Introduction and Background

Y'all know me to be very dramatic, so I decided to start this new month with a BANG! Hence, The End of The August a Quest/Roleplay event that will be composed of three parts: I: The August II: Dissent III: The Peons. The first part, is going to hopefully, include most of the students in The Academy. There are going to be two groups: The Cardinals and The Afters. The Cardinals will be your cast of students that will be heavily emphasized on in the roleplay, The Afters will be referenced to alot during the Quest/Roleplay. Students part of The Afters, have a chance to undermine a Cardinal and replace that Cardinal in the roleplay. Since, I have a plan for this Quest/Roleplay I will decide if a After will become a Cardinal. Do not take this as if I have something agaisnt you, or your character. It is simply for the means of Roleplay.


  • Once you enter a student, you are not allowed to exit the Roleplay. It will mess the progress of the Quest/Roleplay.
  • You may state which group your student may be in, but in the end, I choose which group your student goes in, for the sake of Roleplay
  • Yes, there will be prize for whoever wins the Quest, and there may only be one winner. To give y'all an incentive, it has something to do with the rank of the winning student, and their influence over other students. One might even say, their rank can rival those of the Triarchy: Sasha, Selene and Anneline.
  • You cannot rage in the comments, if something happened to your character, that another user did. Raging, and being rude to other users/characters will not kick you out of the roleplay, but enact consequences like a chat ban, or the inactivation of one of your characters for a period of time.
  • There might be trigger scenes, and there will be a good portion of violence/sexual content, so if you are uncomfortable with either, I ask that you do not enter, for your own sake.
  • Be aware, there may be more rules added as the Quest/Roleplay continues
  • Whatever happens in this roleplay, has no effect on the current state of the student in the Academy, unless you're the winner.
  • The number of initial characters will not remain the same. More characters will be added, though some will unfortunately not be with us as the RP continues.
  • My characters will not win, they're simply there to guide y'all on the RP.
  • In order to be one of the characters with a chance of winning, the student MUST be a Cardinal.
  • If you have read the rules, please write when entering your student: Carry on.

A Taste of the (Possible) Events

"Come on" Sasha drunkenly said, her face pouty to persuade Harry into opening the gift. "I thought we had no secrets! Plus, I'm ordering you to." Harry shifted uneasily, his eyes darting to see each person's stance on this. Selene was heavily drunk by this point, and was a giggling mess with Sasha; Cassandra eyed the gift warily, and for a brief moment it was like she knew what was in it; Cliffe's face was composed, giving no hint of what was going through his brain; and Kyle didn't even bother to hide his interest in the gift. If it bothered Harry, it must have been one hell of a statement. 

"Sasha, I said no." He snapped, his voice asserting dominance over the decision. "Respect that, or get the hell out of my cabin. For all I care, you can go freeze to death!"

"Fine," Sasha snapped, her face pinched to show her anger, but her eyes portrayed she was hurt by what she said. "If you want me to freeze to death, so be it!"

Sasha stomped out of the cabin, the harsh wind smacking their cheeks as the door flung open, in a sign of finalization. "Selene," Harry sighed in exhaustion. "Follow her please, I don't want her doing anything stupid."

Selene nodded enthuastically, the wine taking a toll on her senses. With a rosy blush on her cheeks, she exited the cabin, the harsh wind smacking them in the face again, but this time with a taste of Sasha's anger.

"Harry." Cassandra's silky voice carried over the sounds of the weather outside. "What are you going to do about it."

"He's going to keep it to himself, aren't you Harry?" Kyle tauntingly said, pacing around Harry like a lion stalking his prey.

"It's his decision Kyle," Cassandra firmly said, her gaze transferring over to him. "You don't have a say on this."

"Why shouldn't I?" Kyle's face forming a hateful glare at Harry, "Courtly's unconscious because of him!" 

"So is Chris!" She snapped back, clearly reminding Kyle to watch it. "And Alex, but we should still respect it. Harry's the only one with enough information to know what's going on."

