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Sasha: "Anneline," Sasha smiled, standing up from her chair like a queen. Her head, held up high and her walk full of poise, and grace. "Let us greet the visitors. Harry should be coming soon."

Anneline: "Of course." Anneline smiled back, wearing her new orange cocktail dress.

Sasha: "Welcome!" Sasha smiled to Cassandra and Chris, the first people to come for the party.

"Like every party hosted by, the 3 of us, we demand a price. Fortunately, for the party, the price is this small bottle." Sasha smirked, the bottle dangling off 2 of her jj

"Drink it, and you may enter."

Cassandra drank it immediately, and Chris soon followed.

"Enjoy the party.." Sasha slyly whispered in their ears, as they walked past her to the party. "Welcome!.."

Erraline: Erraline, having been invited and decided to come since she had nothing else to do, walked in, when she was greeted by Anneline.

"Hey Erraline. To get into this party, you have to drink this. But if you have a bottle of wine, I'll also let you in."

"Luckily for you, here." Erraline handed Anneline a bottle of rose wine.

"Go on ahead." Anneline smirked.

Scarlett: Scarlett walked in, with her Lime Green cocktail dress and Black ankle boots. "Anneline! Sasha! Great party as always!" she complimented, just before giving them the bottle and walking in.

Selene: Walking in with grace and poise, Selene rocked her long silk purplish-navy-blue satin dress. It seemed to complinet her figure perfectly, specially with the long cleavage in the back, that showed almost entirely her slim back. She wore the Nightluck family's necklace: A platinum based necklace incrusted with diamonds, sapphires and giant pearls. It was relatively long and with some layers, but all in all it was beautiful. Her hair hair hair was pulled back in a majestical bun, although she had one of her wavy bangs stick out on the side of her face. With no make up on, except for a dab of deep red lipstick and a hint of purple eyeshadow, Selene gave a small bottle of Pinot Noir without speaking.

Terren: Terren sauntered into the party, one minute after the official starting time of the party, intentionally being fashionably late. He wore his Day-glo green suit, covering an equally obnoxiously ugly light lavender button up shirt. Along with this, he wore a sewage brown tie, matching his loafers. To top it all off, he wore a cherry red fedora he had bought along with the rest of this get-up as soon as he heard the party was happening. The first thing he went to in the party was the drinks table, pouring himself a glass of vodka he had snuck in, drank it, and repeat.

Grace: Grace had finally arrived at the Elemental Academy. She saw Anneline's message on ElementalBook, even though she didn't even use it much herself, for the party. She figured that she could try and get to her cousins, who believed she was missing like most of the Elemental Dimension. If she could find one or both of them, she would try and talk to them in private about her current circumstances. If not, she would leave. She wore her small golden cloak, that was able to hide her face. Underneath her cloak, she wore a beautiful, royal purple gown and matching, studded flats. She also wore purple droplet earrings. As of makeup, she only wore eyeliner. But she looked stunning anyway. She allowed for her blonde hair to fall in her natural curls. Behind her was Catalina, who was wearing a light pink long-sleeved dress, light pink studs and light pink boots. "Catalina, put the vodka on that table. Sasha should accept it gladly. And also, if anybody asks, say you're with me. But do not reveal my name." Grace smoothly instructed, as Catalina put the vodka on the table. Then the two walked into the party, with Grace in search of Branton and Anneline.

Lauren: Lauren had arrived at The Elemental academy after finding out she was an air elemental. She had wandered around and found this party and decided to enter, even though she didn't know anyone. She had brought nothing, but wasn't worried. She was wearing what she wore when she arrived at the academy, ripped skinny jeans and a tight hollister t-shirt. She pranced up to Sasha and promptly said "Hi!"

Harry: The line was too damn long, for Harry to wait on.

"Move!" He snapped, pushing people out of the way to the door.

"Give me the bottle." He aggressively said to Anneline, eventually taking it and drinking it. "Thanks, love."

