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Basic Info
Full Name Sehyun Kang
Nickname Hyun, Hyunie
Birthday April 15th
Age 15 (Not really but...)
Nationality Korean
Home Seok's mind...
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Male
Dorm TBD after the Asian Squad figures out what to do with him
Year None, in terms of mindset, he's already graduated and would no longer need to go to school, but for... reasons, let's say he's Year 3
Titles The Darkness from Within One's Mind, Holder of Half a Soul
Any Clubs/Teams/Etc. None, but plans to join some
Element Unknown
Appearance Info
Model Kang Minhyuk
Gender Male
Eye Color Midnight Blue
Hair Color Auburn Brown
Height 5'11
Weight 124 Ilbs
Voice Charming, Low, Seductive
Body Style Tall, Strong Build
Mental/Emotional State Obviously unstable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Korean
Manifestation of their Darkest Secrets
Sehyun 8

Sehyun is the manifestation, the by product of a spell gone wrong, of Seok's dark side. Everything wrong, demonic, about Seok was created into a being who named himself Sehyun. Now, he plays off as human in the academy, and dreams of nothing but the burning of the world. With nothing but evil, he doesn't understand love, he believes love to be something he owns. When he wants someone, or something, he does anything he can to get them, or it, to belong to him and calls himself in love.

An empty shell, Sehyun tries to fill the emptiness with anything he can find. At the moment, the closest he can come to human connection is through sexual tirades and moves through person to person. Due to the bitterness of his existence, Sehyun has a negative view on life and believes that most things, and people, are below him and that he is superior, therefore he has a right to everything or everyone. It is also through this bitterness and emptiness that he loves violence and he enjoys seeing people in pain.

(Credit to Time for the first two paragraphs)

But to this world, something so negative would be terminated immediately. As a result, Sehyun fakes a whole entire different persona to hide his true feelings about Elementrium. He uses humor and sarcasm to distract others from the double meaning in his words, and will manipulate anyone to keep his secrets safe. Whenever someone asks for help, he helps them for the sake of intimating a positive image in the public.


Sehyun has a journal because he is the literate incarnation of Seok's dark side, so there is no need for a history. To be fair, has been stuck in the same body with the "Yin" of Seok for 15 years.

I just discovered Elementals are extremely idiotic and gullible creatures. Say a few convincing things and get on their good side, you have a friend for life. Or in my case, a tool for life. Nearly everyone bought the story, and even the ones that didn't didn't seem to care too much. I find it hilarious they really believe they can 'purify me'. I thought they read enough textbooks to know that was near to impossible.

Oh, there still is a possibility I guess, but I refuse to regard that. No one really needs to know anything about what I'm doing, just that it's bad. Anyone with a brain and the sense to investigate could figure that out. Strangely, no one feels they need to be suspicious of anything, it almost makes me laugh.

So far Hyuk, Seok, and Akihiko still have their doubts about me but don't feel a need to take action so that's an okay sign. It's obviously going to take awhile to gain their trust considering the fact I almost murdered Seok's crush, but to be fair, who liked her anyway? She's way too nosy, and she would be perfectly fine right now if she had just minded her own business.

F*ck, I hate Seok's clothes so much, and Hyuk's aren't much better. This room is so f*cking dull, and I can't believe they're containing me in this place. I'm going to die in here, or the next person that comes in here is going to die if I don't get out. Occasionally besides classes, they'll let me out into the dorm lounge area if their dorm mates aren't around, but it's horrid how they're treating me like pet they can train.

You cannot train me. I am not a generic animal. I haven't complained although I want fairer conditions. First, I need to help them, then they... will help me. Sometimes Elijah comes over, he doesn't talk to me, but every once in awhile I'll catch his eyes trained on me, full of interest. I've thought about using this to my advantage, but the other two won't let me near him. I don't exactly know why, but I know it's a basic concern for his well being and safety.

That Clara chick, she's the most wary of me. She keeps her distance, and I can tell the first thing she took to doing was telling me and Seok apart so she wouldn't accidentally talk to me. Probably anxiety. I did badly injure her so I guess she has a good reason? I can't do this anymore. I can't sit here and stare at that wall for several hours everyday. I can't, I can't, I can't.

They've already discovered on the first night, as a perk of not actually being an Elemental—at least, not yet they say—I don't sleep. At all. They refuse to let me out of the dorm, but in desperation to get sleep they'll let me wander around the dorm and outside of the room. I guess it's better, but all it feels like is expanding the size of my jail cell.

And I hate it.


Word Bubble
Sehyun 8
❝I don't need a hand to hold, even when the night is cold. I got that fire in my soul.❞


Character's Bio
Age 15 (Not really but for roleplaying purposes...)
Height 5'11
Weight 124 Ilbs
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Birthplace It's complicated
Main Weapon None
Accent Neutral
The Darkness from Within One's Mind
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