Welcome to The Dorms!

The Dorms are a set of luxurious housing facilities in the Elemental Academy. There is currently a total of 25 dorms, most of which are full. 
Each Dorm is different from the other, and the Academy gives students the right to have up to 6 roommates in one dorm. Roommates are currently assigned by School Staff. So please contact one of them to receive a room*.
*Please remember to review the school policy before roleplaying.

Dorms Status

Dorms 1-23 are full.
Dorms 24-25 have just opened!

The Dorms

Dorm 1 Roleplay

  • Rachel IrvineGo to Rachel Irvine
  • Jeong Yi CaelumGo to Jeong Yi Caelum
  • Grace Bridgewater-EdanGo to Grace Bridgewater-Edan
  • Titania StravelingGo to Titania Straveling
  • Evan LockwoodGo to Evan Lockwood
  • Seojun EdanGo to Seojun Edan

Dorm 2 Roleplay

  • Courtly JopanGo to Courtly Jopan
  • Simone BeauregardGo to Simone Beauregard
  • Julian ArgentGo to Julian Argent
  • Amber DentonGo to Amber Denton
  • Apollo StarlingGo to Apollo Starling
  • Xavier WoodsGo to Xavier Woods

Dorm 3 Roleplay

  • Iva DenetGo to Iva Denet
  • Canaan CromwellGo to Canaan Cromwell
  • Natashka DobrevichGo to Natashka Dobrevich
  • Fred BakerGo to Fred Baker
  • Sevidian PhillipsGo to Sevidian Phillips
  • Olivier Bouchard

Dorm 4 Roleplay

  • Sofia FirenzeGo to Sofia Firenze
  • Anneline EdanGo to Anneline Edan
  • Ella WintersGo to Ella Winters
  • Magenta PaigeGo to Magenta Paige
  • Sophia ArgentGo to Sophia Argent
  • Michiko Rikimaru

Dorm 5 Roleplay

  • Luna1.jpg Luna AvondGo to Luna Avond
  • Benedict WilliamsonGo to Benedict Williamson
  • Charlotte AllardGo to Charlotte Allard
  • Wilson HoltGo to Wilson Holt
  • Meixiu ChenGo to Meixiu Chen
  • Braxton IvenmeyerGo to Braxton Ivenmeyer

Dorm 6 Roleplay

  • Kehaulani ElikapekaGo to Kehaulani Elikapeka
  • Mercy BarcelonaGo to Mercy Barcelona
  • Brianna CasiieomarkGo to Brianna Casiieomark
  • Georgios BirchGo to Georgios Birch
  • Victoire Bouchard
  • Charlotte PetrovaGo to Charlotte Petrova

Dorm 7 Roleplay

  • Sienna DiCaprioGo to Sienna DiCaprio
  • Camden BlakeGo to Camden Blake
  • Diana HollandeGo to Diana Hollande
  • Iván RiveraGo to Iván Rivera
  • Quinn BirchGo to Quinn Birch
  • Rhett BrunholdGo to Rhett Brunhold

Dorm 8 Roleplay

  • Terren EzhnoGo to Terren Ezhno
  • Tucker BrooksGo to Tucker Brooks
  • Noah FlintGo to Noah Flint
  • Benjamin FlintGo to Benjamin Flint
  • Gen Petrova
  • Christina PetrovaGo to Christina Petrova

Dorm 9 Roleplay

  • Lukas VegaGo to Lukas Vega
  • Roger NorwoodGo to Roger Norwood
  • Alton FawkesGo to Alton Fawkes
  • Claire Du VersaillesGo to Claire Du Versailles
  • Newton AyerGo to Newton Ayer
  • Sam ByunGo to Sam Byun

Dorm 10 Roleplay

  • Derren DangeGo to Derren Dange
  • Erraline DangeGo to Erraline Dange
  • Connor AlexanderGo to Connor Alexander
  • Anaïs DupontGo to Anaïs Dupont
  • Scarlett SinclaireGo to Scarlett Sinclaire
  • Kang HyukGo to Kang Hyuk

Dorm 11 Roleplay

  • Selene NightluckGo to Selene Nightluck
  • Cassandra AlcyoneGo to Cassandra Alcyone
  • Jackson DenerisGo to Jackson Deneris
  • Elliot AliènèGo to Elliot Aliènè
  • Elizabeth AliènèGo to Elizabeth Aliènè