Cliffe remained silent over this, his eyes watching the exchange, perhaps it was the fact that Alex was unconscious, or that a headless elemental was found not so far from the cabin, still he was rendered uncapable to speak; and for that time being, no one would know what ran through his head, ever again.

Kyle lunged at Harry in defiance, Courtly being in the hospital was too much for him, and the fact that someone was dead added to the pile. 

"Stop!" A voice shouted, but Kyle wanted blood, he wanted, no needed, someone to pay for what happened to Courtly. Harry, being the only one who sufficient information, was the obvious scapegoat here.

Pandora's Box rolled to the ground, as the duo threw punches, and a frantic Cassandra tried to pull them away, fear obvious in her eyes. Cliffe glanced at the box, the gold wrapping and velvet bow tempting him to open it. Without a further thought, he reached down and grabbed the box, the wrapping sin personified as it led him to carefully untie the bow. Within seconds, the box was exposed, vulnerable to Cliffe's curious thoughts that threatened to consume him. He needed to know what caused that to happen to Alex, Chris and Courtly. Why wasn't Harry willing to share it? Why was Cassandra on his side, when it was her boyfriend that was also unconscious? A wisp of stale air, caught on to his nose as the contents of the box was suddenly visible. In it, laid a phone. He glanced at Harry and Kyle once more, they have taken it outside, where Cassandra was throwing chunks of rock at them to make them stop; it was clearly ineffective if they kept on going. His finger traced the power button teasingly. It glinted sharply at him, drawing his attention as if to tempt him to on the phone. Cliffe followed through, the phone lighting up as the screen saver came up. A sharp intake of breath, was all that can be heard as his fingers carrying the phone, trembled. One Message. He unlocked the phone, and the shift of brightness, blinded him momentarily. 

Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.

The Characters

The Cardinals

The Afters

Quest Information

The purpose of the quest will be revealed soon enough. The quest setting though, will be found in the beginning of the RP.

Part I: The August

Sasha rolled a strand of hair around her finger, her other hand texting furiously on her phone, as she sat in the plane heading towards her family's winter resort. Accompanying her were: Selene, Anneline, Harry and Cassandra, whom she hoped would help her in her many plans for the break. "How many people did you all invite?" She asked, breaking the quiet peace they had in the plane. "The entire school," Harry cut in, before he stretched and yawned, an act to draw attention towards his muscles, particularly Selene's attention. "What?" Sasha snapped, her eyes snapped on towards Harry's yawning figure. "I said to invite those who I could tolerate! Not the entire f*cking school!". "My bad." Harry casually shrugged, as if it didn't affect him which it really didn't. "At least, they'll bring booze and drugs". Sasha gave him a look of disgust, before going back on her phone. "Let's hope they get lost in the pathway towards the resort." She muttered quietly, though everyone heard her at that point. 

**You are on the local road towards the Petrova Resort. You are standing right outside the gate, where if you push hard enough, will budge to grant you access. Once you walk the path, there are two options. You can take the pathway towards the Petrova Resort, which will take all night, or you can wait for a moving cart to bring you towards the Resort. The moving cart is rickty, and on the verge of breaking, a huge contrast to the luxurious path you walked on to take you to this point. Choose wisely, and use Post to roleplay. **

Sasha: Stepping out of the private jet, I called our private chauffeur, to bring us towards the Resort. "Ugh, why did Father have to build it in the mountains, near a frozen lake. We can't even ice skate on it, or it'll break!" Sasha complained.

Alek: I appear at the end of the path in a blast of light. My mother had finally taught me long distance teleportation, and I was definitively taking advantage of it. "What is the blazes...?" I ask out loud as I see the divided road. One is what seems to be a small rail road, the other a path. I choose the path and begin walking.

