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Prankster #1

The Slithering Serpent

Kang Hyuk 1

Full Name Kang Hyuk (pronounced k ah ng HYAK)
Nickname Kyan
Birthday April 15th
Age 15
Nationality Korean
Home Seoul, South Korea
Status currently dating Rikimaru Michiko
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Male
Dorm 10
Year 3rd
Titles Prankster #1, The Slithering Serpent, Mr. Hocus
Any Clubs/Teams/Etc. Erm... He plans on joining Fireball
Element Water
"Strike one, you miss, strike two, you miss, strike three, I win."

Looking Into My Life

Kang Hyuk 2


At one point in life, you have to like Hyuk. You just have to, it's like a life rule. Hyuk is in general, an innocent cinnamon roll who's every parents dream kid. Well, except when he's plotting against you. Then you want to scream and move to the farthest continent away from him. He's usually pretty obedient, and respects the rules, as they're are there for a reason. But that's what makes everyone underestimate him. They think he's perfect, when really, he's the devil reincarnated. He tends to make sadistic jokes around his victims and has a very dark humor, finding the strangest things funny. Out of him and Hoon, he is considered the "Brains", coming up with most of their plans and executing the difficult parts.

But when he's not being a little demon death baby, he has a sweet side that never hesitates to pop out once a day. For example, he has a habit of handing out flowers to every girl in the school during the school year, and girls he has romantic interests in, usually get presents along with those flowers. He is usually outgoing at most, and can make a conversation out of nothing, but sometimes he can become extremely introverted and quiet. He often compliments the teachers and leaves an apple on their desk once he leaves class. What? It's not bribery!


Some "great" things happened on April Fifteenth in the Earth Dimension. The United States' president, Abraham Lincoln died on the fifteenth of April, the titanic sunk on the fifteenth of April, Andrew Jackson became the new president on April fifteenth (Andrew Jackson is deemed as one of the most horrible presidents in the history of the United States), six people are killed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ninety-six footballers are killed in Britain's worst ever sporting disaster, and so many horrible things. So it only makes sense that the evilest pair of twins in existence had to be born on this day. It was fate, if you believed in it.

In Seoul, South Korea, in some hospital, Kang Moon is giving birth to a pair of twins who will go by the names of Hyuk and Hoon. Ironically the names meant "Lose, despite having a good lead" and "right, proper, correct". They were the last children in the family, being the youngest, after their second older brother, Seung. Now, because their family was composed of Earth and Water elementals, half of the family stayed in the Water Kingdom while the other half stays in the Earth Kingdom, occasionally visiting each other every weekend. Being Water elementals, Hyuk and Hoon were stuck with their father, and.

Hyuk and Hoon's father quickly lost his tolerance for the "visiting" and demanded they get a luxury apartment in Aliquid, the neutral land where The Elemental Academy sat in. So, gradually, the family saved up their money until they had enough to at least rent the apartment for a year or so. There, their father and mother took up jobs as an engineer and a waitress, making enough money to keep the household going. Around this time, Hyuk and Hoon had just turned one, but had quickly developed.

Hyuk could already walk, and was starting to babble gibberish, mimicking his older siblings and parents. Hoon was much more physical, barely in the talking stage, but could run and roll around. Just like Seung (Jack), Ji-yeon (Melanie), Hyung (Parker), and Gyeong (Georgie), their early accomplishments in development went unnoticed by their parents, but Seung and Ji-yeon were always there to record them.

By the age of four, Hyuk and Hoon had already gained the understanding that their parents were never going to have enough time just for them, so they didn’t bother trying to get their attention. Instead, they manifested that need for attention into a need for antics. They quickly began causing trouble around the apartment, but not just in that “oh, he’s a just toddler, he didn’t mean it” trouble, more like “even as your younger sibling, I can one up you” trouble.

Everyone within their reach was a target, and no one was safe around them. By the time they reached the age appropriate to able to attend younger classes for elementary level elementals, letters were already being sent home about their behavior on the first day. Over the years, Hyuk generally improved in to a more mature person, while Hoon still kept his childish persona, yet knew the limits.

Soon a private tutor was hired for the two, based on a negotiation between a duchesses and his older brother Seung. Along with normal Elementrium studies, Hyuk and Hoon were also taught of the history of Earth and studies usually taught on Earth, in case they ever planned to travel there after they graduated. The duo proved to be exceptional in mastering their powers, and worked quite well together, but could still deal fairly well without each other too.

