Melany Starling
The Penumbra
Owned by: The Wayward Daughter
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"There's not one word that exists in the world that would perfectly describe Melany Starling. She's got the flame and warrior spirit that's needed to fight for what she perceives to be right. However, she surrounds herself with a wall that's stronger than the Great Wall of China, and only lets the people that are closest to here inside that wall. I'm one of those few people who's seen beyond Melany's walls, and it's a daydream and a nightmare that exists all at once. She surrounds her heart of gold with post-traumatic emotions of her past, like she's scared to let those emotions go. Melany doesn't fit into any specific category. She marches to the beat of her own drum, but is willing to let others march to that beat as well, as long as they don't try and march over her walls." - Marco DiCaprio - Former Lover
Basic Info
Full Name: Melany Artemis Starling
Titles: The Penumbra
Current Location: The Academy
Affiliation(s): The Academy, Alessandro Starling
Relationship Status: Single
Born On: October 31st
Current Age: 18
Element: Lunar
Accent: Italian
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: The Wayward Daughter
Inspiration Behind Creation: Nico di Angelo
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Created Page On: 11/03/16
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Melany Starling ~ The Penumbra
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More Info:

-Dark Beauty

 Age: 18  Height: 5'7  Weight: 121 lbs
 Sexuality: Hetrosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Rome, Italy  Main Weapon: Powers, Katana
 Accent: Italian
 – "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have miles to go before I sleep."

  • Umbrakinesis - ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, the absence of light.
  • Umbrageous Teleportation - teleport via the shadows and darkness.
  • Shadow Camouflage - be unseen in shadows/become a shadow.
  • Night Vision - see in the dark.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Stealth, Sword-Fighting Skills
Preferred Weapon: Powers, Katana
Strengths: Stealth, Climbing, Running Speed
Weaknesses: Swimming, Can have a wave of depression
Quests Been On: N/A

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"It's odd how something so dark can be so beautiful."
Melany Starling 3
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: Melany's bedroom has burgundy walls, and dark cherry furniture with dark green accents throughout the room.
Pets: N/A
Possessions: Father's Katana, Picture of the Sistine Chapel Roof
Likes: Reading, Coffee, Sword-Fights, Meeting New People
Dislikes: Rude People
Colour: Burgundy or Dark Green
Music: Alternative or Rock
Food: Butter Chicken
Animal: Dark Wolf
Book: Ender's Game
Quote: "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have miles to go before I sleep."
Drink: Lemonade
Song: No World For Tomorrow
Movie: Mission Impossible
Sport: Fencing
Appearance & More Images
Model: Elizabeth Gillies
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown/Black
Height: 5'7
Weight: 121 lbs
Ethnicity: Italian
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 7.5
Voice: Smooth, Gentle
Body Style: Normal Shape
Mental/Emotional State: Did suffer from depression, but is now mostly stable.
Mental/Emotional Disorders: N/A
Medical Problems/Ailments: N/A

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Maria Starling (nee Capulet)
Father: Alessandro Starling
Siblings: Lianara Starling - Biological Sister
Other Relatives: Apollo Starling - Cousin
Home: Rome, Italy
Earliest Memory: Being rocked in a rocking chair as her mother sang her to sleep
Best Memory: Finding the Academy
First Kiss: Marco diCaprio
First Love: Marco diCaprio

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General Info
Nicknames: Mels
Native Language: Italian, but can speak English to near perfection
Character Flaw: Recurring Depression
Fears/Phobias: Being betrayed by someone she trusts
Hobbies: Reading, Sword-Fighting
Personal Motto: "To attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd."
Things He/She Won't Do: Drink Alcohol, Cheat
Mostly Admires: Alessandro Starling
Mostly Influenced By: Alessandro Starling
First Reaction to Crises: Will assess the situation before-hand
How He/She Faces Their Problems: Stealthily faces them head-on
Reacts to Change: Doesn't usually react positively, but depends if the change benefits her or not
Alignment: True Neutral
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"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason that you held on so long."
Bad Habits: Being too straightforward and honest at times
Sleeping Habits: Usually soundly, but lightly
Attitude: Seems sad, but deep inside, it's actually filled with joy
Special Talents: Playing the Guitar
Social Skills: Standard
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers: Gothic Girl, Has a Heavy Heart
Perceived by Lover: "If one digs deep enough, you'll find her heart of gold in no time, but she can also be feisty at times, if one isn't careful." - Marco DiCaprio, former lover
Perceived by Friends: Reserved, but positive
Perceived by Family: Seems shy, but has a fighter's spirit
First Impression: Gothic and emotionless, but has a slight smile
Family/Friends Like Most? Unknown
Family/Friends Like Least? Unknown

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