Denali Beckert
The Handsome Hero

Character Information
Denali Beckert is a Male Earth Elemental created by Tyler. Please do not use this character without his permission.

Full Name Denali Beckert
Nicknames Beckert
Current Age 17
Birthday September 13th
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Current Location The Elemental Academy
Dorm Dorm 13

Mother Queen Luise Beckert
Father King Aldwin Beckert
Sibling(s) Everest Beckert, twin brother
Other Relatives The Royal Earth Family
Home Town Terra, The Earth Kingdom

Model Travis Smit
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'0
Weight 161 lbs.
Body Style Sturdy, Strong, Well built
Ethnicity German
Handedness Left
Shoe Size 9 1/2
Native Language English & German
Accent Slight German
Mental/Emotion Disorders None
Medical Issues None

Attitude Positive, Adventurous, Flirty, Uplifting
Social Temperament Very sociable, smooth, charming
Bad Habits Being reckless
Viewpoint on Life Denali has a "take life by the horns" attitude and doesn't feel the need to hold back. He wants to let go and live life freely.
Fatal Flaw Recklessness
Likes Flirting, Exploring, Socializing, Partying
Dislikes Being too serious, studying, sitting still, being quiet
Fears Living a boring life
Hobbies Adventuring, socializing, hiking, girls
Personal Motto Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
Things He/She Won't Do Betray his family, turn away from someone in need
Most Admires Explorers and adventurers
Most Influenced By His family
Reaction to Crisis Take lead, be courageous
Reaction to a Problem Solve them quickly no matter the cost
Reaction to Change Usually adapt
Alignment Chaotic Good

Color Red
Music Rap, Contemporary Pop, Country Rap
Food Italian
Drink Whiskey and Coke
Animal Grizzly Bear
Book Legend
Song Hall of Fame
Movie Braveheart
Sport Baseball
Subject Elemental Geography, P.E.


General Status

Denali is currently wrapped up in his Knight training, as well as his recently growing interest in Elemental Geography. He spends any of his extra time away from studies with his friends. He resides in Dorm 13 with Marc Antoine du Versailles, Freya McIvor, Adelheid Licht, Alexander Dunkelheit, Evan Lockwood, and Everest Beckert

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing."

History and Personality

September 13th. The Earth Kingdom was in celebration. Their beloved Queen Luise had given birth to two strong healthy twin boys. King Aldwin was overjoyed. He had two sons. Two princes who would one day inherit the throne. Denali, the energetic, giggling, older brother. And Everest, the calm, sweet, loving younger brother. This of course meant Denali would one day become King, and Everest would serve at his side as a prince. The kingdom's future, and the future of the Royal Beckert family, was now secured.

But as in any kingdom, life was not perfect. Trying to be good parents, King and Queen Beckert announced they would be keeping their children at the Earth Palace and raising them their selves. As you can expect, raising twin boys and ruling a kingdom are both not easy tasks, and are even harder when done together.

As the two boys grew from babies to toddlers, and then to young boys, things became even more difficult. Queen Luise began an attempt to home school the boys, rather than sending them to the human world, or to a school in Elementrium. She wanted her boys to not be treated differently because of their parentage, and the only way to ensure that was to school them herself. From keeping the two boys on task, to telling them apart. Things were not easy for her. But the King and Queen were persistent. They denied the many requests from their staff and advisers to send Denali and Everest to the human world to be raised by a butler or someone similar. Whenever she was asked about it, the Queen would reply, "They're my children, and I'll raise them." The King often echoed these sentiments with phrases such as "They're my boys, not yours." or "They're princes and they'll be treated as such." The boys' parents had their minds made up, and no one was going to change that.

Denali and Everest were much alike, yet they were quite contrasting. Denali was free spirited, and he didn't care much for sitting in a desk learning about his kingdom's history. Everest loved to learn, he loved to ask questions. Everest was much more disciplined than Denali, and Denali was considerably more social than Everest. Both of the boys loved their parents, and were altogether the best of friends. Denali was often leading Everest into trouble and on adventures, while Everest could be found trying to teach Denali. Everest was quite obsessed with the duties of a king, and how the Royal line of succession worked. Meanwhile, Denali yearned to explore outside of the palace gates. To meet the people of Terraria, to explore the lands of the Earth Kingdom.

