The Pool

The Pool
Open 6 AM—10 PM

General Rules



Profane language, Public Affection or any form of fighting (including the use of powers) is prohibited.

If a swimmer is to find themselves in danger in the pool, they are to hold themselves up by the lane ropes and raise their palm into the hand to signal that they need help.

Running is not permitted.

All swimmers are to be suitably dressed.

At least three lanes are to be clear for pure swimming. Two lanes are for free use.

These three lanes are strictly to be kept clear during swim meets.

Swim Club Rules


Swim meets are held once a week on Monday morning, with two other sessions held during the school week for practise

No event is delayed for a team member, when their event, or turn, is called they must report immediately or face expulsion of the current event.

All meetings have required attendance and only an excuse from a teacher or a medical certificate would be accepted. If members are to be found without either, they will be given three chances per month or they will be expelled from the club.

Competitions are required of members

Members are chosen at the beginning of each year and tryouts are required.

Christopher Halloway

English Teacher/Swim Coach

Swim Team