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The Combat Goddess

Banisher of Dark Spirits

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Full Name Persephone Victoria Hollander
Nickname Persie (Only to be used by Newton), Flower girl
Birthday July 4th
Age 16
Nationality American (1/3 Brazilian, French, and Chinese)
Home White Lake, Wisconsin
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Female
Dorm 17
Year 5th
Titles The Combat Godess, Banisher of Dark Spirits
Any Clubs/Teams/Etc. None
Element Solar
"Rise up, the sky's the limit now."

Looking Into My Life

Yuna Marton 2


Persephone is a very determined spirit who allows no one to drag her down but herself. She is the human definition of reckless and takes dangerous risks to achieve her goals. She is also very rebellious and refuses to be tied down to a set of rules that supposedly keep "order". Observed by outsiders it may appear as though she thinks she is invincible, but really, she just has a lot of self confidence. Persephone is very curious and often sticks her nose in buisness that seem "shady" to her, so she'll take it into her own hands.


Persephone was born on July 4th in Salt Lake City, Utah, however she is 1/3 Brazilian, 1/3 French, and shockingly 1/3 Chinese. Growing up on Earth was not easy, as she waited the years for an acceptance letter from the Academy to arrive on their doorstep, her growing curiosity about Elementrium was hard to keep down. When Persephone was 3 they moved to a quiet countryside village in Wisconsin named White Lake. Around the age of 5, Persephone discovered her ability to control water. During the night, she'd sneak into the woods near her parents' manor and explore it using her powers as a light source.

Persephone became less eager to go to Elementrium after awhile, starting to fear the fact of leaving her nice house in Wisconsin. Then the problem of schooling arose. While Persephone lived on Earth, she had to take earthen schooling. Would they continue to teach her that as an addition to the elemental schooling they would receive? If she was expelled from the Academy, where was she to go? Could she resume earthen schooling or would she be too far behind?

These questions had been bugging her all her life.... Until she received the letter.

Dear Miss Persephone Victoria Hollander,

You have been excepted into the International Academy of Elements, better known as the Elemental Academy. All learning materials will be supplied at the school so only clothing and special possessions are allowed to enter the school premise, enjoy your first year!


School Administration

Persephone felt overjoyed she had been accepted, she could finally see the place she had dreamed about. But this meant leaving her parents, leaving her comfy home in Wisconsin, leaving Earth. She didn't know if she could risk it, but one boy changed her mind.

His name was Newton.

Newton Ayer.

He was a complete daredevil, a badass, one who was with the flow and didn't give a crap about what others thought of him. He was intimidating, but a friendly aura surrounded him. It was almost impossible not to take a liking to him. But for Persephone, it was a bit... hard.

A boy with windswept golden brown hair and striking forest green eyes open the door to the cafe in one swift motion. At the sound of a bell ringing everyone turned to look at him and silence fell before whispers arose.

"It's him..."

"...Didn't he jump that cliff last week?"

"He's been free solo mountain climbing before, you know what that is? Rock climbing with no ropes!"

These whispers surrounded him, flourished around him, and the only thing that hinted he cared was the small smirk carved into his handsome features. Persephone herself sat at the other end of the cafe, enjoying a cookie dough sundae and reading a book. The boy strode across the cafe in long relaxed strides, all the way to her booth, and sat down. Persephone glanced up at the stranger.

"Who are you?" She asked bluntly.

The boy tilted his head, his small smirk slowly growing into a grin. "Ayer, Newton Ayer. And you must be Persephone Hollander."

Persephone narrowed her eyes at him. How did he know her name? Was he stalking her?

His chuckle jolted her out of his thoughts. Okay... His chuckle is unbelievably hot, but focus Persephone, focus, she told herself. "If your wondering" - he leaned across the table - "I know your name" - his grin shrunk back into a smirk - "because my parents know your parents."

"Ah, so does that automatically give you permission to walk up to me and sit in my cafe booth to talk to me? Why do you even need to talk to me?" she retorted.

"Well, because... your... one of my kind."

"One of your what?"

"Your a f*cking elemental, is that so hard to understand?" he whispered harshly.

Her eyes widened once again and she muttered a small 'Oh' ignoring his insult. "So... Wait, how do you know this?"

"I went hiking 'cause I was bored. I saw you doing some fancy show with your powers so I immediately assumed you we're an elemental. And I'm correct."

"How come I didn't see you?"

"You guess," he tilted her chin downward and grinned arrogantly.

"...You're an air elemental, aren't you?" Persephone responded, swatting his hand away.

He pulled back chuckling like this was all one big joke. "True... But I'm not just an air elemental."

She quickly realized what he meant and scooted away any farther she could get from him. "You're... You're a freaking Bi-Elemental? I shouldn't even be talking to you in the first place! I have to go," she rambled, grabbing her book and standing up.

Newton wrapped his fingers around her wrist, "Wait, I promise, I'm not dangerous."

She gave him a blank look while trying to make him let go of her wrist, "Yes. All Bi-Elementals are. Now let go of me, technically you're proving me right, right now."

