This category is for users who are inactive (unless they have specified that they will return and when they will return), and their characters as a result. If they do not come back within the amount of time that they have left under the Lockdown status (the approximate time being six months), then their characters will be deleted and the models of their characters will be given away.

Inactive users with no characters will be not placed into the Lockdown status. Permanently blocked users will have their characters deleted, regardless.

Staff are also not exempt to this rule, unless they have a reason. But they will receive an extra month to the time limit, meaning that the approximate time for staff to be in the Lockdown status is 7 months.

Those who do come back within the time limit can be free of the Lockdown status, as well as their characters.

If they are inactive for the whole time limit, users in Lockdown will receive the 'Inactive User' status, but only after their characters have been deleted.

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