Dorm 12 Roleplay

  • Alexander MartellGo to Alexander Martell
  • Cliffe MeadowsGo to Cliffe Meadows
  • Miquel CaraxGo to Miquel Carax
  • Emily ColumbiaGo to Emily Columbia
  • Jasper ReevesGo to Jasper Reeves
  • Adabelle YoungGo to Adabelle Young

Dorm 13 Roleplay

  • Everest BeckertGo to Everest Beckert
  • Denali BeckertGo to Denali Beckert
  • Freya McIvor
  • Alexander DunkelheitGo to Alexander Dunkelheit
  • Marc Antoine du VersaillesGo to Marc Antoine du Versailles
  • Adelheid LichtGo to Adelheid Licht

Dorm 14 Roleplay

  • Alek DaytonGo to Alek Dayton
  • Ezra DesdemonaGo to Ezra Desdemona
  • Eliza BarnesGo to Eliza Barnes
  • Manami TsukinoGo to Manami Tsukino
  • Samantha JewelsGo to Samantha Jewels
  • Christian PierceGo to Christian Pierce

Dorm 15 Roleplay

  • Cambridge FawkesGo to Cambridge Fawkes
  • Nikolai FyodorovGo to Nikolai Fyodorov
  • Kara IrvingGo to Kara Irving
  • Ryan SceptreGo to Ryan Sceptre
  • Adam DominiqueGo to Adamn Dominique
  • Valerie LancasterGo to Valerie Lancaster

Dorm 16 Roleplay

  • Jack Erdmann 2.jpg Jack ErdmannGo to Jack Erdmann
  • Cecilia TähtinenGo to Cecilia Tähtinen
  • Persephone HollanderGo to Persephone Hollander
  • Berdani FerignonGo to Berdani Ferignon
  • Lucy du VersaillesGo to Lucy du Versailles
  • Brooklyn HillGo to Brooklyn Hill

Dorm 17 Roleplay

  • Joshua MarrowGo to Joshua Morrow
  • Hekate SummersGo to Hekate Summers
  • Jacob CallenGo to Jacob Callen
  • William HastingsGo to William Hastings
  • Eleanor FrancisGo to Eleanor Francis
  • Amaquelin MadremontGo to Amaquelin Madremont

Dorm 18 Roleplay

  • Pandora ThornesGo to Pandora Thornes
  • Ara Sung
  • Haru Sung
  • Ivory CarmichaelGo to Ivory Carmichael
  • Michael ReedsGo to Michael Reeds
  • Aurora "Roy" Mikkelsen

Dorm 19 Roleplay

  • Abigail ReedsGo to Abigail Reeds
  • Juliette ReedsGo to Juliette Reeds
  • Ji-yeon KangGo to Kang Ji-yeon
  • Akihiko RikimaruGo to Rikimaru Akihiko
  • Sora YunGo to Sora Yun
  • Clara Middleton-Barnes

Dorm 20 Roleplay

  • Elijah JinGo to Elijah Jin
  • Clara LockwoodGo to Clara Lockwood
  • Augustus ZachariahGo to Augustus Zachariah
  • Alice DelgadoGo to Alice Delgado
  • Ronan SarkisianGo to Ronan Sarkisian
  • Lorcan SarkisianGo to Lorcan Sarkisian

Dorm 21 Roleplay

  • Sutton Van HuxleyGo to Sutton Van Huxley
  • Meidah RyesGo to Meidah Ryes
  • Devorah DenzelGo to Devorah Denzel
  • Ambrosine PendletonGo to Ambrosine Pendleton
  • Sora TezukaGo to Sora Tezuka
  • Lux Ann ArchibaldGo to Lux Ann Archibald

Dorm 22 Roleplay

  • Addysin SantagioGo to Addysin Santagio
  • Lucinda EdanGo to Lucinda Edan
  • Haruka RoseGo to Haruka Rose
  • Nathaniel EdanGo to Nathaniel Edan
  • Celeste JuneGo to Celeste June

Dorm 23 Roleplay

Dorm 24 Roleplay

  • Ai-Maho KahurangiGo to Ai-Maho Kahurangi
  • Daichi KamotoGo to Daichi Kamoto
  • Hazelle MaronaGo to Hazelle Marona
  • Fallon PatrickGo to Fallon Patrick
  • Reetu Rijal

Dorm 25 Roleplay

  • Layla MonteithGo to Layla Moneith
  • Amira MuhammadGo to Amira Muhammad