All pages are required to be categorized. Not sure what categories your page needs? The Category Guide is here to help!

Element Categories

There a few different categories for the Elements.

Character Types

These are the different types of characters that you can make.

  • Tri-Elemental - characters that possess three elements.
  • Teacher - for the teachers at The Academy

Age Categories

This is very simple. Characters, or students at least, must range between 13 and 19. Thus, there is a category for each.








Gender Categories

This is self-explanatory.



Owner categories

These categories are made to show that these characters are all made and owned by one specific user. Please keep in mind that these are only useful if you own more than about 5 characters. Anyone has the rights to add these to a page as long as it's the right person on the category. For example, if you had a student, you could add the category "{Username}'s Characters" to it. But you couldn't add "TheAmericanDream's Characters" to it. An example of these categories could be:

Category:TheAmericanDream's Characters

How to make one of these

If you do not have a category like this, just make yourself one. Write:

"{Username}'s Characters" in the category section, click enter, and there you go! Add this to all of your characters.