Name: Kehaulani Elikapeka ( KE-haw-lanee )

Age: 15


Gender: Female

Hometown: Haleiwa, Hawaii

Current Location: Elemental Academy


Weapon: Her powers, Spear

Parents: Alani and Akoni Elikapeka

Dorm Number: 6

Dorm-Mates: Mercy Barcelona

Personality: Kehaulani is a straight to the point, shy, tough cookie. Mostly she won't say a word, but if you make her angry, she body slam you and turn you into a human pancake. If she thinks that your important in some way, you may be a "friend" but that doesn't mean she won't body slam you.

Appearance: Kehaulani has purple hair. She has violet eyes with a little flair in them. She has a curvy body and a tall figure.

Height: 5'9

History: Kehaulani Rosamika Elikapeka, comes from the Royal Hawaiian family. Her ancestors were the first to discover Hawaii and became Kings and Queens. The royalty comes from both sides of her family.

She went to school as all did, but in the third grade she started to burn everything she touched. She was sent away to be experimented on. She was tied down, but she burnt the metal.

She then made everyone she loved, think she was dead. She disappeared out of society. She always wore a hood when she went out for food or shopping.

When she finally got the courage to go up to her parents, she saw them brutally murdered. She was furious. Her shoes lit on fire and every step she took towards the murderers the ground under her feet burst into flames. She lifted up both her hands and the men burst into flames. Kehualani soon found The Elemental Academy and her adventure began.