1. No spam - spamming disrupts the chat and causes major outrage. This is defined in multiple ways, such as links, random letters, words, lyrics, dialogue, capital letters in full sentences or blank.
  2. No harassment or bullying.
  3. No swearing. Don't use swears such as, but not limited to; fuck, shit, slut, whore, skank, bitch, hoe and ass. Especially not to other users. Taking out letters, changing it around or making people think you are saying it is also not allowed.
  4. Do not advertise other chats, or request users to go to this chat or that page. Please keep this to PM.
  5. Do not speak in foreign languages unless it is in PM or a short phrase/sentence. If a moderator or administrator asks you to translate, you must do so.
  6. No uncomfortable topics (applying but not limited to sexual subjects, religious subjects etc.), especially if an admin or chat moderator feels like it's inappropriate.
  7. No behavior that may make others uncomfortable.
  8. If an administrator or chat moderator asks for a topic change, please do so.

These rules are here to make chat better, and all of these should be followed. If they are not, actions will be taken to stop the user. (Kicks, ban, block)

What to do if someone is breaking rules while no chat moderators are on...

  1. Take a screenshot, more than one if possible.
  2. Post it on a chat moderator or administrator's talk page.
  3. Ignore them.

Current Chat Moderators