The twins grew into their teen years, preparing to be formally christened as Princes of Terraria. The Earth Kingdom had a tradition of holding a extravagant ceremony on the 14th birthday of any prince or princes. This event would be even bigger, as two twin princes would be crowned. As the day grew closer, the King and Queen noticed the boys attitudes changing. Everest grew nervous, yet excited. He couldn't wait to formally be a prince, being able to attend Royal functions and become a diplomat of Terraria. Oppositely, Denali feared he would be sucked into the Royal lifestyle, unable to live life freely. He wasn't one who enjoyed fancy dinners or speaking with other Royalty. His greatest wish was to live a full life, while still serving his people. When King Aldwin caught wind of this fear, he confronted Denali. While he was confused, and slightly annoyed at first, he acknowledged Denali's fears. Meanwhile, Everest had known something was wrong with Denali. When he realized what it was, he began digging, trying to find a solution. Partially motivated by his wishes to be King, Everest discovered an alternative for Denali. He could relinquish his first born rights and turn away prince-hood, alternatively becoming a knight.

When Everest brought the idea to his parents and Denali, King Beckert was furious. Denali thought about the idea, and began to like it. The Queen attempted to pressure Denali to change his mind, but just like his parents Denali was stubborn. He made the decision just days before the ceremony. King Aldwin didn't speak to him until hours before the ceremony was to be held. Finally, his father instincts took over and he faced his son. He explained why he had been so upset, and the two ended up making up.

The King and Queen came up with an idea. They would Knight Denali alongside Everest's prince christening. Everest was thrilled to now be first in line for the throne, and Denali was relieved to be free from his prince-hood.

The day came and passed. And while the kingdom was shocked, they grew to love the idea. A year later, Everest and Denali were set to depart Terraria for The Academy. While nervous, the pair was ready to take on their fate. The news of their arrival spread quickly, and the two were greeted with a fairly large group of students. The excitement soon dissipated and the two began to feel like regular students. For Denali, it was everything he had dreamed of. He was finally free from the confinements of the Palace. He was able to meet people, to living his life how he wanted. Contrarily, Everest initially found it overwhelming. The first couple months was hard on him, due to his lack of social skills. However, Everest eventually overcame it and found himself taking a strong liking to his classes and teachers, even making a few friends here and there.

Ultimately, the two both took a liking to The Academy and grew accustomed to it in a matter of months.

Denali could easily be described as a maverick. Someone who strays from tradition. He's very energetic, and can crack a good joke or two. He has a very likable personality that many people take note of. Denali's main goal is to explore the Earth Kingdom and meet new people and see new things. He is never satisfied and always wants something bigger. Denali is very friendly and can often be seen talking to someone new.

"Freedom is never given; it is won."

Roleplay Information

Special Skills Adaptability, leadership, fearless
Strengths Fearless, physical strength, outside-the-box-thinking, adventurous, social skills
Weaknesses Careless, wild, unpredictable, diplomat skills, lack of patience
Weapon(s) Sword, Powers
Quests Been On None

  • Florakinesis - ability to control the growth/wither of plants.
  • Geokinesis - control and manipulate the earth at will.
  • Terraportation - teleport via the soil/earth.
  • Crystallokinesis - manipulate minerals and crystals.
  • Biokinesis - using the earth to heal minor wounds.
  • Ferrokinesis - manipulate metal.
  • Golem Creation - make golems out of inanimate materials like rocks, wood, plants, metal, etc.

Coming Soon

Denali Beckert

The Champion
The world is meant to be explored.
Roleplay Information

 Age: 17  Height: 6'0  Weight: 160 lbs.
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Terraria, Elementrium Accent: Slight German 
 Main Weapon: Sword, Powers  Element: Earth
 – “The confinment of a palace is maddening."

Denali Beckert


"If you don't take the chance to live life, what can you say at the end of it?"

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