Jaxon De Luca
The Destroyed Mind
Full Name Jaxon De Luca
Nickname Luka
Birthday May 4th
Age 16
Status Single
Sexuality Homosexual (Though he's afraid to admit it to anyone)
Gender Male
Element Fire, Air, & Lunar

Jaxon, or as he'd rather be called, Luka, is a very laid back individual. He doesn't show much emotion and would rather not as he feels, or rather was raised, to think feelings show weakness and showing weakness was a big no no. This teaching came from a verbally abuse and physically abusive step father who thought Luka was less than nothing for his sexual orientation. Not only that but, as a result, Luka is also very confused. On one hand his heart tells him to love his same gender but on the other hand, his step father's word echo in his mind, telling him to be normal and love the opposite sex.

Luka is rather difficult to get close to, considering his emotionless attitude that might be hard for people to get used to. If a person wasn't close to him, they'd never know how he truly feels nor what's swirling around in his mind.

Model Tom May
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 6'0"
Weight 157 lbs
Voice ???
Body Style Slim/Toned
Mental/Emotional State Confused
Mental/Emotional Disorders None Really
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Caucasian

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