Welcome to the Solar Palace

Everyone has begun to arrive outside the palace gates via classic carriage. (They transported to the Solar Kingdom first.) A sign sits in front of the door, waiting for them when they get to the top of the steps.

King Lumière and Queen Maria Therèse are pleased you're here. They should be with you in a moment.

The Guests

Guest List

A Royal Welcome

The huge doors slowly open and the beautiful queen and handsome king appear.

King Lumière: Welcome my honored guests! It is with our deepest pride and the greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. My beloved children insisted we bring you all together for a night of luxury, honor, companionship, feasting, and of course dancing! I... ahh...

Queen Maria Therèse: Oh my dear husband, let them in! It's a cool night, and I'm sure they don't want to listen to you ramble on.

So all of the royal attendees do indeed enter the palace, to find a large dining room all set up.

Branching off from the dining room is a ball room, which is equally elegant.

The guests were announced as they came in.

Lucy du Versailles, Princess of Solaria. Claire du Versailles, Princess of Solaria. Marc Antoine du Versailles, Prince of Solaria and heir to the Solarian throne.

The Dinner

(OOC: RP the chars waiting for dinner. It's up to you where your char sat but make it consistent with whatever else is RPed. There are 5 tables, that is where you will RP @ until the dance portion. Make sure you Roleplay at your table. Once you choose a table, add your char's pic to the gallery on the table's sub page.)

King and Queen du Versailles take their seats at the front of the dining room, calling for the guests to find a seat.

Everyone eventually finds a seat and the lights dim down. You can hear the causal chatter through out the dining hall.

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