Devorah Denzel 5
Devorah Denzel
Devorah Denzel 5
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Basic Information
Full Name Devorah Yvonne Denzel
Nickname Dev
Birthday 19th September
Age 16
Nationality German
Home Berlin, Germany
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location The Academy
Gender Female

School Info
Dorm 21
Year 3rd
Titles The Perfectionist
Any Special Clubs/Teams/Etc. None
Element Air

Devorah Denzel 1
"A place for everything, and everything in its place."

Devorah is currently attending the Elemental Academy.

Devorah is very polite and well-mannered, regarding anyone she comes across graciously. She is able to keep up a conversation well and socialise with people, making witty remarks and generally keeping her companion interested.

Devorah is studious, hardworking and never leaves a project finished. However, she's quite the neat freak, unable to stand messiness or disorganised spaces. If she sees anything that's remotely out of place, she will probably try and fix it or hide her irritation.

Devorah dislikes disputes and arguments, tending to stay away from it. If anyone tries to start anything with her, she will avoid the situation. However, if someone manages to piss her off--unlikely, but still possible--she can be scary, sometimes setting off literal sparks into the air.

Whenever Devorah is upset, she will confide in someone she is close with, or sleep to feel better next morning. Her usual cheer will disappear, especially if she is thinking about her mother in the car crash. In any case, Devorah will not be as jovial as she usually is at a time like this.


Word Bubble

Devorah Denzel ~ The Perfectionist
Devorah Denzel 6
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More Info:

 Age: 16  Height: 5'4" 
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Berlin, Germany 
 Accent: German
 – "A place for everything, and everything in its place."

Devorah Denzel 6
Devorah Denzel
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  • Aerokinesis - manipulate the air/air currents, wind, and gas.
  • Deoxygenation - suck up all the oxygen from a place.
  • Lung Adaptation - ability to breath anywhere, aside from underwater.
  • Aeroportation - teleport using air/wind currents.
Skills & Weapons

Basic Skills Information
Agility Skills Mediocre
Speed Mediocre
Strength Level Below average
Main Strengths Wit and intelligence
Main Weaknesses Physical strength

Basic Power Info
Element Air
Number of Abilities 4
Level of Control Good

Devorah Denzel 3
Possession & Favorite Things

Special Possesions

A golden bangle given to her by her mother.

General Likes

Tea, being productive, spring, vanilla

General Dislikes

Disorderliness, tight spaces, drama, loudness

Favorite Things
Color Purple
Music Classical
Food Vanilla pastries
Animal Sparrow
Book The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Quote None
Song Oh Wonder - Drive
Movie None
Elemental Sport None
Earthen Sport None


Brief Description

Devorah has fair skin and blonde hair usually pulled up into a ponytail. Her eyes are a dark brown, and she is usually clad in purple or blue.

Main Appearance Information
Model Kiernan Shipka
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'4" (162 cm)
Weight 107 lbs (48 kg)
Voice Mezzo-soprano
Body Style Skinny
Mental/Emotional State Good
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None

Family & Childhood Info

Family Members
Mother Adela Denzel (deceased)
Father Gerard Denzel
Brother(s) Roger Denzel
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) None
Uncle(s) Unnamed uncle
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Main Childhood Info
Place of Birth Berlin, Germany
Home Berlin, Germany
Best Memory None
First Love None
First Kiss None

General Info

Character Arc Information
Character Flaw Her impulsiveness
Fear/Phobias Claustrophobia
Personal Motto N/A
First Reaction to Crisis Tries to stay calm and think logically
Faces Their Problems Finding a way to resolve it quickly
React to Change Adapts neutrally

Extra Character Information
Native Language English, German
Hobbies Creating and finishing projects

Devorah Denzel 2
Relationship Info

Relationship Information
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers Polite
Perceived By Lover N/A
Perceived By Friends Witty
Perceived By Family Hardworking
First Impression Courteous
Family/Friends Like Most Her wit
Family/Friends Like Least The fact that she's a neat freak

Family Relationships

Devorah is very close to her family, especially after her mother's death in the car crash. She cares deeply for her father and younger brother.

Friend Relationships

Devorah has several friends, since she is easy to get along with.

Love Relationships

Devorah has not been in a romantic relationship.


Devorah has no other important relations.

Devorah Denzel 4

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