Kang Seung
The Successor's Apprentice
Owned by Audrey
I am not one to question logic, as logic comes from questioning the world and how we foresee the answers.

I believe the correct term is philosopher, one who questions reality to find it's most valuable answers.

Jack is somewhat ambitious when it comes to knowledge. He yearns to learn more and has an obsession with reading anything and everything he can get his hands on. He believes in logic and explanation and anything unexplainable or not understandable to him will not be tolerated lightly. Jack is extremely sensitive and often cares much about how others portray him, although he struggles in social interaction greatly. He is very shy and is very rare to hear him speak out, however, whenever he's willing to, he can be very bold and confident, such as standing up to a bully or being the first to start a conversation (please note this would be extremely rare).


Jack was born in North Korea to George and Chio Erdmann on a Saturday, August 23rd. Jack was the second youngest out of six children, his younger brother and sister, Kyan and Marlene, being the youngest. As the second youngest he had many older siblings to look up too, yet none of them seemed to take interest to much in helping their little brother. The oldest, Georgie (short for Georgina), named after her father, was especially ignorant to Jack. Often she pretended he didn't exist, as well with the rest of her siblings but it was more severe with Jack.

The second oldest, Park, didn't bother to pay attention to Jack either, this is one of the few things that led out to the development of Jack's shyness. The third oldest, Melanie, seemed to be the only one that noticed Jack's... "problems". At the time, Jack had become extremely quiet and often hid in his room most of the time, finally, Melanie put a stop to it, doing something his parents nor Georgie, and Park had dared to do.

Ask him what's wrong.

Throughout that time period, Melanie and Jack formed a strong bond, the started to break when The Move happened. The Move, is what Jack titles, "The Worst Time Period of his Life". Once Georgie and Park had turned 12, they immediately packed up and moved to Aliquid (Central of Elementrium), their parents hoping they'd be accepted into the Academy. Like they wished, Georgie and Park we're indeed accepted into Academy.

After that, each child was accepted into the Academy each year, when it was Melanie's turn, Jack became even more silent, it appeared as if he was mute. The moment she stepped unto that train, his life spiraled downwards. Precipitously, his parents started paying attention to him, but in the worse way possible. The started expecting things from him.

They gave him books on elemental creatures, different elements and their abilities, histories of the world of Elementrium, and expected him to read it all. At first, Jack refused, but as time went on, he slowly realized that he would have nothing to do until summer rolled around and Melanie returned. So, naturally he picked up a book and read it.

The books greatly intrigued him, everyday, he couldn't help but pick up a book and start reading. Soon he began to crave the sensation of gaining knowledge, knowing that he was a more intelligent person then he was yesterday. Before he knew it, the end of the year had arrived and Melanie and the others had returned home. When the family reached home, Jack immediately burst into a lecture to Melanie about the history of Elementrium. Partly amazed and partly annoyed, Melanie listened to it all.

"Where'd you learn that?" she asked, ruffling his hair. Feeling proud, he went off to tell his parents, something he hadn't done in the whole of his life. After hearing his acquired wisdom, his parents gave him a look that could only be true satisfaction and genuine approval. The next school year, he attended the Academy with a renewed heart and new found strength.

Quickly, his first year ended and he returned home, but to the greatest disaster ever. Two weeks into the summer, Melanie and her "arch-enemy" Nagria had been terribly injured in a duel, leaving Melanie unconscious for the rest of the summer. Due to this, Jack locked himself in his room and didn't dare come out.

Each night, Jack would cry himself to sleep, praying Melanie would be okay. Sometimes he would be found hiding under the staircase, shaking uncomfortably, marks of tears on his cheeks.

It wasn't until several weeks after, that it was reported Melanie was alive and well, but it was too late.

He was already broken.

Scared and depressed, Jack started to isolate himself from his family completely. Now he wouldn't even come down to eat, they had to bring food upstairs to him and force feed him. Soon all Jack could rely on was his books. Books couldn't get injured, books couldn't hurt him, books did nothing but lie around for you to read.

Finally agreeing to come out of his room, Jack has been sent off to his second year at the Academy. However, it isn't rare to find him huddled up in a corner, quietly crying to himself, it is still said he does it to this very day. Now, as the days past, he often hides behind a shell to keep anyone from knowing the past. He's extremely closed up and doesn't share much about himself unless he truly trusts the person. Jack still suffers with some depression problems, and his random absences from school are often caused by this.


I listen with my head, and I decide with my heart, for what is wrong may be right in another person's head, and what is right may be wrong in another person's heart.

Family Relationships

Father: Very distant, they rarely talk

Mother: Slightly better, they have a good understanding between them but that's all

Gyeong: They haven't had any physical or verbal contact in 11 years, not good

Jae-Sun: Distant

Ji-yeon: Working on it, closer to her than the others

Hyuk: Pretty close, they formed a great bond during Melanie's accident

Seok: Same as Hyuk, but a bit more distant and rough

Friend Relationships

Love Relationships

Anneline: Jack has recently met Anneline during the investigation of the Duchess Scarlett Casiieomark's death when he agreed to help Brianna, his best friend find the murderer. Ever since then he has begun to form a strong friendship with her that has resulted in a small crush. After "completely" a quest together, they have grown into a stronger relationship and are now dating.


Evan Lockwood: Jack established an odd conversation with Evan in the hallway recently, and from there they are acquainted. It is possible they will become future friends.

Grace Bridgewater-Edan: Jack has promised to aid her in her underground revolt against Victoria, all the while keeping an eye on her half brother Seojun to make sure he isn't out to get her.

First Kiss Anneline Edan
First Love Anneline Edan
First Ex None
Most Recent Ex None
Relationship Status Dating Anneline Edan
Dating(?) Anneline Edan
Sexuality Heterosexual

What good is man, if man cannot do good that produces a solution to the majority that need it?
  • Florakinesis - ability to control the growth/wither of plants.
  • Geokinesis - control and manipulate the earth at will.
  • Terraportation - teleport via the soil/earth.
  • Crystallokinesis - ability to manipulate minerals and crystals.

Holding unto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other man to die.
Mother Kang Moon
Father Kang Hyunki
Brother(s) Jaesun, Hyungseok, Hyuk
Sister(s) Gyeong, Jiyeon
Cousin(s) N/A
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) N/A
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None
Model Park Hyungseok
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Primarily Auburn Brown; Permantly died blue courtesy of his girlfriend
Height 6'0
Weight 145 Lbs
Voice Calm/Charming
Body Style Slender/Lean
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders ADHD, Depression
Physical Disorders Nearsighted; can barely see without his glasses or contacts
Ethnicity Korean

Holding unto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other man to die.
Full Name (Formerly) Kang Seung, (Currently) Kang Jack Seung
Nickname Jack, Jackie
Birthday August 23rd
Age 17
Nationality Korean
Home Seoul, South Korea
Status Currently dating Anneline Edan
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Male
Dorm 16
Year 5th
Titles TBD
Any Clubs/Teams/Etc. Fireball, Photography Club
Element Earth

Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds dicuss events, weak minds discuss people.

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