Jessamine Argent


This is Jessie's room which resides in dorm four. If you are a close friend of hers or a sibling you may enter. Keep in mind to knock first. It is locked when she isn't here.

Jessamine Argent - The Devil's Princess
"I don't think I know you...why are you here?"

Character's Bio

Age: 16

Height: 5"6


Sexuality Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Birth Place: New York

Main Weapon: General Powers:

1. Lunar Elementals can, travel through the shadows. However, Lunar Elementals are limited to traveling any farther then 1,500 miles. If they tried, their powers would cease and they would not be able to use them between a two to four week period.

2. Lunar Elementals can, manipulate a shadow's: size, shape, intensity, and magnitude. However, the bigger the shadow the more energy they use. The magnitude cannot go over +56.0, and the shape must resemble something they remember seeing throughout their life.

3. Lunar Elementals can, use shadows to become invisible. The longer they use the shadows, the more they use their energy.

4. Lunar Elementals can, solidify darkness into objects. The bigger the object, the more energy a Lunar Elemental wastes.

5. Lunar Elementals can, absorb light and transform it into shadows. The more light they transform, the weaker they become.

Royal Specific Powers:

1. Royal Lunar Elementals can make a group transparent or invisible.

2. Royal Lunar Elementals can heal in the darkness, shadows, or during the night. Royal Lunar Elementals are also stronger during the night and can withstand more damage, their attacks will also inflict more damage then usual.

3. Royal Lunar Elementals can travel larger distances then normal Lunar Elementals, the farthest they can go using shadow travel is 9,700 miles.

4. Royal Lunar Elementals can call upon space (stars, moon, comets) for attacks. For example, Royal Lunar Elementals can summon comets, asteroids, or meteors from space, but the larger the it is, the more energy it takes.

Accent: American

I'm not drunk, just a little stoned.


Jessamine is a quiet person, preferring to stick to the shadows, and loves photography and film and is often found with a professional camera. Seperated from humanity, she doesn't really know how to converse and would much rather stick her head in the clouds. She does like to have a good time and secretly divulges in drugs (nothing too serious, weed, tobacco. But has once taken coke). As she's dyslexic, she doesn't like reading which affects her attitude to school work and often puts it off. Unfortunately for Jessie, she can be rather manipulative if she wants something bad enough and is very good at shifting the subject when it enters an area she doesn't want to talk about. Due to her innocent looks, no one really suspects her of being anything but innocent which sometimes works in her favour.

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