Welcome to the Character Policies page. Here, we'd like to outline a few guidelines and rules to making, roleplaying, and the overall use of your characters!


With rules and policies, it makes it easier for everyone on the wiki. If we all know what is expected, we can achieve that goal and run things smoothly. We like to support creative freedom, but want to lay down a few ground rules and concepts. We'll start off with making pages!

Page Creation

Unless otherwise stated by a staff member, pages are for Characters only. Pages for their family members, or for a specific family are not permitted. If given permission, quest pages, new roleplay pages, and pages like these may be created, but only on occasion. 

How you format your pages is totally up to you. You may use a template, one like {{Character Page}}, or just simply put the information on a page. Templates are recommended, as it makes organizing pages easier. However, if you do use a template, you must gain permission from its owner. You must also credit them if you take theirs and adapt or change it to your liking. Never take any template, picture, or piece of information that isn't yours. If you do, you will be banned, and even possibly blocked. 

All pages must have categories. If you need help finding the appropriate one(s), visit our Character Guide


Characters are basically free range. You are free to let your imaginations run wild, as long as it's reasonable. All characters, unless explicitly given permission, are human, and must follow the following guidelines.

  • They may not be humanoid, or half human. They must be full human.
  • They must be male or female.
  • Characters must be between 13 and 19.
  • They must be a user of at least one of the elements. 
  • They need to be appropriate, and anything NSFW is not allowed. 
  • Anything too severe must be labled with a warning, such as violence in a backstory.

If you have any other questions or concerns, or are unsure about something, please contact one of our admins, Audrey and Billie.