Name: Mercy Barcelona

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Current Location: The Elemental Academy

Weapon: Sword, Powers

Parents: Charlotte, Jack Barcelona

Dorm Number: 6

Dorm-mates: Kehualani Elikapeka

Personality: Mercy is a self absorbed, flirtatous, girl. She likes to do things on her own ,or with some hunky guy next to her. She will find a way to make the conversation about her. She will try to make any guy fall for her. Which shouldn't be hard since she is perfect in every way.

Appearance: Mercy has the perfect skin. Very tan, but not too tan. Her hair is a perfect brown. She has some blond highlights. She is the perfect height. Not too tall nor too short. Her eyes are a aquamarine blue eyes.

Height: 5'7

Relationship: None

History: Mercy Laconacia Barcelona was born on September 7 of 2000. She lived a normal life, until she got to second grade. She had a rival named Alexandra. Mercy was in line for getting a drink of water, and Alexandra cut in front of her. Mercy had enough. She instinctively lifted her hands up. The water went up with them. She took the water and dunked it on Alexandra. When she realized what she had done, she apologized repeatedly to Alexandra.

She dropped out of school in her senior year of high school. She vowed never to use her powers on people after Alexandra.

She faked her death thinking it was good for her to leave society. She never meant to hurt anyone. As she was shopping, she bumped into her mom. Her hood fell off. Her mom screamed and fainted. Mercy took her mom to her house. When her mom woke, Mercy explained everything. She had to make her mom swear never to tell anyone about her being alive. That didn't go so well. Her mom told everyone.

Soon she went to Mexico when she bumped into someone. Her second grade rival. Alexandra never got the news that Mercy was alive. When she saw Mercy she fainted. Mercy didn't dare take her home to tell her everything. She left her in Mexico and found the Elemental Academy.

Accent: Australian