Cliffe: The airport chauffeur drove quietly while I watched out the window, headed to the Petrova Resort. Befriendly Harry was obviously playing to my advantage. He drops me off at the gate and I enter in, finding a split path. One is a cart track, the other an old path. I decide the cart would be quicker and hop in.

Simone: After what seemed like hours of sitting on a plane, Simone finally reached land and was taken to the gate by one of the airport chauffeur. Once there she pushed passed the gate and was faced with two paths. "Hmmmm that will probably take all night." Simone said looking towards one path. With that she went to the other path and entered the cart.

Selene: "Well, Sasha, if you really want to, you, Harry and I could easily make it freeze more and therefore make it skate-able." Selene offered, making sure to walk next to Harry and lightly nudge him with a smirk on her face a she mentioned his name.

Alexander: Alexander hadn't been exactly invited to the winter getaway, but he figured that if he really wanted to get Harry back, he should commit himself and afford to go there, besides trying to avoid Sasha at all costs. He shivered just by the thought of her. Of how cruel she could and had already been. After going through the gate, he came up to a bifurcation. Sighing at the long path, Alexander decided to go to the place where a cart appeared to pass. Waiting for it, he noticed some people already there.

Nikolai: Truth to be told, Nikolai had severely pondered on whether he should join the people on the Petrova Resort. However, he really missed the cold from his mother Russia and he figured that this place would at least resemble some of his old life... even if he didn't recall much from it. He thought it was also an opportunity to gather more memories, and see the contrast of his old and impoverished life to this, that seemed much more luxurious (even if in his new home there were far more luxuries than he'd ever imagined). After thinking about all of this, and now getting a hint of the cold to come, he lit up his first REAL cigarette in months, sucked lightly on it and closed his eyes in immense pleasure before mindlessly heading towards the cart track after the gate. Besides, being as reckless as he was, the cart would definitely be more fun.

Sasha: "Thanks for the offer," Sasha replied, as they got out of the car, the rusty gate a couple feet away from them. "Harry, why don't you open the gate for us. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry isn't dead."

Harry: Harry rolled his eyes, before shoving the gate open, barely using any meaningful strength. "Ladies first," He said with a mock smile, his arms stretched in a position to allow them in. He personally thought, Uncle went too far with the pathway. It didn't to look like a fucking winter wonderland.

Cassandra: Cassandra quietly trailed behind the trio as they walked up to the transportation spot. Given a few minutes, they arrived at the place and noticed a bunch of people have arrived. "Wow, never knew they would come so early." She said out loud, as Sasha immediately took a defensive expression on her face.

Anneline: Anneline, who was for once being quiet, just followed the rest of the group. She was mainly cold, despite wearing reasonable clothes. She then decided to take the scenic route.

Eliza: Eliza arrived outside of the mansion, and glanced at it for a moment. Well, let's take the scenic route. She started walking up the winding path, admiring the estate.

Sasha: "Why the hell did you freaks come?" Sasha sneered hatefully, as she glared at Alexander and Simone, the school slut. "And why the hell is the cart, on the verge of breaking? Who the hell broke it? I swear, I'm going to sue your ass, when I tell my daddy about this!"

Harry: Harry rolled his eyes dramatically, as Sasha continued her rant, throwing words like "sluts", "retards", "basic bitches", "hags". Harry lost count of how many crying freshmen ran into the woods, and how many contemplated jumping off the cliff to escape Sasha's wrath. Taking advantage of this, he pulled Selene away from Sasha, and ran to the scenic route, leaving Sasha and Cassandra alone with those who stayed to take the cart. "Hey." He smiled, as they walked up the road. "How have you been?" Harry asked, they haven't seen each other for more than two weeks, now.

Cassandra: Cassandra knew Harry and Selene left them on their own, proving how selfish they were, in Cassandra's head. Sisters before misters, no? Selene obviously proved she was a worn out water canister, if she needed Harry to fill her up. Putting her hand to a nearby tree, she discretely allowed roots and other fauna, to bombard them while they walked, hopefully teaching them a lesson.