Immediately, his movements became sluggish, and his eyes couldn't focus properly. People seemed, to be doing things, they shouldn't be doing. Harry was pretty sure, he saw two people making out ontop of a table. Emotions just bubbled inside Harry, making him angry, horny, and sad all at the same time. He had lost control of himself, and grabbed a random girl, before kissing her deeply, driven by an insatiable lust.

"Harry," A voice said, before Harry turned to look her way, revealing it was Sasha and Anneline. "I appear the drugs seem to be working."

Anneline: Anneline didn't even care anymore. She just watched Harry, feeling amused. "Enjoy." Anneline remarked, not meaning it in a rude way, before grabbing a glass of rose wine.

Kyle: Despite his abrupt "no"s, Courtly had dragged him to party. She gave him a glare that said, "If you leave, I will bury you in your own grave" and left Kyle alone. He decided keep his head low and hope not to attract any attention.

Terren: Terren who by this pont was heavily drunk, glared at the drugged boy and the two girls by him. Slowly, Terren got up from his seat and stumbled towards the trio, slurring his words. "Hey girls. How's Harry doin, he seems kinda off. He's kissin a gurl. I thought he was gay. Oh well. I'm doing fan-tas-tic-k. I'm partying like it's 1997 beyotches. Woo!" With that, he pumped gis fist, launching a mass of four-leaf-clovers into the air from his hand, spreading them all accross the dorm. "VIVA LA VIDA! WOOO!" After this, he stumbled back to the var and drank more vodka.

Alexander: Alexander decided to come to the party. Even if he wasn't invited he wanted to know what people would be doing inside. He knew he'd probably be the youngest there, but he cared not for that.

Selene: Selene strolled both classily and sassily while carrying a glass of rose wine with her looking around trying to find Harry from within the crowds.

Lauren: Lauren walked around, not knowing anyone. Hungrily she walked around, looking for some food when she accidentally bumped into Selene, spilling her glass of wine all over both of them. "YOU JUST RUINED MY NEW SHIRT!" Lauren cried with dismay and tears forming in her eyes.

Sasha: "Anneline," Sasha smirked, "Please close and lock, the dorm door. We have enough people."

Selene: "What the bloody hell is wrong with you?" She pushed back the stranger. "I care not for your fricken shirt, this dress costs more than your family's life insurance multiplied by five! Ugh, get away from me now, before something else happens. NOW."

Lauren: "You should probably apologize for being in my way. Clearly you have no respect for my NEW HOLLISTER SHIRT! THIS WAS THE LAST ONE LEFT IN THE STORE AND YOU RUINED IT! Lauren screams with rage, punching the stranger in the face.

Harry: When Sasha turned around, to talk to Anneline, I took the opportunity and ran away. The sound of someone, punching another person, made me stop in my tracks and gaze at the duo.

"Selene!" A shout escaped from my throat, as I ran towards her.

"Are you alright?" I asked softly, my hand caressing her cheek.

Sasha: Sasha saw the two having a moment, and Alex watching them. Strutting towards him, she leaned her mouth against his ear.

"You see that?" Sasha smirked, as Harry's face moved closer to Selene's. "You will never, get Harry's heart. It already, belongs to someone else."

Lauren: Lauren yelled at Sasha, "This little bitch here just ruined MY shirt because she was in my way. She think she's so much more important than I am and that is so not true." Lauren stood there infuriated and her eyes filling with tears.

Selene: She weakly smiled at Harry before moving away from him furiously, not at him but at the stranger. "Hey, you twat. Listen carefully, okay? Call me what you did one more time. I dare you to. Besides, I'm obviously more important than you, can't you see? Do your peasant eyes blind you so that you can not notice the difference between you and me? Pitiful. Now, I am not going to smack you. You already stained my dress, my hands are too sacred and full of dignity to get stained with your worthless blood."

Alexander: Turning back to Sasha with a tear in his eye, he crossed his arms pouty before trying to leave, although the doors were now locked.

Sasha: Sasha silently smiled, as Alex tried his best to open the door. You needed the keypad password, and only Anneline, Sasha, Selene and Anneline's dorm mates knew it.

"Where are you going?" She taunted towards Alex. "Leaving so early? Why don't you stay and watch Harry, kiss the girl who stole his heart?"