Their first and second year at the Academy was filled with havoc, pranks at every turn for students of all ages and years. Even teachers had been included. Their most famous prank was when they replaced the water duchess, Selene Nightluck’s, jewelry with fake ones coated in the juices of a poisonous berry that made her breakout in a rash for a week.

Now entering their third year, the twins are determined to make something of themselves, but it’s not like they’ll be giving up evil forever…

"It's so strange that autumn is beautiful, yet everything is dying."

For Roleplay

Kang Hyuk 3

Word Bubble
Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes & Dislikes

Main Strengths

Hyuk is very agile and nimble, how else would he be able to pull off all the pranks he's done over the years? He is also very stealthy, and a decent climber and swimmer.

Main Weaknesses

Hyuk is very detached from reality, having common visions of something indescribably horrifying, and often passing out cold in the middle of class. His sickness is yet to be identified, but it also causes him to feel cold on the warmest of days, and often break out in cold sweats. There are times where he freezes, staring at something for a minute or two, as if in a trance. These usually rarely occur, but it has once lasted for days.


Humor, anything that can make him laugh he'll take an instant liking to.


His visions, he hates them, and they are one of the few things that truly terrify him.

Model Kang Min Hyuk
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Auburn Brown
Height 5'11
Weight 124 Ilbs
Voice Casual, Amused, Low
Body Style Tall, "Averagely" Built, Lean
Mental/Emotional State Unstable
Mental/Emotional Disorders Unknown Illness
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity {{{ethnicity}}}

Family & General
Mother Kang Moon
Father Kang Hyun-Ki
Brother(s) Hyung (Parker), Seung (Jack)
Sister(s) Gyeong (Georgie), Ji-yeon (Melanie)
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) None
Uncle(s) None
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Character Flaw Insecurity; He's afraid of other's opinions of him
Fear/Phobias Others opinions, His visions
Personal Motto "You're never truly done until life gives you a pass and you move on into the afterlife."
First Reaction to Crisis He'll do the best to calm himself down and maybe think of plan, but mostly try not to trigger any visions
Faces Their Problems Calmness, he doesn't want wake up shivering badly from a disturbing nightmare he had in unconsciousness
React to Change Neutral, depends on change
Native Language Korean, Speaks fluent English and Japanese however
Hobbies Pranking, pranking, pranking, and I don't know? Pranking.

Family Relationships

To be honest, he's on good terms with all of his family mainly because of his sickness.

His mother pesters him daily about his temperature, and how much water he drank that day, or if he feels okay.

His father isn't usually that direct, but can tell when there is something wrong, and will most likely confront it.

From outside appearance, Georgie wouldn't care that much, but the texts she sends him after every class period say otherwise, often mimicking her mother.

Parker is kind of a mix between his mother and his father. He'll occasionally check in, but won't be "obsessive", but he knows when Hyuk is acting odd and will definitely confront him on it.

Hyuk never really had a close family relationship with Melanie, but he knows she'll be there when he needs her.

Seung may actually be the most protective of his family. He won't hesitate to pull Hyuk aside and question him on his habits or particular behavior that week or day. Since he still goes to school alongside his younger brother, he notices more about Hyuk's tendencies.

Surprisingly, Hoon is not the closet to Hyuk. The closest familiar member being Seung. But because he is the one he hangs out with the most, Hoon is usually the first one to get to him if he suffers from his trances. Hyuk will not necessarily tell Hoon his deepest secrets, but he will admit some stuff to him if Seung is unavailable at the time and he really needs to rant.

Friend Relationships

Hyuk's group of friends pretty much consist of other jokesters and pranksters like him. No one he can relate to on a personal level. On the most part, his friendships are stable, but his friends are starting to take notes of his odd behavior.

Love Relationships

Michiko: At first, Hyuk faced a feeling of resentment towards the girl when she started bothering him about his health condition. It was when he had a seizure in the middle of Water instruction class, did she show up again to guide him out of it. Later that day, he showed up at her dorm to give her a red scarf (:3) and grab some ice cream with her. The next day they went swimming at the school pool, and this is where their first kiss happened.

More is yet to happen between this blossoming couple.


Um, no, not really.

Kang Hyuk 4

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