Sasha: Sasha knew Cassandra was doing something, because Cassandra never leans against a tree, without a purpose. It would go against her posh style, plus trees were scratchy and prickly. "Cassandra, what did you do?" Sasha asked lowly, her voice clearly showing she wasn't in the mood for this. "Nothing," Cassandra lied, her eyes switching over to Alexander and Simone, for support. "I did nothing." Sasha's eyes flared,as she stared at Cassandra, analyzing her for any signs. "Cassandra, I will wring your pretty lit-" "I didn't do anything!" Cassandra yelled back, frustrated, and nervous of being found. "Bitch, what did you say?" Sasha calmly asked in her face, before her hand grabbed her neck to choke her against the tree. "I said, WHAT.DID.YOU.SAY?" Sasha yelled with such a force, Cassandra began to choke harshly. "Learn your fucking place, you bi-" Sasha was cut off as a scream echoed throughout the forest, the sky dotted with black birds, as they flew away from whoever screamed.

Unknown: It laughed darkly as the girl laid on the ground, whimpering for mercy. "P-Please, d-d-don't kill me!" She begged, her eyes wide and red, tears streaming down her rosy cheeks. "I-I'll do anything! Just pl-" She broke down before she can finish what she said, her sobs soon becoming annoying. "You want to live?" It gruffly said, its dark shadow hovering over her, like a lion circling his prey. "What good has your life become?" It asked tauntingly, one of its hands reaching to caress her cheek, as he squatted to look in her eyes. "I m-made many friends, and m-many people would miss me if I died, I promise I-I'll be good from now on!" She pleaded, her hands reaching to clasp its own, before it slapped her face, another harsh sob racking her body as she laid on the ground. "Honey," It whispered in her ear, the cold breath sending shivers down her body. "We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours". "Let me play with you." It mumbled in her ear, its cold lips kissing her neck gently. A scream ripped open her throat, before the cold blade of death sent her cries to hell.

Sasha: Her gripped loosened on Cassandra, and she took it as an opportunity to escape, heading for the forest the scenic route led. No one said anything, as they all looked to the general direction of where the scream came from. "What was that?" Sasha asked out loud, no one commenting. Taking a deep breath, she ordered the freshmen to go find out where the scream came from, but they all whimpered and shook their heads no. "Well, someone has to do it!" She snapped, and took a step forward, leading everyone to take a step back. "Fine!" She growled, as she stomped her foot to the ground. "But you cowardly bastards are coming with me." She turned around and started walking to the direction, the sounds of branches snapping alerting their position, as they all followed Sasha. Sasha probably thought the scream was just a cruel joke, made to prank everyone, and scare them away. If it was, they're going to wish they screamed out of pain. Within a few minutes, Sasha had a general idea that the area of where the scream came from was near. "See, it's probably nothing that ba-" Sasha choked on her words, as a dead freshman girl laid on a bed of flowers, her pale skin tainted with her crimson blood. "Oh fuck." Someone said behind her, the sound of someone throwing up audible. "I'm not staying around for this shit." Everyone began to turn around and run back to the cart, jumping on to escape the forest. People began screaming, as they tripped over rocks and tree roots, while making their way to the cart. "Move it!" Sasha snapped, pushing Alex to the side as she ran to the cart. "Don't you dare start that thing without me! If you do, I'll leave you lying next to that dead girl!" Within seconds, everyone jumped on the cart, the cart moving sideways from the weight, the creaking tensfold louder, threatening to break loose. "Go, go, go, go!" Someone screamed, as they exited from the forest, blood streaming a wound on his forehead. "Wait pl-!" His plea was quickly silenced when a knife hit in him the back of his head, his eyes rolling upwards and his body falling to the ground. "HOLY SHIT!" Sasha screamed, as she activated the cart, the cart creaking in protest, before pulling them away from the scene.

