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The Adequate Adventurer

The Hell Raiser

Pandora Thornes 1

Full Name Pandora Astraea Thornes
Nickname Pan, Astra
Birthday June 30th
Age 18
Nationality Nigerian
Home Abuja, Nigeria
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Female
Dorm 18
Year 4th
Titles The Adequate Adventurer, The Hell Raiser
Any Clubs/Teams/Etc. Swimming
Element Lunar
"I will not keep calm, I will raise hell and break shit."

Looking Into My Life

Pandora Thornes 6


Pandora has a quite reckless persona. With a knack for getting in trouble, and retorting in the most sarcastic way possibly, she is quite the handful. Growing up with four older brothers quickly became no challenge to Pandora, as it shaped the way she is now. She is quite confident, but not to the point where she is overly arrogant. She has the proper manners of a duchess, while keeping her grace and speed like a gazelle.

Because of her crazy childhood, Pandora has developed a love for adventure, however would not want to become a knight because she felt like as a duchess, she had more freedom to be who she wanted to be. She loved going on pretend quests with her four older brothers as they went out to find treasures, and plunder the plans of villains. She loved the feeling of the a wild breeze rustling her dark locks as she ran through forests and swam across rivers.

This is also a cause of her connection to nature. Especially the sky. Whenever she's alone outside, she has time to admire the blue skies, or the beautiful fading sunset, or a galaxy of stars overhead. She believes in all good things come from hard work, and she believes nature is the purest thing one could ever find.

However, she is a very chaotic person herself. Pandora is not one to follow the rules, but she does keep herself aware of them. In a way, she is a very wise, and possibly considered intelligent person, but she doesn't always use common sense when she needs it. She relies more on her instincts, then pure logic, and sometimes finds herself in messes she can't clean up.


Pandora was born in Abuja, Nigeria on June 30th. She is the fifth child of Helen and Theseus Thornes, after Achilles, Perseus, Jason, and Hector.

Pandora grew up in a large house farther out from the main center of the city, the house surrounded by a field with a small grove, and a stream nearby. By the time she was able to run, her brothers were already dragging her outside for her to play with them.

After years of playing with them, she got used to the roughhousing that occurred between them, and the five had a strong bond. They often pretended to be adventurers, sometimes building small rafts to play in the stream, or helping their dad make tree houses, so they'd have a base of operations, and a pretend "villains" lair.

As they learned to control their powers, they often fought against each other playfully, hosting competitions to see who was the strongest. Pandora's childhood was filled with memories of her running between trees, and swimming in the stream, rolling in the grassy field, and climbing tall hills.

As each of them entered their adolescence, they started to become distant, as there was a large age gap between Achilles, Perseus, and the rest. The remaining two brothers still played with Pandora, until they had to go the Academy. When Pandora entered the academy, she could share no years with Achilles and Perseus, who had already graduated, the year she entered the academy.

The five still kept in touch, even to this day, as Jason and Hector are getting ready to graduate. They will never forget their adventures in the hills of Abuja.

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal."

For Roleplay

Pandora Thornes 4

Word Bubble
Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes & Dislikes

Main Strengths

Pandora is a very gracefully nimble person. She is quick and light on her feet, agile in some views. She is phenomenal at swimming, and quite decent when it comes to climbing, due to all her experience on "adventures" with her brothers. She has good survival instincts, and knows quite a lot about Elemental Creatures, since it's her favorite class.

Main Weaknesses

Pandora is more of an instinct over logic kind of person, she likes following her heart instead of her head. That's not exactly a bad thing, but sometimes she tends not to think things through. She can easily become disorientated, and it is hard for her to regain focus on whatever task she was completely. She struggles with keeping her attention on anything uninteresting to her, hence why Elementrium History and English are very boring and dull for her.


Pandora loves the outdoors, and the feeling of freedom. She has a particular fondness for candy and sweets, and loves apples. Her favorite type of music is Electro-Pop, or her native Nigerian music. She also enjoys Hip-Hop, and Rap, as it was popular back in Nigeria. Her favorite color is Emerald, and she has always loved the Artemis Fowl series since she was kid.


Pandora has no tolerance for the "boring" or "dull" life. She believes everything must have some action in it, or you simply aren't living, you're just survivng. She doesn't like fire, and rather avoids it unless it's necessary. Unlike most Lunars, she hates the Dark, and always keeps a source of light with her.

