Haruka Rose

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My silence is not weakness, but the beginning of my revenge.

Basic Information


Full Name Haruka Connor Rose
Nickname Haru, Con
Birthday May 19th
Age 18
Nationality Born in Elementrium; Born in the Air Kingdom
Ethnicity Spanish
Home Air Kingdom
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual; Leans more towards males
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Male
Titles Revenge of a Fallen Line, Knight of the Air Kingdom, Bloody Red Rose
Element Air
You waste all this time trying to get to me, but you are out of my mind.
Personality and History

Haruka is a very calm and collected person who rarely shows his true emotions. He has been taught how to shield his feelings so well, he can fool almost anybody. At a first glance, he looks like a silent person which ironically, he is. Although silent, when he speaks, he speaks with logic and reason and never replies out of impulse. He would rather wait for karma to come back and smack his opposition in the face later, it's more entertaining. As a knight, he takes his job incredibly seriously, but only for a few reasons that he would like to keep disclosed. He actually hates the current ruling family with a burning passion but protects them anyway.

He enjoys reading, and always seems to have a book on him for some odd reason. He is also very interested in Fireball but refuses to join the team.


The Rose Dynasty was once one of the most influential royal families in Elementrium, and also one of the greatest. They brought peace and prosperity to their kingdom, and there were always festivals in their name. But on January 3rd, the line abruptly stopped when King Jackson Rose disappeared and supposedly "gave" his best friend John Jopan the crown. Ever since then, the kingdom has been in conflict, but the Jopans refuse to let other kingdoms know. They set up fake propaganda and bribe the citizens to keep their secret. The line of Roses still lives.

To understand the dire situation at hand, we must first go back in time to when Marilyn Rose is deemed Queen of the Air Kingdom. When Marilyn moved into the palace, the first thing she did was go to the Royal Study. There she worked for hours, speaking with officials and setting up polls to see what the people wanted most and how they would like it supplied. From then forth onward, the Air Kingdom quickly became one of the most quickly growing kingdoms with influential power, prosperity, and respect.

Throughout their dynasty, the Roses were admired and worshiped with respect, and no one ever even thought about killing them. They all worked with one purpose, to make the Air Kingdom the best for its people, and respected by others.

When Prince Jackson became king, everyone expected the best, and that is what they received. But his sudden disappearance piqued people's suspicion immediately, and before you could blink, there were already people sorting out assassination plans to kill the new King. In fact, they still go on now, but none of them are successful.

The truth is, Jackson Rose never passed his crown down to John, instead he fled the castle when John attempted to murder him in a state of madness. When John discovered what he had done, he wept and wept and wept, but had to cover his growing mental illness. So he lied to the public, and away in a village near the Air Kingdom's border, Jackson was watching, and he was fuming.

Jackson vowed that someday he would have his revenge, either through himself or through his descendants. He married a woman just as enraged as him named Saki Tezuka, and she bore three kids. The first child was named Arcane, the second Liliana, and the third Osana. But only one child survived, for no parents had survival genes, and living out in a cave was disastrous.

Arcane Rose grew to be a strong and intelligent fellow. Because no one would recognize him when they sent him to the village, he was the one who purchased all the food and supplies. While there he always brought books from the library back with him as his parents asked so they could educate him. Over the years they had made the cave comfier, using wood to build furniture. It was still a rough place, but it was better than living in the woods with nothing.

Arcane later ventured out under name the name Aaron Rodgers and married a woman named Sharon Lux. This is how the Rose line continued. They kept the flame burning low, but each generation taught the generation after them about the betrayal until practically all the kingdom knew.

It is now that they decide the time is right to reclaim their throne.

Haruka was raised properly with a home, food, and proper education in a small town in the Air Kingdom. He was taught of his heritage and came to hate the royal family, except the current princess who disappeared. Although he would never find himself to admit this, the girl interested him in an odd way.

So, he went on with his family's plans all while making plans of his own. Haruka would claim glory for the Roses, and have his own happily ever after at the same time, in his own little sinister way.

One morning, Haruka took off from his home to the cave where his descendant King Jackson Rose had once fled to. He stayed there for awhile, but was trapped by a landslide for several months. He was able to live by finding tunnels to the outside, but kept himself hidden in the cave for he saw this as an advantage. Eventually a crew is sent in to clear up the landslide, and they discover Haruka.

He uses the crew by making up a fake story about how he was abandoned here by his parents, who he refused to mention. The crew took him to the royal court, where he was put under extensive care and sent to the Academy. At the time, he also learns his parents where assassinated. Fueled with a new type of rage and thirst for revenge, Haruka is more eager to avenge the Roses than he's ever been before.



Family Relationships

Mother:He understands what he has to do, and will honor the memory of his dead mother.

Father: He understands what he has to do, and will honor the memory of his dead father.

Friend Relationships


Love Relationships

Kole: The boy who randomly happened to be Haruka's first kiss holds no memory in Haruka's head.

Ana: He finds her entertaining, most to the point of maybe dating her. She's not his true focus, but he likes her well enough.


Courtly: He is strangely interested in the current princess and heir to the throne. He would never willingly kill her, even if he had to do it to get the crown. Although he would have no problem with torturing her to get what he wants.

First Kiss Kole Larkson
First Love Anastasia Delgado
First Ex None
Most Recent Ex None
Relationship Status Single
Dating(?) None
Sexuality Bisexual; Leans more towards males

Powers & Appearance
  • Aerokinesis - manipulate the air/air currents, wind, and gas.
  • Deoxygenation - suck up all the oxygen from a place.
  • Lung Adaptation - ability to breath anywhere, aside from underwater.
  • Aeroportation - teleport using air/wind currents.
  • Areo-manipulation - transform objects into a cloud of gas, fog, or mist.
  • Electrokinesis - ability to control and manipulate electricity and lightning.
  • Toxikinesis - ability to control and manipulate poisonous gases.
Model Xavier Serrano
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1
Weight 135 Lbs
Voice Calm/Neutral
Body Style Athletic Build
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Spanish
Mother Joan Rigley
Father Jackson Mark Rose
Brother(s) Two; Matt and Rick
Sister(s) One; Riley
Cousin(s) Many distant cousins... The Rose Line forever lives
Aunt(s) Let's just stick with a lot
Uncle(s) Same for uncles
Niece(s) His siblings are too young for this
Nephew(s) His siblings are too young for this

Word Bubble

Haruka Rose


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