He let go of her, "Sorry, just hear me out. Please."

She sighed and sat down, "Make it quick. I'm not allowed to interact with Multi-Elementals."


"My parents are extremely overprotective. Even though Multi-Elementals have been proved to have no intention of harming us 'normal' elementals. Somehow, they imprinted that in my brain. Multi-Elementals are dangerous."

"Well that's a bunch of crap."

"Yeah, I know. So w-" she faltered when she saw his eyes flash maroon for a couple of seconds.

"What? What's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Y-Your eyes..."

"Oh.. uh.. I have an eye color disorder thing... My eyes kind of change color when I'm feeling a lot of one emotion, for example, if I'm feeling extremely anxious my eyes turn Maroon."


"Yeah, so I'm the only Multi-Elemental in a 200 mile radius... Well, besides my parents, but still. Anyway, I-I need your help. Meet me in the forest by your house at four pm, okay?"

Persephone nodded and walked off, and out of the cafe.

However a conflict arose the next day. Unfortunately, Persephone forgot her brother has a basketball game at 3:30 so she would arrive at 4:45 pm to meet Newton, which would result in something she titles the 'Search'. Persephone was able to remember Newton's last name: Ayer, so she searched it up on Google along with 'Wisconsin' as the state he lived in.

What she found, was that the Ayers we're a long line of daredevils, who often did shows around the world or had someone videotape themselves doing dangerous acts. The Ayers that were currently alive lived in White Lake, Wisconsin on South Lake Lane, their house number was W2908. Once she was satisfied with her results, she scribbled the address on a sticky note and took off on her bike.

Once she arrived, she rang the doorbell and awaited an answer. Instead of the door opening, the floor below her opened up and she fell into slide like tube sending her down and up and even through a couple loops, she yelled for some help but none came. Finally she fell off the slide and landed on a mat that sank into the floor once she crawled off it.

"Agh... I feel sick..." she murmured standing up.

"So, what made you pity me so much that you decided to search up my house address?" A familiar voice rang throughout the room. Persephone looked up to see Newton leaning against a the wall with his arms crossed, and a blank expression on his face.

"Noth- Wait, how do you...?"

He shrugged, "It's called hacking, sweetheart."

"You know how to hack?"

"Yeah, so?"

"But how did you know I'd search it up?"

"I didn't, I just came upon it randomly."


"Yeah." At this moment his eyes were a dark stormy grey, it matched his tone, which evidently meant he was irritated by her appearance or angry she hadn't shown up yesterday. Probably both, she decided.

"...Look, I know your angry at me and everything, but I commit to things. You asked for help, I'm going to help you whether you like it or not."

He tilted his head, studying her for a moment. "Follow me."

"Don't talk to me unless I can tolerate you."

For Roleplay

Yuna Marton 3

Word Bubble
Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes & Dislikes

Main Strengths

Agility, Stealth, Fast Runner, Good instincts, Good Climber

Main Weaknesses

Swimming (But she's decent at it), Doesn't cooperate easily


Persephone loves any type of candy; mainly chocolate, any animal however her favorite is the Eagle, and of course her best friend and crush Newton Ayer.


Persephone mainly dislikes arrogant people, the color "silver", and anyone resembling a "Mean Girl" in personality traits.

Model Shailene Woodley
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'8
Weight 126
Voice Loud/Confident
Body Style Lean/Athletic
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity {{{ethnicity}}}

Family & General
Mother Cho "Giselle" Marton
Father Emon Marton
Brother(s) Marcus, her twin brother, however she doesn't know of his existence neither does he
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) She is distantly related to Courtly and Kyle Jopan, supposedly they're 2nd cousins
Aunt(s) Aunt May, her mother's sister, Aunt Lily; Uncle Zeke's wife, and Aunt Echna
Uncle(s) Uncle Zeke her mother's brother, Uncle Carl; Aunt May's husband
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) Yes, Aunt May's daughter's son Hunter

Character Flaw Too Self-Confident
Fear/Phobias To never accomplish anything worthwhile in her life time
Personal Motto "Don't let fear drag you down, you're invincible and no one can stop you."
First Reaction to Crisis Calm down and form a plan
Faces Their Problems Calmly
React to Change She responds to all change positively
Native Language American, Fluent in Chinese, French, and Brazilian
Hobbies Running, hand-to-hand combat, song-writing

Family Relationships

She gets along with them pretty well, they have a strong bond but her parents disagree with some of her life decisions

Friend Relationships

Her best friend is Newton Ayer a badass daredevil who can be fairly friendly. They've known each other since she was 13 and have been best friends since, they have a strong bond that's almost impossible to break and she has a slight (slight means major in this case) crush on him. Her other friends, are Emily Columbia, a younger Lunar that she met on the streets of Aliquid in her 3rd Year, and Claire du Versailles, the solar princess she befriended in her 4th year.

Love Relationships

None, she does hope to finally admit her crush to Newton though



Yuna Marton 4

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