Model Keke Palmer
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10
Weight 136 Ilbs
Voice Sarcastic, Confident, Firm
Body Style Athletic, Somewhat Curvy
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Nigerian

Family & General
Mother Helen Thornes
Father Theseus Thornes
Brother(s) Achilles, Perseus, Jason, Hector, Apollon
Sister(s) Miranda, Katie, Artemis, Hestia, Daphne
Cousin(s) Too many to name them all...
Aunt(s) ^^
Uncle(s) ^^
Niece(s) May, Erika, Riley
Nephew(s) Matthew, John, Casper, Khris

Character Flaw
Fear/Phobias The Dark, Advanced Technology, Death
Personal Motto "If you are going through hell, keep going."
First Reaction to Crisis She usually keeps calm during these times, she thinks of it as another adventure ready to be had
Faces Their Problems With confidence and certainty
React to Change Neutral
Native Language Nigerian, Fluently speaks French, Japanese, Indian, Englsih
Hobbies Learning different languages, swimming, writing

Family Relationships

Mother: She is on great terms with her mother. She usually calls or writes to her twice a week with news to tell her all the time. Since she still remains in Nigeria until the rest of Pandora's siblings are old enough to go the Academy, she visits during the holidays, with new information to laugh over with her mom.

Father: With her father, they are mostly on good terms. It is sometimes quite complicated, but they are well with the silence between the two, and both of them known they love each other.

Achilles: Achilles is Pandora's role model, and still is. They are on great terms, and Pandora loves visiting him in the city, and seeing his daughter and son, May and Matthew.

Miranda: As Pandora's sister-in-law, they are in a decent relationship. Miranda is still a bit weary of Pandora, convinced she doesn't like her and wants to get rid of her, when it really isn't the case. Overall, they get along, but it's quite awkward between the two.

May: May loves Pandora! She enjoys playing pretend with her aunt, and loves it when she takes her and her brother to the Academy, and tells them one day they'll be going here too, just like she is.

Matthew: Out of all his aunts and uncles, Pandora is considered Matthew's favorite. He enjoys sword fighting with Pandora, and loves to hear about her childhood adventures. He wants to be a knight when he gets older, and Pandora often encourages him to pursue his dream, saying it's a great opportunity.

Perseus: Perseus is Pandora's favorite brother, seeing as he was the most understanding, and wisest out of her four older brothers. He often helped her with homework, and life problems in general. They are a somewhat distant now, but still on good terms. Pandora recently attended the birth of his second daughter, Erika.

Katie: Even less lucky with her other sister-in-law, Pandora and Katie aren't exactly friends. Katie downright hates Pandora, and thinks she's a sad excuse for a duchess, yet never shows her disgust in front of her husband. Pandora isn't so cheery about Katie either, and insults her behind her back all the time.

Riley: Like her mother, Riley shares the hate of her first aunt. She doesn't trust her, and greatly influenced by her mother, insults her, and spreads terrible rumors of her with her friends.

Casper: Being the only child in the family who likes Pandora, Casper is teased by his siblings, and has become bitter and resentful, causing him to hate Pandora.

Khris: As the eldest child, Khris sets the examples for the rest of his siblings, quite snarky with Pandora, and never hesitates to shoot her a remark or two. Pandora and Him are more like close enemies rather then close relatives.

Jason: Because Jason is finishing his last year, the two are still pretty close, seeing each other every once and awhile every day. They still love to laugh over stories on Saturday brunches, but are starting to see less of each other as the weeks go by.

Hector: Jason's twin, Hector, favors Pandora much more then his nieces and nephews, and is there to comfort Pandora whenever Casper, Kris, and Riley go out to make Pandora's life miserable under their mother's influence. He often tries to reason with Perseus, as his brother is unaware of the situation, but never gets to prove his point. Pandora and Hector are significantly closer then her and Jason, but don't talk as much.

Apollon: As Pandora's younger brother, he often looks up to her, admiring how strong she is as a woman, even among a house of men. He believes she is living proof that nothing is impossible, and Pandora has become a role model for him. The two are not as close as he would like, seeing as he's five years younger then her, but can't wait until next year, where he'll have at least one year with her.

Artemis: Artemis and Pandora are on good terms so far, but Artemis wishes Pandora was around more then she is. Same for all her older brothers, except Apollon.

Hestia: Hestia is a quiet soul, and isn't much for conversation. She and Pandora are on very awkward terms, seeing as she refuses to open up to Pandora.

Daphne: Being the youngest, Daphne does not see much of Pandora, and does not remember a lot about her, therefore not having a very strong bond with her sister whatsoever.

Friend Relationships

Love Relationships


Erraline Dange: Acquaintance; Pandora distantly knows the fellow Lunar duchess, and has met her once again in the Lunar classroom.

Pandora Thornes 5

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