Meixiu Chen
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Basic Information
Full Name Meixiu Chen (没修)
Nickname Mei
Birthday 16th April
Age 17
Nationality Chinese
Home Kowloon, Hong Kong
Status Single
Sexuality Demisexual
Location The Academy
Gender Female

School Info
Dorm 5
Year 5th
Titles The Silver Tongue
Any Special Clubs/Teams/Etc. None
Element Water

Meixiu Chen 1
"The watchful gaze of an owl is just as dangerous as a lion's claws."

Mei is currently attending the Elemental Academy.

Meixiu is a levelheaded individual. She keeps a cool mind and is difficult to anger. She uses logic and reason to come to any conclusion, and she's quite observant--she understands body language quite well and almost read people's minds.

Her behaviour may be a bit quiet, but once you know her a little better, Mei is quite witty. She has a way with words and is very subtle about it. Her remarks can often be unexpected of her and because she knows this, she continues it anyway.

However, many people perceive Mei as lazy because she's always dozing off or exhausted. This is actually caused by an illness, but she tries to overcome it anyway. She can do strenuous activities as long as she naps afterwards.

Although rarely angry or upset, Mei does a good job of covering it up. Her behaviour will be exactly the same if not slightly cold, but she will not confide in anyone unless she is extremely close to that person.


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Meixiu Chen ~ The Observer
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More Info:

 Age: 17  Height: 5'9" 
 Sexuality: Demisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Shenzhen, China 
 Accent: Neutral
 – "Adaptability is the key to survival."

Meixiu Chen 1
Meixiu Chen
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  • Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control liquid water and mold it into any desired shape or form. This includes shooting water blasts, creating water shields/domes, and using the water as a body armor.
  • Aquatic Adaption - breathe underwater, adapt to water pressure, allowing them to swim deep as they please. This also includes the ability to tell whether any body of water is made out of freshwater or saltwater. They can also know their exact coordinates when in water.
  • Hydroportation - teleport across short or long distances through liquid water.
  • Cryokinesis - control over ice, snow and other forms of frozen water.
Skills & Weapons

Basic Skills Information
Agility Skills Good
Speed Fast
Strength Level Good
Main Strengths Levelheadedness and skill
Main Weaknesses Easily fatigued

Basic Power Info
Element Water
Number of Abilities 4
Level of Control Excellent

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Possession & Favorite Things

Special Possesions

A silver ring--one she enjoys using as a weapon.

General Likes

Tea, sleeping, martial arts, the dark

General Dislikes

Noise, interruptions, boredom, coffee

Favorite Things
Color White
Music Lo-fi
Food Chow Mein
Animal Owl
Book The Declaration by Gemma Malley
Quote None
Song Sideproject - Realms
Movie None
Elemental Sport None
Earthen Sport Martial Arts


Brief Description

Mei has straight, black hair, often in a messy ponytail. Her eyes are dark and she wears a perpetually drowsy expression. She is usually wearing white.

Main Appearance Information
Model Rina Fukushi
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (56 kg)
Voice Alto
Body Style Athletic
Mental/Emotional State Neutral
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders Chronic fatigue syndrome

Family & Childhood Info

Family Members
Mother Nuan Chen
Father Li Chen
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) None
Uncle(s) None
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Main Childhood Info
Place of Birth Shenzhen, China
Home Kowloon, Hong Kong
Best Memory None
First Love None
First Kiss None

General Info

Character Arc Information
Character Flaw Her unemotional logic
Fear/Phobias Not being able to solve a problem
Personal Motto N/A
First Reaction to Crisis Constructs a solution
Faces Their Problems Feels indifferent
React to Change Adapts immediately

Extra Character Information
Native Language Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Hobbies Practising martial arts

Meixiu Chen 2
Relationship Info

Relationship Information
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers Lethargic
Perceived By Lover N/A
Perceived By Friends Cool-minded
Perceived By Family Logical
First Impression Lazy
Family/Friends Like Most Her levelheaded thinking
Family/Friends Like Least Her fatigue

Family Relationships

Mei has a healthy relationship with her parents.

Friend Relationships

Wilson is Mei's best friend at the Academy.

Love Relationships

Mei has never been in any romantic relationship.


Mei has no other important relations.

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