Jeremiah Pierce

The Captive Soul

Character Information
Jeremiah Pierce is a Male Water Elemental created by Misfit. Please do not use this character without his permission.

Full Name Jeremiah Pierce
Nicknames Jeremy (Although her prefers his full name), Miah
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Unknown
Current Location The Elemental Academy
Dorm ???

Mother Katherine Pierce (RIP MY QUEEN!)
Father Nicolas Pierce
Sibling(s) Sophia, Sebastian, (Audrey's Sibling)
Other Relatives Gray (Cousin)
Home Town Brazil

Model Reece King
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'11
Weight ???
Body Style Slender
Ethnicity Brazilian
Handedness Left
Shoe Size 7
Native Language English
Accent American
Mental/Emotion Disorders None
Medical Issues None
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Attitude Can be Friendly
Social Temperament Average
Bad Habits Day Dreaming/Spacing Out
Viewpoint on Life
Fatal Flaw Distancing himself away from people
Likes Photography, Quiet places
Dislikes Loud Crowds (Besides concerts), Following the rules
Fears His Family leaving him
Hobbies Photography
Personal Motto
Things He/She Won't Do Leave his family
Most Admires His Siblings
Most Influenced By His Siblings
Reaction to Crisis He'd protect his family in a heartbeat and leave everyone else for dead
Reaction to a Problem He normally tries to avoid them all together
Reaction to Change
Alignment ???

Color Silver
Music ???
Food Shish Kebab
Drink Coke
Animal Wolf
Book He likes comic books more
Song ???
Movie Transformers
Subject Art


General Status


History and Personality




Roleplay Information

Special Skills
Strengths Quick reflexes, Strength
Weaknesses Defense
Weapon(s) A Sword
Quests Been On None

  • Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control liquid water and mold it into any desired shape or form. This includes shooting water blasts, creating water shields/domes, and using the water as a body armor.
  • Aquatic Adaption - breathe underwater, adapt to water pressure, allowing them to swim deep as they please. This also includes the ability to tell whether any body of water is made out of freshwater or saltwater. They can also know their exact coordinates when in water.
  • Hydroportation - teleport across short or long distances through liquid water.
  • Cryokinesis - control over ice, snow and other forms of frozen water.

Jeremiah Pierce