replied bluntly.

"Who said?"

Jack shrugged. "Teachers, Books, other truthful resources."

"I'd be hurt, if thode resources were actually true. It's just things they tell students to keep them out of here. They convince them you'll get lost because nothing works down here, but this place is actually quite logical."

Anneline: Anneline yawned again. She decided to not say anything else.

Selene: "What if we just take out a compass, shut up and see if it works?" She clapped her hands together in one swift motion with a fact hat told Jack and Marcus they were stupid. "Sounds good?"

"I like you and all Selene, but I will not deny the fact you still get on my nerves sometimes," Jack muttered, falling back to walk next to Anneline.

This time Marcus didn't reply, holding back a sarcastic remark.

Anneline: Anneline started giggling to herself, as she remembered something.

Jack stared at her questioningly, "Are you okay Annie?"

Anneline: "I'm okay, I just remembered this video that I watched on ElementalTube." She looked at him, genuinely smiling. "I just remember little things and it makes me feel calm and better again."

He laughed and shook his head, "You're so weird sometimes."

Anneline: "I know." Anneline then linked her arm onto his. "I'll try and remain happy." She then whispered, before going back to being quiet.

Selene: "What is it?" She replied as she looked at Marcus, a playful smile on her lips.

"Good, 'cause when you're happy, I'm happy," Jack replied.

Marcus noticed Selene's gaze and gave her a questioning look. 

Anneline: Anneline smiled quickly, and then yawned.

Selene: "What is it?" She repeated playfully, "You look like you held back something to say."

He shrugged as his first response to her question."Nothing. Nothing, I'm just not feeling the best right now," he lied.

Anneline: Anneline was walking perfectly fine, when she suddenly tripped over a big rock. She managed to get back up quietly but her foot started to hurt.

"Hey, you okay?" Jack asked, helping her up. "Are you hurt?"

Anneline: Now the pain intensified. She gritted her teeth, surprisingly not causing a dramatic scene. "No, I think I might sprained or fractured my foot somehow. But we need to keep going."

"No, I'm not having it," he murmured. "We need to stop, Anneline's hurt."

Anneline: "What about Brianna?" Anneline tried to ask, the pain getting to her. She wasn't groaning and moaning in pain though, which was normally what she would do in a situation like this. But she was trying not to moan and groan. She was trying to be mature.

"It's a few minutes Annie, I'm sure she'll be fine," he assured her. "Sit down and let me look at your foot."

Anneline: "Okay." Anneline remembered what she said earlier and started to make herself feel calm again, despite the pain.

Selene: "Brianna is in real need of help. You stay with her, Jack, I'll go with Marcus for her. We'll meet right here. Sounds good?" She gave Anneline a recomforting and genuinely friendly look, that also let her know that they did, however, need to keep going.

Anneline: Anneline nodded and smiled, being supportive of Selene's plan. "Good plan."

Jack nodded agreeing with the plan. "Go, hurry up and make up for lost time. And if you find anything I can use as a make shift crutch, bring it back to me."

Marcus yawned, watching them. "I wish I could sleeeeep," he muttered.

Selene: "Hope you get better, Anneline," She then held on to Marcus' hand, gave a swift and confident nod to Jack and started jogging towards the gate.

Anneline: "Thank you." Anneline replied just before Selene left. She then turned to face Jack, still attempting to ignore the pain. "I just wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for me. And as of the gifts, well, I may have just repayed you."

"Is this jogging thing just an excuse to hold my hand?' He questioned her, as they headed for the real entrance to the Champion's Convenant.

Jack mumbled a "Yeah?" partially distracted as he checked her foot.

Anneline: "A couple of days ago, I bought you a gift. It's also made out of real gold. I don't know if you like surprises or not, but that last sentence may have just given the gift away."

"Hm, it's gold.... I sense a Harry Potter reference... Its a lion? Because Gryffindor's animal is lion?" he suggested.

Anneline: She felt so dumbfounded as Jack managed to guess what it was. "Wow. Remind me to never play any guessing games with you." She joked, before proceeding to explain herself. "Yeah, it's a lion pendant. I bought it because I figured that a lion was your favourite animal."

Selene: She let go of it, "No, it's because if I don't drag you alone, you won't run. Besides, it's sweaty."

"Spirits can't sweat, so I know your lying. Aw, why'd you let go?" He whined.

"No plays guessing games with me twice, because they say it's no fun. Honestly, I find it funny," he replied, tracing around her foot. Where his fingers glided vines sprang up, wrapping itself around Anneline's ankle.

Anneline: "I bet you do." Anneline sarcastically replied. She then giggled as she felt the vines, at least attempting to cancel out the pain. "So yeah, I got you a lion pendant."

"Yeah, I got that. I can't wait to see it. And also, when did you get the time to buy a pendant?" He questioned.

Anneline: "I had time to sneak out to a jewellery store before I encountered Persephone."

Selene: She held on to it,"Fine. Who understands you, anyways?"


Anneline: Being supported by Jack, Anneline was able to get up and walk.

"We should probably catch up to the others. I can use some vines to support you for awhile, but my energy will drain quickly from the lack of food I've had," Jack informed Anneline, hobbling alongside her.

Anneline: "Don't worry. I'm sure I can find some temporary support while you eat."

"That's not very likely. What would we find down here to eat?" He sighed.

Anneline: "All I've seen are berries, but they're more or likely poisonous."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "What color are they?"

Anneline: "Purple, I think."

"Poisonous. That was very likely anyway. We are underground, resources have probably gone bad by now."

Anneline: Anneline laughed. "Yeah. Who knows how long they've been down here."

"Probably centuries," he snorted. "No one's been here for decades."

Anneline: "And here we have preserved berries from 1885." She commented sarcastically and jokingly.

Jack laughed alongside her, enjoying the small moment they had to themselves before they face the enemy ahead.

Anneline: She smiled, before reality hit her.

The Chancellor

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