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Nikolai Fyodorov
The Cadaverous Carnality
Owned by: DrXax
"They say vices are habits and not passions. I disagree. You are my vice and my passion, not my habit. While my other vices are not only passions, but me."
Nikolai is a Lunar and Water Bi-elemental that currently resides in Dorm 15 with Cambridge, ____, and ___. He is currently single, openly bisexual and looking for a partner to be with (primarily for romance and sex, but also to have someone to lean on) and have a steady and healthy cheating-free relationship with. His main goal is to stop his vices with the help of other people, as he may tend to be needy, regardless of his appearance suggesting otherwise.
Nikolai, in a few words, is a mess. A HOT mess, need I say. Many people think he's crazy and he isn't really, but he likes playing with people and going with the flow of it. He's rough, tough and brutally honest... when it is of his convenience. He's a very nervous and anxious person, and can suffer from occasional panic attacks. Nikolai is a very manly individual, and to many, it comes as a surprise when he reveals his sexuality with ease, as many don't expect it.

Nikolai is a person of vices. He used to smoke very frequently but decided to change it and now he smokes an electric cigar, and once in a while, he smokes a real cigarette, but tries to avoid it. He's enjoyed doing drugs (but only cocaine and marihuana). Ironically, he started doing them when he got to the elemental dimension, in which it is supposed to be harder to find dealers. Odd enough, Nikolai doesn't find it enlightening to consume alcohol. He still participates in it every now and then, but tries to avoid it in general. His other vice is sex. It isn't as necessary as the others, but this makes Nikolai do unimaginable things to get it... unless cheating on partners, as he'll never do that. His last vice is stealing. He's a very active kleptomaniac and has a great talent on doing so, stealing small things from people without them noticing most times.

Nikolai enjoys the art of life. Such as painting, drawing, tattooing and writing poems. In fact, last time he was in the Earth Dimension, he worked as a tattoo artist. Most of his tattoos were either made by himself or his best friend in the parlor, whom he trusts with his life. Nikolai currently planning on having him tattoo Nikolai's back with a giant crescent moon with the Lunar royal family and him in it.

In reality, all that make Nikolai, well, Nikolai, is his hurt and his past. Since he lost his memory, he became a broken child; one without a childhood to remember. He really wants friends and someone to talk to and trust with everything, but his appearance and some actions of his tend to look as if he wants otherwise, examples of this are his bluntness and his quick wit and remarks that can make people feel inferior. Nikolai is extremely passionate and loyal to people and his interests. Nikolai is somewhat depressed and will be considering suicide seriously if he doesn't find any true friends soon. Very inside himself, Nikolai is an ironically hopelessly romantic sweet child with a need of true love and a lot of love to offer himself. Maybe it's just a matter of time until his shell cracks open.


Basic Info
Full Name: Nikolai Aléksei Fyodorov
Titles: The Nighttime Turmoil
Current Location: The Elemental Academy
Affiliation(s): Lunar Royalty
Relationship Status: Single
Born On: October, 6th
Current Age: Claims to be 16, although he really doesn't know.
Element: Lunar, Water
Accent: Russian
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: DrXax
Inspiration Behind Creation: The Russian Revolution (although his personality has nothing to do with the royal family back then...)
Active RP's: None atm
Created Page On: 2/27/16
Page Last Updated On: 2/27/16
Plans: Have him settle with a partner, make a quick RP with him and Beau.
2/4 Week Powers: None
Word Bubble
Nikolai Fyodorov ~ The Cadaverous Carnality
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More Info:

-The Nighttime Turmoil

 Age: 16 (allegedly)  Height: 6'04  Weight: 168 lbs
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: St. Petersburg, Russia  Main Weapon: Water and Lunar Powers, Physical Prowess, High Knowledge and Machete
 Accent: Russian
 – "They say vices are habits and not passions. I disagree. You are my vice and my passion, not my habit. While my other vices are not only passions, but me."

  • Umbrakinesis - ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, the absence of light.
  • Umbrageous Teleportation - teleport via the shadows and darkness.
  • Shadow Camouflage - be unseen in shadows/become a shadow.
  • Night Vision - see in the dark.

  • Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control liquid water and mold it into any desired shape or form. This includes shooting water blasts, creating water shields/domes, and using the water as a body armor.
  • Aquatic Adaption - breathe underwater, adapt to water pressure, allowing them to swim deep as they please. This also includes the ability to tell whether any body of water is made out of freshwater or saltwater. They can also know their exact coordinates when in water.
  • Hydroportation - teleport across short or long distances through liquid water.
  • Cryokinesis - control over ice, snow and other forms of frozen water.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Painting, hand-to-hand combat and wrestling.
Preferred Weapon: Machete
Strengths: Physical prowess and proficiency, high knowledge and intellect, artistically creative.
Weaknesses: Emotionally unstable, prone to panic attacks.
Quests Been On: 0

"I sometimes question my insanity... Occasionally, it replies."
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: Nikolai's room is a light shade of gray with several dark blue ornaments and silver decorations, with a few contemporary b&w photographies framed in an elegant fashion, as well as a white scaled sailboat to give the room a sense of sea life.
Pets: None
Possessions: His scaled sailboat which is his life in a nutshell, his electric cigarette, his machete and other small he's stolen from people.
Likes: Smoking, Doing drugs, Tattoos, Sex, Being in love.
Dislikes: Judgmental, homophobic/xenophobic and manipulative people.
Colour: Silver
Music: Rock
Food: German
Animal: Wolf
Book: Gone Girl
Quote: "Hush, hush, your fragile body and your pristine craze just make me blush."
Drink: Bloody Mary
Song: Ocean Drive
Movie: Prisoners
Sport: Rugby
Appearance & More Images
Model: Nico Tortorella
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Aqua
Hair Colour: Dark Pine Brown
Height: 6'04
Weight: 168 Ilbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: Left
Shoe Size: 10
Voice: Baritone
Body Style: Muscular/Sturdy
Mental/Emotional State: Unstable
Mental/Emotional Disorders: Kleptomania, Strong attachment to vices
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Nina Kovalsky, Linda Middlebrook (Adoptive)
Father: Vladimir Fyodorov, Jared Dione (Adoptive)
Siblings: (Adoptive) Beau Dione
Other Relatives: Not that he remembers
Home: St. Petersburg
Earliest Memory: Waking up in the royal home with Beau
Best Memory: Being with the Dione Family
First Kiss: Natashka Dobrevich
First Love: Natasha Dobrevich


General Info
Nicknames: Niko
Native Language: Russian
Character Flaw: Vices
Fears/Phobias: Being seen as a softy or a manipulable person.
Hobbies: Sailing, smoking, planning on future tattoos, writing love poems.
Personal Motto: "There's no genius without madness just like there's no madness without genius."
Things He/She Won't Do: Cheat
Mostly Admires: Beau Dione
Mostly Influenced By: Beau Dione
First Reaction to Crises: Aggressively
How He/She Faces Their Problems: Impulsively
Reacts to Change: Avoids it unless it benefits him
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
"I'm not suffering from insanity... I'm just enjoying it."
Bad Habits: Smoking, doing drugs
Sleeping Habits: None
Attitude: Tough, "manly"
Special Talents: His endurance and pain tolerance
Social Skills: Great
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers: Intimidating
Perceived by Lover: Passionate, rough, strong
Perceived by Friends: Exclusive, Quiet, Mysterious
Perceived by Family: Lovely, Pitiful, Shy, Kind-hearted, Broken
First Impression: Tough bad boy
Family/Friends Like Most? His brutal honesty and will to stop his vices.
Family/Friends Like Least? His vices.

Mother: Can recall some its and bits here and there, specially her face, but knows for certain he loved her in his past life.

Father: The same thing as his mother, although Nikolai thinks he died while Nikolai lived with them.

"Adoptive" Mother: Knows it was her idea to keep him in the royal family along with Beau, so Nikolai thanks her for that.

"Adoptive" Father: Has gotten to know him like a father knows his own child and likes the he respects Nikolai's past life and identity, and also feels like he did give Nikolai true support.

Natashka (ex-girlfriend): Doesn't remember her. Thinks he loved her, but he isn't sure.

Beau (adoptive-brother) Loves him as a blood-born brother loves his sibling or even more. Nikolai owes his life to Beau for everything he's done. Besides, Nikolai might have developed a crush on him for some time...


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