The Car Ride

Elle: She bounded off the train and yawned. They were the only group that got off except for a group of teenagers and a pair of elderly people. They were the only one's with luggage and Elle chucked hers into the air then caught it. 'He said in the carpark, right?'

Diana: Diana gotup from her seat and followed Elle off the train, her luggage rolling behind her as she walked. "I believe so...." Diana said responding to Elle's question.

Julian: With heavy steps Julian began to follow the rest of the group off the train but, remember Liam who probably had no idea everyone was leaving. Why did he have to drag me into his idotic plan... Julian thought as he sighed and walked towards the part of the train where he last saw Liam. "Liam you back here?" Julian said in a low tone, waiting to see if the fire elemental would come out from wherever he was at.

Caelum: He followed the rest of the group, walking at the back.

Erraline: Having finally woken up, Erraline now walked at the back of the group.

Elle: 'Then...' she trailed off as she stared at a large squared piece of ground with only one care inhabiting it, 'I think that's it.'

Liam: He was getting read to leave but saw Julian as he was walking down the hallway. He followed but didn't run and coughed when he stopped, 'I wasn't but I am now, I suppose.'

Roger: He stepped off the train, with Miquel following his trail. He walked up to Elle and heard what she had last said "Definitely looks like there it is."

Elle: She grinned over at him before glancing around him, 'we're waiting for Julian and Eliza.'

Julian: "You better figure out what your gonna do..... Were all heading to some van to drive the rest of the way." Julian informed Liam, somewhat curious as to how Liam would hide from the group in a small van. "I'll probably end up driving so i'll drive slow, letting you keep up with us." Was all Julian said before pushing past Liam and off the train to the van where everyone else was.

Liam: He blinked as he stared after him, in utter surprise. Seemed that he owed him a lot.

Eliza: After the train ride, someone nudge me, and I lost the crowd as I sigh and pulled my duffel bag onto my shoulder, asking directions to the parking terminal as I jogged there. Entering the terminal, I eventually found the van. "Hello?" I call out.

Elle: 'Over here, Eliza,' she yelled before mumbling, 'god knows there aren't many places to hide in this place.'

Eliza: I smile and walk over. "I'm sorry for holding all of you up, there was a mishap with my luggage, and someone crashed into me and cut me off from all of you, so I had to go halfway across the train station to access the terminal."

Elle: She waved her hand, dismissing the words, 'yeah, okay, we should get going though. It's cold and that car has heating.'

Miquel: "So. Who of us knows how to drive? It doesn't really matter on who has a permit or license, as we already have our own from our new IDs, so it really comes down to who can actually drive without killing all of us." Miquel said.

Roger: "Well, I have a permit back home, and I've driven since I was 14. I don't know how far away it is from where we are now, but we could take shifts in case anyone gets tired," Roger offered, implicitly volunteering to drive.

Eliza: "I'm better at navigation then driving. I can tell you exactly how to get somewhere, but driving this swanky car there myself...that's a hell of a different story.

Diana: Dian looked to the car, knowing she would be able to drive it but, before she could say anything Julian stepped up.

Julian: "I'm Driving...." Julian said in a low tone although his words were loud enough for everyone to hear. Not caring if anyone tried to argue, Julian walked to the drivers side of the car and jumped in the driver seat - looking for a seat of keys that he eventually found in the glove compartment.

Elle: She shrugged at the others before jumping into shot gun and pulled out a map and unfolded it. 'Well, we should head East.' She said, her lips pulling up as if she found something funny.

Roger: For once in his life, Roger laughed at Julian's demeanor before speaking: "Those are fake keys." He remarked before walking towards the hood, raiding it with one arm and with the other, reaching for the actual keys in the corner. "If you're going t act apathetic at least do it right and listen to instructions." Roger offered an unusually smug smile from his part and tossed the real keys to Julian.

Eliza: "Good eye, Roy." I smile and hop in the car.

Julian: Julian caught the keys in his hand, glaring at Roger for a few seconds. "You really shouldn't order me to do anything..... I'd hate for you to get on my bad side." Was all Julian said before turning the keys and turning on the engine on.

Diana: Diana looked to roger for a second then to Julian before rolling her eyes. "Can we just go....." She said before climbing into the car, sitting next to Eliza and not saying anything.

Eliza: I smiled a little at Diana before noticing another seat beside me, wondering who would sit there.

Elle: 'Can we please leave?' She asked with a yawn.

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