Please read everything on this page before submtting characters. It's highly important, especially for what type of quest this is.

This is going to pave the way for a development of a major storyline - mainly the storyline of one of my characters, with other characters getting involved. Because of this, the quest will take some time.

Despite this, however, you still have to be 100% active in this and be committed. I won't allow the quest to die out (even though I will be busy, which I do acknowledge. But I will try and fight procrastination and get everything done).


The Elemental Academy has a history stained with violence and scandal. After all, it had been a vital part of Elementrium for many centuries.

So it was no surprise when a body was found in the Lunar Classroom. But, unlike most murders in the Academy, this one was under mysterious circumstances - and on the course of going unsolved...

Unless there was an intervention - an intervention to uncover what was really going on.


The submitted characters must be characters that you enjoy roleplaying. I will try and fit the characters into the storyline.

The amount of characters that users can submit depends on how many characters they are able to roleplay (e.g. if you can roleplay about seven characters, submit seven).


Chapter 1 - When Death Calls

Chapter 2 - Breaking the Silence

Chapter 3 - A Mystery's End

Characters Involved

Link: Christina Berne

  • The first victim of the 'grand conspiracy'
  • 17 at the time of her death
  • Lunar Elemental
  • Mysterious due to her occupation as an assassin
  • Killed in the Lunar Classroom by an Academy dropout
  • Note left behind at the scene of the murder - "It's a shame, you had potential."

  • A former attendant of the Academy
  • British
  • Air Elemental
  • Leader of the investigation and eventual uncovering of the "grand conspiracy"

Link: Erraline Dange

  • One of the current Lunar Duchesses
  • Australian
  • 17 (at the time of this quest)
  • Witness
  • Currently trying to hide controversy of her own (her love for a Solar duke despite the deadly Lunar-Solar rivalry)
  • Encountered the killer - made to sign a non-disclosure agreement or threatened with death

  • Identity unknown yet
  • Irish
  • Around 19-21
  • Dropout of the Academy
  • Presumably a female