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The Daredevil

Mr. Gravity

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Full Name Newton Camyron Ayer
Nickname Newtie (Only to be used by Persephone), Newt, Mr. Gravity
Birthday February 14th
Age 18
Nationality Australian, 1/3 American and Greek
Home Ackley, Wisconsin
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Male
Dorm 9
Year 7th
Titles The Daredevil, Mr. Gravity
Any Clubs/Teams/Etc. Fireball
Element Air, Fire, & Solar
"It's a habit, danger is fun, y'know?"

Looking Into My Life

Newton Ayer 2


Newton is a very silent emotional person. He's extremely emotional and can change his mood faster then you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". He is somewhat conservative, yet can be talkative when he feels like it. He is very resourceful and intelligent, this combined with his streets smarts makes him a stealthy quick unstoppable force. However, Newton is extremely protective and cares much for his family and loved ones. Although he is very powerful and he knows it, he tries to avoid fights because he knows in the end he'll win, and hurt his opponent beyond repair in the process. He tries not to involve others with his affairs and constant family "issues" resulting in his "loner" demeanor.

"Most of the time, I'm in a constant tango with Death."

For Roleplay

Newton Ayer 3

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes & Dislikes

Main Strengths

Newton surpasses average strength for his age, his strength even rivaling a superhuman. He is very quick, and light-footed, somewhat agile with quite some gymnastics skills such as flips and rolls. He has hand-to-hand combat knowledge and can do well with any weapon really. He's decent at climbing trees but a great swimmer.

Main Weaknesses

Newton is somewhat simple-minded sometimes and is easily side-tracked. He isn't too great at climbing trees but he's good at rocky surfaces. Although if he tries to multi-task too much he may loose control of his powers.


Anything that isn't incredibly annoying, or tries to harm him, he likes.


To cut it short, he doesn't like "Mean Girls".

Model Dylan O'Brien
Gender Male
Eye Color Anything really
Hair Color A Sandy Dark Brown
Height 6'1
Weight 176 Ilbs
Voice He has a charming, slightly rough edged voice.
Body Style Lean, and slightly muscular
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity {{{ethnicity}}}


Family & General
Mother Maria Ayer
Father Alexander Ayer
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) Caelum Hio, Scarlett and Brianna Casiieomark
Aunt(s) Sierra Casiieomark, Momoko Hio
Uncle(s) Octavian Casiieomark, Kim Hyung Hio
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Character Flaw Extremely Over-protective
Fear/Phobias Any harm coming to his loved ones, bridges
Personal Motto "Nothing's impossible, I mean look at the name, it literally says, 'I'm possible'."
First Reaction to Crisis Calm down and think of a plan
Faces Their Problems With common sense
React to Change Neutral
Native Language English
Hobbies Motorbike racing, rock climbing

Family Relationships

Mother: It's fine

Father: needs some work

Cousins: Pretty good

Aunts: Good

Uncles: good

Friend Relationships

Adrian: Where would he be without him?

Persephone: Good

Love Relationships

Persephone: He's head over heels for her, he'd walk over a cliff for her if he had too

Victoria: He has a small crush on her, but his main focus is Persephone


Claire Du Versailles: Acquaintance; Not exactly "friendly" to her

Newton Ayer 4
  • Pyrokinesis - create, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
  • Inflammation - ignite objects/spontaneous combustion.
  • Pyrotransportation - explode self and reform.
  • Photokinesis - create and manipulate pure light. This includes creating shields/force fields out of solid photons and bending light to make themselves invisible.
  • Photoportation - Teleport by using photons.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control, and manipulate heat.
  • Heliokinesis - control, generate, and manipulate solar energy.

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