Alexander: "I don't think she stole his heart. She most likely stole his innocence. She stole his feelings."

Lauren: "Guess what bitch? I don't understand a single thing that you're saying? Maybe you should go replace my shirt, after all, YOU WERE IN MY GODDAMNED WAY!"

Sasha: "And what?" She scoffed scornfully. "You think you have his?"

Selene: "You called me what I told you to call me? That just shows how much of a peasant you are. Immediately submissive to the people above you. Also, you WERE in my way. I walk while I watch where I go, unlike you. And what, do you to have enough a shirt that isn't even of a good brand?"

Courtly: Courtly, who had been watching the fight finally sighed and decided she might aswell be the loyal friend she was. Courtly strolled up to Lauren, and dumped a bottle of wine over her head, "Get lost, you're an irritating b*tch. And no one gives a damn about your Hollister shirt, I could pay someone to make dozens of those."

"Here's some advice, use your head before you try to mess with any of us, alright?"

Selene: She stood there, crossing her arms and eyeing the stranger with disgust and turning on her back to face Courtly. "Thank you. You have saved more of my time from being wasted with this peasant."

Alexander: "In fact I do, and you should stop trying to confuse him into liking your pathetic tall water duchess. If Harry doesn't like her, she should get over it once and for all!"

Sasha: "He'll get over you soon enough," Sasha said, waving her hand as if to swat an insect. This insect in this scenario, was Alex. "Besides, after what I'm going to show him, he's going to wish he never f*cked you."

She grinned devilishly, as she lifted up her phone to show pictures, of Kyle and him. "Any last words, to Harry? It was amusing really, the fact that you thought you had a chance with him."

Kyle: Being transparent most of the time, enabled Kyle to go wherever he wanted, and do whatever he wanted. As long as Courtly knew he was here, he didn't need to worry about being seen, until he saw the phone.

And that's when it all went downhill.

Courtly: "You're welcome Selene, we must be loyal to each other, and to be honest, that pest was getting on my nerves," she said.

Alexander: "I was just hugging Kyle... H-He felt bad. And I saw he needed a hug..."

Kyle: Hugging? Great save Alexander, great, he spoke in his mind, keeping his invisibility up. Carefully, he stepped around Sasha and smacked the phone out of her hand, before he disappeared back into the mess of drunk dancing people.

Sasha: She quickly grabbed the phone, before it felt, but not without realizing Kyle was here.

"Alex really?" Her smirk growing bigger. "I bet these recorded moans, say otherwise."

Sasha felt victorious, as she finally found Alex's weakspot. He was too much of a man-whore, to ever compete for Harry's love. Selene and Harry, would be perfect together.

"Don't get me started on that abominable excuse of a heart-breaker. Cliffe, was his name?" She clucked, moving forward as if too corner him. "I have eyes and ears everywhere, my dear."

Anneline: Anneline felt a tap on her shoulder. "Anneline." And suddenly, the stranger revealed themselves. "I've found you."

Alexander: "Except where they are supposed to be." Alexander fought the urge to punch her and kick her right there, right at that moment, but she was still a lady, and that made it almost impossible for Alexander to hurt her. Shoving wasn't hitting or punching though. "Get away from me! It's not my fault that you can't seem to find enough interest in your own life and therefore you get the need to pry into other people's lives. You're sick Sasha! I was going to tell Harry, you know? I am STILL going to tell Harry, regardless." Babe, I'm so sorry, she's cornering me, please understand. I'll fix it. Just bare with me, Alexander spoke, thinking about Kyle's lips and eyes. How they fit together with his own. His whole world was crumbling down because of Sasha and he really regretted bumping with her that first day at the academy. It would eventually ruin his love life.

Selene: "Yeah. Once you need help, I'll be there for you, girl. Nicely done."

Kyle: Okay, I'm trying, I can't keep this transparency trick up for long. I'm getting tired, and the only possible thing I could do was smash her phone or something, but I'm sure she probably has it backed up. Kyle glanced around, and spotted something, glowing from the window at the side of one of the walls in the dorm.