Selene: "I've been wanting to see you..." Selene twirled one of Harry's curls with her fingers, as her other hand tentatively found its way to his chest as she sensually bit her bottom lip. "and besides that, I've been just fine. Not too much to comment. How about you?"

Anneline: Anneline felt uneased by the screams, especially since she had been watching more horror movies. She tried to reassure herself as she moved along the scenic path. "This is not a horror movie, this is not a horror movie."

Harry: "Fi-" He started, but was cut off by the sound of someone screaming. "What the hell?" Harry asked, in confusion. A few minutes later, the forest turned deadly quiet, until screams started to appear again. "What's going on?" Harry cursed, as he grabbed Selene's hand, in order to turn back.

Cassandra: Cassandra whimpered, as she crossed her trembling arms together, in order to stay calm. Things took a drastic turn, when she spoke back to Sasha. She knew better than to piss her off. "I'm so sorry." She muttered quietly, as she turned around constantly, the series of screams getting on her nerves. "Please, I just want to live." She whimpered again, as she began hiking up to the resort. With what she had done, it would be well over dawn, when she would arrive.

Selene: Holding onto Harry's strong arms, Selene's lithe figure shivered slightly due to the cold and the fear. "What could it have been?"

Eliza: Walking up the path, Eliza noticed some bloodstains and examined them. "What kind of hellhole are the Petrovas running?" The bloodstains look fairly recent, not more than a half-hour old. "Something's fishy." I walk up the path a little brisker as she felt a chilly breeze through the air, and she hugged her arms.

Kyle: The chilly wind hadn't effected Kyle in the slightest way as he trampled up the scenic route. He had arrived a little latter, mainly because he didn't want to run into the Petrovas on the way up.

Scarlett: Arriving there late had made Scarlett exceptionally grumpy. She had miss the cart and now she was forced to travel down the pathway, the scary forest pathway where she'd probably get lost and die from hunger.

Eliza: After what seemed like days, Eliza finally reached the top of the route to the Petrova Resort. Taking in the outer appearance of the house, I gently knock on the door three times and wait for a response, hugging my arms to keep warm.

Cliffe: As I walked up the path, unnerved by the screams, I flinch at every noise, every crack, every... well, anything. Then I manage to catch up to Kyle, one of the students I had heard frequently about.

Anneline: Anneline, after trying to calm down her fear, especially after spotting blood stains, continued walking. Her fear had finally diminished when she reached the top of the route. It looked as if she was the second person to have reached the end of the route, as there was another person, a girl who she recognised from Fire class. But she could care less. She just wanted to go inside.

Kyle: Noticing Cliffe besides him, he didn't attempt to start a conversation until he noticed Cliffe's constant flinching. "Hey, relax. You'll be fine," he murmured, trying to reassure him. "You been camping before?"

Harry: "I don't know." Harry said, his head constantly turning around to check his surroundings. "Let's get out of here." Harry muttered, before pulling Selene and him up the scenic route. "I don't know why we're even near this place."

Selene: "Well, what should we do? Isn't this route really far away from the resort itself?" Selene bit his bottom lip as she shuffled closer to Harry's warm body, her mink not doing much effort to cover her from the ice-cold air.

Cliffe: "Yeah, a few times actually, mate." I say to Kyle, trying to act calm as we near the resort.

Kyle: He nodded knowingly, and then suggested, "Imagine it as a camping trip... With friends."

Harry: "It is.." He nodded, agreeing with Selene, as he pulled his arms around her. "Let's just keep on going. Perhaps, we'll reach it sooner than we think."

Cassandra: "F*ck!" She cursed, as she tripped on another one of the roots she summoned up. Shes been running, for what she thought of as hours, non-stop, her stamina quickly dwindling, and her mental state quickly deteriorating. She was used to the luxury life, not the outdoors. Sure, she acted in movies with survivalist concepts, but to actually live them? "Come on!" She groaned, as she tried to stand up with the help of a nearby branch. "I just want this over with." She whimpered, her ankle twisted and tender.

