Sadie Reeds
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Basic Information
Full Name Sadie Reeds
Nickname None
Birthday 4th March
Age 17
Nationality Australian
Home Melbourne, Australia
Status Single
Sexuality Homosexual
Location The Academy
Gender Female

School Info
Dorm 19
Year 5th
Titles The Sharp Tongue
Any Special Clubs/Teams/Etc. None
Element Air, Earth

Sadie Reeds 1
"In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

Sadie is currently attending the Elemental Academy.

Sadie can be a rather reckless and impulsive person who enjoys partying, drinking and girls, and often gets herself and others into trouble just for fun. She has very little respect for authority figures and mouths off to anyone she finds controlling and is violent towards those who antagonizes her.

In times of need, however, Sadie can be very practical and grounded, taking on a more responsible role. When she tries to do something rather unreasonable or something that makes no sense, she does her best to worm her way out of it through loopholes.

As the second eldest of her living siblings, she has powerful protective instincts. She cannot stand to sit back and see people get hurt, always trying to do something to help whenever possible.

Sadie can be very sarcastic and sharp-tongued at times. She always has a smart-ass comment ready whenever someone says something antagonistic to her, and she always bites back with a witty insult. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind and she can be extremely stubborn in her opinions.
The younger twin by around an hour, Sadie was the most active and social sibling out of the other three and was known to get into many scraps throughout her childhood. Not liking the confinement of her household and parents, she spent her days exploring the forests and rivers surrounding the house and sneaking away to the town. In town, she was a bit of a leader and had a group of misfits under her thumb. By the time she was seven, she had sported more bruises than her siblings combined due to getting into fist-fights with other kids.

Her parents constantly grew annoyed by this, but nothing they did could control Sadie, and she just found ways to make a ruckus if she was grounded. Due to this need to be outside, she didn't really have the time to bond with any of her siblings, as they were more content to be inside, and as they grew up, this became more evident.

When her mother passed in the war, Sadie took it on the nose and turned away, not allowing the emotions to flood outside of her. She never really liked her mother, anyway, and she was secretly glad for the freedom that it brought. Maybe it was because of this lack of care that she clashed with Michael so much, as he cared too much. Regardless, she barely glanced at anything except a good time and often fell behind in her studies, but she always got away with it by charming her tutors and father. It was difficult to fight with Sadie back then.

When she was fifteen, she went out to the town with her sister and father; a rare shopping trip. They had paused in a restaurant to have lunch when they got the news--someone had burgled their house, leaving their older brother for dead and her twin, Michael, was nowhere to be seen.

Time passed and Michael never returned. Sadie spent her time with Jules, trying to make it easier for her because she was always close with Michael. Her father got progressively worse, spending most of his days in his study, forgetting to eat. About two months after, they received a letter--a ransom for Michael. Sadie tried to tell their father, but he wouldn't come out so she eventually called the police. They found him strung up with a rope around his neck.

The lawyers paid the ransom and they returned Michael, but he rarely talked to anyone, only one word whenever necessary. Having no other parent, the children were sent to their aunt who they barely knew, who lived in Elementrium, recently made a librarian at the academy. The children had been long aware of their powers and had been homeschooled by their father to control them. They were enrolled into the academy.

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Meidah Ryes ~ The Pyromaniac
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More Info:

 Age: 15  Height: 5'6" 
 Sexuality: Demisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Liverpool, England 
 Accent: Liverpool accent
 – "I'll burn that bridge when I get to it."

Sadie Reeds 2
Sadie Reeds
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  • Aerokinesis - manipulate the air/air currents, wind, and gas.
  • Deoxygenation - suck up all the oxygen from a place.
  • Lung Adaptation - ability to breath anywhere, aside from underwater.
  • Aeroportation - teleport using air/wind currents.
  • Florakinesis - ability to control the growth/wither of plants.
  • Geokinesis - control and manipulate the earth at will.
  • Terraportation - teleport via the soil/earth.
  • Crystallokinesis - ability to manipulate minerals and crystals.
Skills & Weapons

Basic Skills Information
Agility Skills Average
Speed Fast
Strength Level Below average
Main Strengths Wit
Main Weaknesses Impulsiveness

Basic Power Info
Element Air, Earth
Number of Abilities 8
Level of Control Good

Sadie Reeds 3
Possession & Favorite Things

Special Possesions

Abigail wears two wedding bands on her ring finger.

General Likes

Driving, partying, alcohol, action movies

General Dislikes

Authority figures, any harm to her siblings, set morals, closed areas

Favorite Things
Color Red
Music Dance
Food Biscuits
Animal Lion
Book None
Quote None
Song Rihanna - Love on the Brain
Movie Troy
Elemental Sport None
Earthen Sport Basketball


Brief Description

Sadie has long, brown hair that is often pulled into a messy bun. Her light brown eyes are illuminated by the sun and she usually wears black clothing.

Main Appearance Information
Model Zoey Deutch
Gender Female
Eye Color Light brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (65 kg)
Voice Soprano
Body Style Toned
Mental/Emotional State Neutral
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None

Family & Childhood Info

Family Members
Mother Vanessa Reeds
Father Charles Reeds
Brother(s) Michael Reeds, unnamed brother (deceased)
Sister(s) Juliette Reeds
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) Clarissa Reeds
Uncle(s) None
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Main Childhood Info
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Home Melbourne, Australia
Best Memory None
First Love None
First Kiss Unnamed

General Info

Character Arc Information
Character Flaw Her impulsive behaviour
Fear/Phobias Failing her siblings
Personal Motto N/A
First Reaction to Crisis Reacts head-on
Faces Their Problems Tries to fix them
React to Change Adapts and forgives

Extra Character Information
Native Language English
Hobbies Partying

Sadie Reeds 2
Relationship Info

Relationship Information
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers Calm
Perceived By Lover N/A
Perceived By Friends Witty
Perceived By Family Trusting
First Impression Reserved
Family/Friends Like Most Her loyalty
Family/Friends Like Least Her inability to ask for help

Family Relationships

Sadie loves her siblings, Michael and Jules, and wishes to protect them from harm.

Friend Relationships

Sadie has several friends she enjoys spending time with

Love Relationships

Sadie has developed some crushes but has not been in a relationship.


Sadie has no other important relations.

Sadie Reeds 4

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