Sasha: Her eyes flashed dangerously blue, as she stepped closer to Alex. "I'm not sick, just protective. I wouldn't really test me, Alex. You haven't even seen me in true action, yet. Here's what's going to happen, Alex. You're going to leave Harry alone, and never talk to him again. He doesn't deserve your basic ass, and your STD infested lips. Thankfully for him, that drink he took will remove, all memories of you. Typical Harry, drinking things without thinking. If you ever go near him, or my friends again, these videos will be spread around the school. Don't you think for a minute, I'm the only one who has these videos." Sasha snarled, her eyes now fully blue.

"Ice is cold, but my heart is colder." She whispered softly in his ear, before walking away. "By the way, you might want to sleep in another dorm. Preferably away from Harry's. Maybe in the Maze where you and your, slut can sleep around."

Harry: "Selene," he said, his memory becoming fuzzy "You need to get that cleaned." Without another word, he dragged her away to the bathroom, where the first aid kit was located.

Grace: After having took down the hood of her cloak, she shocked not only Anneline with her presence, but a lot of the people at the party with her presence.

Kyle: Kyle could hear the insult from there, and found a way to contain himself from walking over and slapping the two-faced b*tch.

Remembering something, a small smirk came to his lips. "You don't know everything Sasha, Not everything," he whispered to himself.

Anneline: "Grace, I thought you was missing."

Lauren: Lauren scoffed and turned around, grabbing a handful of potato chips and eating them, nearly crying over the fact that a careless bitch had ruined her shirt.

Terren: After viewing the wonderful conversation held by Alex and Sahsa, he swayed over to the now alone Alex. "Hey man. I, uh-hiccup-I'm sorry about her. She's a real b*tch. Also, I'm sorry about whatever crap I've done tonight. I can't really remember if I did anything man.", Terren saud with a chuckle. "Anyway, do you wanna go to my dorm and talk or whatever? I may be a class-a jurk and drunk, but I'm not inhuman. Waddya say?"

Grace: "Not anymore. Also, can I talk to you?" Grace asked. Anneline nodded approvingly, before the two went off into a corner to talk.

Kyle: Sick of everything, he decided to put his plan into action. He found Courtly dancing with a few other males and pulled her away. "I need your phone," he muttered.

"What for?" she asked. "I'm... Uh, bored." Courtly shrugged and pulled out her Aqua iStarR phone and gave it to him. "Don't break it or you're dead," she whispered before going back to dancing. Kyle sighed, unfortunately for her, he was going to have to.

Quickly, he unlocked Courtly's phone and went through her files. He was a bit overly irritated about all the selfies of Sasha and her, but he could go back and delete them later. Using her phone, Kyle hacked into the school's main storage system.

Alexander, I have an idea, hang tight, and make sure your phone is off. He knew for a fact, that any device connected the the school's Wi-Fi system, automatically had all their storage implanted in the school's storage. If he deleted it from there, they would have no backups if Kyle found a way to delete from their phones too.

He could be smart if he wanted too. "And.... done. Well, sorry anyone who currently has their phone on," he snickered,"not." Before the delete could take effect, he turned Courtly's phone off and waited for the magic to happen.

Sasha: While she was on Instagram, everywhere around her people started groaning, that the school's storage was deleted. Smirking to herself, she continued to take selfies with her friends. Her phone was connected to a satellite, like most other royalty, and whoever orchestrated that attack, clearly was not thinking like a royal. She knew, however, that she would have to be more careful.

"Tsk tsk tsk, ' 'whoever' ' did that made a bad move." Sasha muttered, before posting a small video on her ElementalBook. Attached was the caption: I would have thought people had more decency, than to have s*x in a classroom. The file was a small clip from the moans Scarlett and Selene recorded.

"Dumb move, Kyle." She said outloud, knowing that Kyle was watching her, before heading upstairs to a private room with her friends.

Kyle: Kyle couldn't help but chuckle maliciously to himself, "That's not the only trick I have in mind Sasha, I've changed more than you think."

I would have thought people would've had the decency to remember who they're messing with, he thought to himself. "The cameras around the school are way to easy to hack, ever heard of a firewall? Or a security password that isn't the same exact thing?" he muttered, pulling out Courtly's phone again and hacking into the cameras.

