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Roger Norwood
The Duke of the Wind
Owned by: DrXax
"I tried flying through the clouds and through the leaves as their orange rustle shook me awake."
Roger is an Air elemental that currently resides in Dorm 9 with Lukas, Marcus and Alton. He's single and satisfied with his status as of now. His main goals as of now are to have complete control over his powers and become physically fit and stronger.
Roger is a very calm and collected person. Unlike most air elementals, he's reserved and tends to like being alone more. This however, doesn't mean that he is antisocial or not friendly. In fact, it's ironic, since people do tend to like his company lot, since he isn't either too loud, or too quiet. He's more to the introvert side of the spectrum though, but he isn't afraid to socialize, unlike other introverts. He sometimes would rather just think about his own feelings and ponder about important things for him. Roger is quite philosophical and sometimes has small glimpses of the future or the present somewhere else. He's a great listener and a very wise person for his age. Roger's fearless, altruist and generous. He's extremely empathetic and loyal. Almost everyone tends to like Roger, due to his lack of shyness and self-consciousness. He isn't cocky or arrogant, but he definitely knows at what he's good and at what he isn't. Roger is very honest yet not blunt. He's also very physically affective to his friends and close ones. Roger is funny and smart and it is very hard to get him on your bad side. Roger is sometimes perceived as effeminate, and probably stereotypically homosexual, however, that's just how Roger was raised and how he talks and moves with his body language.


Basic Info
Full Name: Roger Killian Norwood
Titles: The Serene Storm
Current Location: The Elemental Academy
Affiliation(s): Air Kingdom
Relationship Status: Single
Born On: May 6th
Current Age: 17
Element: Air
Accent: Irish
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: DrXax
Inspiration Behind Creation: I wanted a char like him :3
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Created Page On: 1/21/16
Page Last Updated On: 2/1/16
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Roger Norwood ~ The Serene Storm
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More Info:

-The Duke of the Wind

 Age: 17  Height: 6'02  Weight: 151 lbs
 Sexuality: Asexual, Hetero-romantic 
 Birth Place: Belfast  Main Weapon: Air Powers, Personality and Bladed Fans
 Accent: Northern Irish
 – "When life knocks you down, get back up. And if it tries knocking you down again, then it means life cares about you too much."


General Powers:

1. Air Elementals can fly or float in the air, however they cannot go any higher then 60,000 feet.

2. Air Elementals can breath normally through poisonous gas or any type of gas.

3. Air Elementals are enabled to create storm like shields that strike anyone with lightening if they try to break down the shield. The longer the time the shield is held up, the more energy is required.

4. Air Elementals can create tornadoes for a short amount of time, two hours at the most.

5. In cases of hiding, Air Elementals can create fog or mist that conceals them from anyone else around for a short period of time.

Royal Specific Powers:

1. Royal Air Elementals can create poisonous gas or poison the air to make it un-breathable.

2. Royal Air Elementals can deflect or negate attacks from non-royal Air Elementals.

3. Royal Air Elementals can use mist to make them transparent.

4. Royal Air Elementals can create an unlimited amount of attacks, but the type of attack may increase energy loss.

Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Fast, Works well under pressure, not clumsy.
Preferred Weapon: Powers and bladed 360º fans that can be used as a short-ranged weapon or as a long-range, as they can be thrown due to their aerodynamical shape.
Strengths: Speed, stealth, agility
Weaknesses: Strength, lack of communication
Quests Been On: 0


But more masculine XD.

"Didn't think the lack of compassion could turn into a weapon of double blade that obliterated everything in its wake. They called it war, allegedly."
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: His room isn't really that surprising. It's a cold shade of mint blue that calms down and has both purple and green vertical stripes. He hangs most of his acknowledgements on his walls, which are a decent number.
Pets: None
Possessions: Acknowledgements and a crystal small box drained of anything where he practices whisking up mini-tornadoes.
Likes: Philosophy, literature, flying duck orchids, neat people, clean places.
Dislikes: Sex, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, unhygienic people,
Colour: Mint
Music: Classical
Food: Airian
Animal: Mandarin duck
Book: The Shadow of the Wind
Quote: Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
Drink: Non-alcoholic Mojito
Song: The Last Dance
Movie: Casablanca
Sport: Golf
Appearance & More Images
Model: Satchel Gray
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Light Hazel
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Height: 6'02
Weight: 151 Ilbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Shoe Size: 9
Voice: Soothing
Body Style: Slim/Athletic
Mental/Emotional State: Relatively stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders: Very minor OCD
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Martha Hothington
Father: Robert Norwood
Siblings: Charles Norwood
Other Relatives: Uncle Dean
Home: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Earliest Memory: He can vaguely remember a hot cup of jasmine tea as Martha sang a soft lullaby to him.
Best Memory: None
First Kiss: Sydney Hollows
First Love: Sydney Hollows

General Info
Nicknames: None
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: Being too affective/Being too loyal/Trusting too much
Fears/Phobias: Being betrayed by a close friend.
Hobbies: Reading, pondering about life, spending time surrounded by nature.
Personal Motto: "When life knocks you down, get back up. And if it tries knocking you down again, then it means life cares about you too much."
Things He/She Won't Do: Lie (unless the circumstances are really extreme.)
Mostly Admires: Martha Hothington
Mostly Influenced By: Martha Hothington
First Reaction to Crises: Calmly, taking it one step at a time.
How He/She Faces Their Problems: With reason and logic.
Reacts to Change: Embraces it. Every change teaches something new.
Alignment: Neutral Good
"And then the wind trembled as the lighting shook the empire. Little did they know that it was just one person with the desire to kill."
Bad Habits: Pondering for too long.
Sleeping Habits: Can tend to slightly sleepwalk every now and then.
Attitude: Thoughtful
Special Talents: Running for extremely long periods of time.
Social Skills: Decent
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers: Tranquil
Perceived by Lover: "He's like snow in a blizzard. He's the soft and collected individual in the midst of bedlam. Not much worries him." - Sydney Hollows, former lover.
Perceived by Friends: Fun to be around, trustworthy, good listener and abnegated.
Perceived by Family: Hilarious, lovely, generous and good-willed.
First Impression: Shy but really nice guy
Family/Friends Like Most? His good heart and honesty
Family/Friends Like Least? His effeminate manners

"Adoptive" Mother: Loves her with all his heart and is very influenced by her. Would die if it meant saving her.

"Adoptive" Father: Has a hard time being with him, is conflicted towards him.

Sydney (ex-girlfriend): Still loves her, but in a different and more friendly way.

Charles (brother) Even if he went through a lot with Charles, Roger is resented with him for now returning and leaving him alone with their father. Roger still loves him and hopes to finally meet up with him once again.

Eliza (friend/crush) Roger is genuinely afraid of her in the best way possible, as she has made him feel a lot of strong feelings he had not been feeling in the last couple of years. Roger does like her a lot, but obviously not in a sexual way.