The Fireball Field

The Fireball Field is very similar to American Football's own field. The only notable difference is, the track around it and the swirling circular mists that act as the goals. Unlike American Football, they are given a ball made out of fire. The rest of the game, is very similar: they have to score the ball in the opposite goal before time ends.

To see the different Fireball teams, visit the Elemental Fireball Teams page.

Sign Up Form



Element/Elemental Team:

What Year (For example, 13 year olds would be 1st years, and 19 year olds would be 8th years):

Any Special Skills (Fast runner, good reflexes, etc.):

Any Specific Role (Defense, Offense, Goalie):

Compete For Captain (Yes, No):

Current Sign Ups

These sign ups will close when there are at least 10 members to each elemental team.

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