Post, Post, Post, Post.... Wooow... The stuff students do in the most public areas. Apparently Alexander and he weren't the only ones. He decided, might as well post everyone else's affairs too. As the posts keep sending out, Kyle took it upon himself to delete the selfies on Courtly's phone.

"I can't believe my sister is friend's with the Queen of B*tchy-ness."

Alexander: He did as Kyle instructed, waiting for further instructions before noticing Terren nearing him. A bit taken aback by the boy's sudden behavior, he decided to give him a break and help him get to his own dorm without falling over. He walked towards Selene and begged her to open the door for him, promising not to come back to the party for the rest of the night, thus leaving her alone with Harry. She finally budged an opened the door to let him go before closing it shut right after he left with Terren. "C'mon, pal, we have to get you to your dorm."

Terren: As Terren was being walked out of the party, he mumbled incoherently, with only some words understandable. "' know man?" Following this, he let go and almost faceplanted into a ficus, ejecting vomit into the plant. Ironically, he made the plant grow with his powers.

Alexander: Gross... Alexander thought, grabbing Terren by his shirt and dragging him to the dorm he knew all too well after having quite a number of encounters there with Harry. In all honesty, he did consider Terren as a friend. "Okay, so, would you mind opening the door?"

Terren: "Oh yeah man, sure.", he mumbled, the intense scent of vodka on his breath. Clumsily, he pulled the key out of his pocket, turning the lock in the door, a loud click popping as it became unlocked. With that, he fumbled with the door handle and finally it opened. Immediately, he tripped inside, pulling Alex along with him. As soon as they were both inside, Terren locked the door behind him, shoving the key into his pocket. "We, uh, need to talk man," he said less drunkenly, but still drunk enough to not comprehend what he was doing as he sat on his bed.

Alexander: Alexander's cheeks heated up. Was it about his and Harry's blackmail? "Uh, may I ask if it is about Harry before actually starting the conversation?" He bit his bottom lip, suddenly unable to keep his eyes on Terren's due to his sudden self-consciousness.

Terren: "Somewhat, but it's more about you" he said, slurring his syllables and swaying as he spoke. "Sit down.", he half said, half asked.

Harry: "You did good out there Selene." Harry quietly said, his eyes boring into hers as his hands focused on healing her. "Though, I may need to show you some tricks or two."

Alexander: "Uh, please elaborate? What do you want to talk about?" Alexander obey and sat down, one out of curiosity.

Selene: "I did not want to offend that girl. But she stained my dress and she also called me something hideous." She offered Harry a weak smile as she pulled back a strand of hair behind her ear with her free hand.

Terren: "So, uh, yeah. Not the be rude or any crap like that, but do you have some unresolved issue you try to solve by pleasuring all the guys here with Alex Jr. or something?", he said as softly as a mean drunk guy could.

Erraline: "Oh great. Drama." Erraline remarked as she posted on ElementalBook. She had no idea where Derren was and she was close to leaving.

Alexander: His cheeks turned a dark shade of crimson in embarrassment. Even if Terren was drunk, they often said that a drunk man was an honest man. "Eh, no, I do not think so. May I ask why? Do you have an unresolved issue you try to solve by pleasuring yourself with vodka?" Alexander replied. Not rudely, or anything, but rather with a witty tone, and as a nice, but polite comeback to make Terren reflect about himself... or the closest thing a drunk guy could do to reflecting upon himself.

Terren: Terren grinned at Alex's response. "Ha, no. I only got drunk like I did and dressed like I did," gesturing to his Day-glo green suit and cherry red fedora clashing against his light lavender tie and sewage brown tie and shoes with red and white polka dotted socks, "to disrupt her party." He chuckled, then stared into Alex's eyes with his own drunk ones, pulling off his horrid tie and hat. "I ask that by, uh, wondering why you have sex with everyone." He paused ignorantly. "Oh, no offense. So, uh, why?"

