Kai Brasen
The Logical Lunar
Full Name Kaito Evan Brasen
Nickname Kai, Evan
Birthday June 19th
Age 16
Status Crushing on Athena
Sexuality Pansexual
Gender Male
Element Lunar, Solar

Kai is a very calm and down-to-earth person who usually takes logical standpoints on situations and takes the time to analyzes things carefully. He is always precise in his calculations and investigations so that he leaves no stones unturned. Although he appears to be serious due to his blank face, he's actually a very funny and charming boy if you come onto him the right way. He accepts people of all backgrounds and tends to be open-minded however can be stubborn when he wants to.

Once you befriend Kai, he is a very loyal and trustworthy friend to have around. He is always out to protect his friends and leans towards fulfilling their interests rather than his own. He puts his goals behind those he cares about and is willing to sacrifice whatever for them.

Model Phoenix Jakob
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'0
Weight 147 Lbs
Voice Husky, Charming
Body Style Slender/Slightly Athletic
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity African-Caucasian
Kai Brasen

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