Selene: "I hope," she nodded, intertwining her hand with Harry's and pulling him to continue in the scenic path. "Let's just walk fast. It is already dark and spooky enough," her voice trembling.

Cliffe: I grab Kyle's hand to hurry him up as I speak. "Lets just hurry to the mansion. Alright mate?"

___Read Only If Your Character Took The Cart You may now begin to RP with them. You have until 5/12 (Saturday) for your character, if it is on the scenic route, to reach the resort. You may choose to make your character reach the resort, or not. The choice is yours.___

Sasha: The cries of the freshmen girls, were just begging her to yell at them. Their snotty whimpers, barbaric appearance, and red eyes made them look more like the devils they were. The sophomores were no use, they all resorted to the same basis the freshmen had. The juniors and seniors were all she could trust at the moment, they were composed but terrified. Something she felt, as well. "Quiet!" She snapped at the freshmen and sophomores, her eyes blazing with annoyance. "You there!" She snipped, directing her tone of voice to Simone. "Take care of the freshmen. I don't want their snot on my furniture. It's fr-" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK All audible sounds quickly disappeared. The fear was so thick in the room, you could have seen it. Terrified expressions, hung on the faces of people, their eyes wide with shock, but their hands trembling with uncertainty. "Alexander..." She whispered, her voice a mere wisp in a gust of fear, that threatened to mute them all. "Go to the door and open it."

Alek: I stand quietly behind Sasha, waiting for someone to open the door.

Kyle: Quickly, he rushes up the rest of the path, approaching the resort. "Creepy, just like them. Oh look at the comparisons," he muttered to himself. "Some few people are already here, it doesn't hurt to make conversation, right?" he suggested to Cliffe."

Alexander: He wanted to complain and ask why Sasha had asked him to open the door, although it was obvious that if there had to be any casualties, Sasha would of course choose Alexander to be the one who suffered, which placed him in a very dangerous position. But he was brave, and he wasn't really afraid of what was behind the door. The only thing that he wasn't comfortable with was that if he did so, he'd be obeying Sasha. Sighing, he decided not to be on her worst side. At least not for the night. He stepped closer and grabbed the doorknob, pressing it downward before pulling it towards himself slowly.

Selene: As she continued walking next to Harry, she saw the resort not that far away. Pointing towards it, she held Harry's arm. "Look, we're close."

Cliffe: "I guess not, Kyle." I reply, gesturing for him to go first.

Simone: Upon hearing Sasha, Simone looked to the crying freshman and gave a disgusted look. "Aghhh why are all you freshmen so annoying..." The girl said to the group of other students. Despite her normal attitude showing, Simone was actually very scared at what she witnessed before. Before she could say more she heard the knock and like everyone else she stood still waiting to see what was behind the door.

Anneline: When she saw Sasha, Anneline felt a sense of relief. She hoped it wouldn't be as creepy as earlier, with the blood stains and the screaming almost rendering her temporarily speechless. She stood, waiting.

Sasha: "Well?" Sasha whisper-yelled towards Alexander, after a pregnant pause fell upon the cabin. Sighing, Sasha tip-toed towards the door, before finding Anneline. "Oh dear god!" Sasha yelled in relief, before pulling Anneline in the resort, and closing the door. "Why couldn't you yell for my name!" Sasha snapped in annoyance, towards the perceived threat.

Eliza: "Daughter of a -" I bang on the door. "You know, there's also other people freezing their asses off outside!"

Anneline: Anneline's mind had once again returned to thinking about the horror movie she had been watching earlier, before she snapped out of it once more and responded to Sasha, "I would have preferred to wait for you.". After then hearing the girl she had been stood with banging on the door, she opened it quickly and allowed for the girl to enter before closing it again.

Eliza: I entered inside the resort as a girl I recognized from fire class opened the door. "Thanks." I say genuinely with a quick smile before I push by the girl and her friend, as I started to explore the resort.

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