Anneline: Anneline, surprisingly, wasn't drunk yet. "Anneline, please don't tell my father where I'm currently at. I've ran away from home because my father is a horrible, abusive man. I want to live a life where I'm not having to worry about the threat of being abused." Grace pleaded.

Alexander: "I don't haves sex with everyone. I haven't had sex with Sasha. I haven't had sex with Emily. I haven't had sex with Miquel. I haven't had sex with you. That's most definitely not everyone... So I am not sure how to reply as to the why of an incoherent question," Alexander shrugged, trying to confuse Terren so that he'd drop it.

Anneline: "Grace, I won't tell. But you do realise that Branton wouldn't be as sympathetic as me, right? I'll try and tell Branton to not go to your dad and inform him of your whereabouts but if he refuses, then I'm going to have to hide you somewhere away from the Academy."

Terren: He glared darkly at Alex. "Don't try and get off of this. You know what I mean Alex. I kniw you did it with Harry, and I now you did it with Kyle, as does the rest of the school, thanks to Sasha. And don't think I don't know you've been flirting around the hallways. I'm no dummy Alex." He looked at Alex normally again. "Now, answer my question."

Erraline: Erraline remembered that Derren was last with some pretty girl outside. Instead of wondering where Derren was, she started to think. She was experiencing a feeling that was strange to her, a feeling that was keeping her here: intrigue. As she began to overthink, a new side of her started to come out. What if she had some secret power to herself? Of course, she had some power. But not power that was earned herself. She was just born with that power. And there were two traits she possessed which could aid her in this: the traditional Lunar Elemental mystery/the fact that nobody knew her secrets and the fact that she didn't care for anyone except Derren and maybe Audrey, as her Highness, even though Audrey was friends with Sasha. Now, whenever she was in this mood, she would be in pursuit of a little earned power for herself. A good place to start in this pursuit would be to understand the current Academy drama. She figured from the circumstances and from ElementalBook/ElementalGram whatever that Kyle and Sasha were trying to sabotage each other's play with drama, some Fire Elemental was romantically involved with a couple of people, Sasha was drama-hungry, some random girl who was bragging about her Hollister shirt who was p***ed off at Selene for spilling a glass of wine on her "oh-so-precious" shirt and two of the Edans were having a family reunion. But she needed more information. And so the Lunar Lady sat in a sofa in a corner of the room, smirking, before going back on her iStarR phone for any more updates.

Alexander: He sighed before replying. "No, I don't have any mental ailments that involve daily sexual activity. Hope that answers your questions. Now if you will excuse me," Alexander stood up, heading for the door. "Now get to sleep before hangover strikes."

Terren: He shrugged, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his overcoat, then laid down, falling asleep almost instantly, having not given Alex a key.

Alexander: He tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. Carajo. He tried opening it again. Since when did dorm doors stay locked from the inside? Alexander walked over to Terren and shook him, trying to wake him up. "Terran, please give me the key?"

Terren: Terren, despite being shaken, only mumbled incoherently.

Alexander: Alexander put his hands on his hair, desperately. UGHHHHHHH. What was he going to do now? To be honest he had drunk a bit himself, and although he though he wouldn't get drunk, he started feeling the effects of the alcohol dawning on him. He needed to get back to his dorm to go to sleep before he did anything stupid. But maybe it was too late. Without even thinking, Alexander placed a full kiss on Terren's mouth, wanting only to wake the elemental up.

Terren: The kiss on Terren's lips only half-woke him up, reminding him of his ex-girlfriend. Thinking this was his ex-girlfriend, he promptly pulled Alex on top of him, and kissed him back on the lips, vodka emanating from his breath.

Harry: "What's done is done." Harry said, quoting Shakespeare's Macbeth. "What you just said, proved to me you can be fierce, and compassionate." Harry genuinely said, his eyes dropping to her lips.

Alexander: He was taken by surprise... Wan't he straight? Either way, naturally, his response was to kiss back for quite some time, before pulling back to gasp for air. "What the heck was that?! Could you please give me the keys?"

Selene: "Harry, I'm sorry for everything," Selene replied. She knew that if she talked about Alexander he wouldn't have known who it was, but it felt wrong taking a loved person off of Harry's life. But then again, that's exactly what Alexander had done before. Take her out of Harry's life.. "I still feel the same way towards you as I always have."

