Welcome to Elementrium History

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Class: History of Elementrium
Teacher: Apollus Crowe
# of Students: N/A

Welcome to Elementrium History! In here we will learn about our wonderful world and where we came from.

The rules in my classroom are very simple.

  • Be respectful to your fellow students, yourself, and to me.
  • Do your best. Every assignment you turn in should have been given 100% effort.
  • Stay in the room unless given permission to leave.
  • If I am talking, you're not.

Class Information


I see you've found my desk. Unless you have a very good question or your life is in danger, please return to your seat.

We will be doing work unit by unit, starting with the creation of our world, and ending with the founding of The Academy. We will have many tests, including map tests, unit tests, and other various pop quizzes. We will have work on famous people and their importance, along with a study on the Royal Families.

Coming Soon