Cecilia Tähtinen
The History Nerd
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Basic Info
Full Name: Cecilia Malene Tähtinen
Titles: N/A
Current Location: The Elemental Academy
Affiliation(s): The Elemental Academy
Relationship Status: Single
Born On: May 23rd
Current Age: 18
Element: Fire
Accent: Western Finnish
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: Melody 8637
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Created Page On: 3/13/16
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Cecilia Tähtinen ~ The History Nerd

More Info:

-Fire Elemental

 Age: 18  Height: 5'6"  Weight: 121 lbs
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Helsinki, Finland  Main Weapon: Powers, scythe
 Accent: Western Finnish

  • Pyrokinesis - create, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
  • Inflammation - ignite objects/spontaneous combustion.
  • Pyrotransportation - explode self and reform.
Skills & Weapons
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Quests Been On: N/A

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Appearance & More Images
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Gender: Female
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Hair Colour: blonde
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Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: Right
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