Harry: "As do I, Selene." Harry whispered, before smashing his lips to hers, shocks of pleasure bursting at the connection made;but still, Harry felt the smallest percentage of guilt at the back of his mind. When they were done, they both were out of breath, from the heavy makeout session.

"Leave Dustin, for me, Selene." Harry pleaded, a voice encouraging him in his mind, telling him that this was meant to be. "I don't want to lose you, to someone who doesn't deserve you."

Terren: After Alex pulled up and yelled at him, he came back to reality. "Wait, what? Wait, crap, I just made out with you. Ehn, sorry. I'm like, really drunk. I thought you were my ex-girlfriend. I'm like half-asleep. Sorry dude.", he admitted a bit disgusted, handing Alex the keys.

OOC: From Camden's and Canaan's RP

Camden: Cringing, Camden backed away to the drink table to get some water. In shock, Camden accidentally grabbed a bottle of vodka, downing it all at once. Despite being taken aback, he liked it. "Oh wow, that's good stuff.", he remarked shockingly. He immediately poured and drank another glass.

Selene: "But what if he does deserve me, Harry? What if you noticed we had something a bit too late? I want you Harry. But Dustin treated me like a lady and like I deserved since the beginning. And I really hope I could say the same thing about you." She smiled weakly, hugging Harry with genuine happiness but a lingering feeling of guilt at either leaving Harry or at cheating on Dustin. What was she supposed to do?

Alexander: "Dude. I'm much hotter than your ex-girlfriend, I assure you. And even if I am a guy, by the way you kissed back, I am sure you enjoyed it probably more than I did." Alexander playfully snatched the keys off Terren's hand before winking at him and blowing him a kiss. "No need to lie to yourself." Alexander spoke as he started opening the door.

Terren: "I'm sure you are hotter than her man.", he slurred. He didn't realize what he said, and he didn't mean it, but it came off much more flirty than it sounded in the part of his brain that knew what he said. "Also, I assure you, I am much hotter than any one else you've done it with." Again, something he didn't mean to say, nor for it to sound flirty, but nonetheless it had. As he rolled his eyes at Alex, he laid back down on his, falling back into the depths of sleep more slowly than before, questioning himself about his sexuality the way every guy does at one point in their lives.

Canaan: Now having abandoned Camden, Canaan was downing a fourth cup of whiskey and coke, courtesy of unknown frat guy. Spotting Camden at the "beverages table", Canaan approached him. "Hey!" Excited for no reason, Canaan hugged Camden.

Camden: Camden, very drunk by this point, was swaying by the tables, fiercly guarding his third bottle of vodka. Then, Canaan ran up to him and hugged him. "Yeah, great party man!", he shouted like everyone else was deaf.

Alexander: Smiling weakly at the drunk Terren, Alexander decided to go kiss his forehead before exiting the dorm. He wanted to show Terren that Alexander did care for him, but also wanting to respect his sexuality.

Canaan: Canaan laughed at Camden, fist bumping him. "WHERE'S THE GIRLS AT?" Canaan asked, as if HE was deaf.

Camden: Unlike himself, Camden yelled, "GIRLS! YEAH! LETS DO IT MAN! YEAH!", he shouted, turning around frantically for girls. In this rabid spin cycle, he accidentally threw his bottle of Vodka into the air ("Gah!" "What the hell?!?!").

Canaan: Canaan, disappointed to not see Iva anywhere around, turned to go back to the refreshment table. He makes his way, and picks up a new cup, filling it with pineapple vodka. Filling his cup, Canaan went back to Camden. "Brooooo."

Erraline: Erraline eventually decided that it was time for her to go. Although she was about to have fun with this new side of her, she did have to come back to reality eventually. Swiftly, she exited the party, but not without another bottle of champagne.

Terren: As Terren was dozing off, he felt a peck on his forehead. Despite being curious about this, he decided to let it go until later. He was tired and Alex obviously wanted to go. Of course, he would try and boring it up again, if he remembered.