Evan Lockwood


This is Evan's room which resides in dorm thirteen. If you are a close friend of his or a sibling you may enter. Keep in mind to knock first. It is locked when he isn't here.

Evan Lockwood - The Golden Boy
"Hey, I get it, my rooms pretty cool but there's nothing you'd be interested in."

Character's Bio

Age: 17

Height: 6"0


Sexuality Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Birth Place:

Main Weapon: His powers (all elemental)

Accent: English

Now can we do something bad?


Evan is laid–back person until he believes someone he cares for is in danger then he becomes more reckless. He can often get in over his head as his own powers can get to him. He often flirts with people to get his way but never goes far past making out. Scared of intimacy, he doesn't believe in true love and doesn't trust sex as he knows it gives other people power over him. He can be very head strong at times and doesn't like to be intimidated but can be goaded down into letting someone overpower him if they prove that the fight isn't worth it. He can be quite slow at times but can have weird outbursts of intelligence but is always constantly surprised by it whenever it occurs.

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