The Dinner

Liam: He pushed the door open and gazed around the restaurant, holding the door for them all, 'well, it seems it really is a five star restaurant,' he observed as Elle brushed past him and she smirked in response.

Eliza: I had changed to a sleeveless emerald dress that almost reached my knees, and black flats. I decided to dress up since we were eating fancy. "Why thank you, Liam." I sat down at the table, awaiting Roger's arrival.

Roger: Roger entered the restaurant with a dark slate grey suit and any blue shirt that really complimented his figure, making him look sturdier. He took off his blazer and placed it over his chair before shifting his tie into place, sitting down next to Eliza and fixing his unfixable and extremely tidy hair with his hand before looking at his girlfriend and smiling at her, "You look gorgeous, Ms. Eliza."

Eliza: I blush slightly. "Why thank you, Roy. You look absolutely dashing in a suit."

Elle: She glanced around the room before sauntering down the stairs. Her ruby red dress cut down to her ankles with a slit rising up her right leg. The front and back dipped which emphasised her assets and her heels were roughly eight inches. Her make-up was done to perfection and the red lips matched the colour of her dress. She had a black clutch grasped in her hand and she slid into the chair across from Eliza, her focus drifting from person to person.

Liam: He sat into the head of the table, wearing a traditional suit but the jacket colour was white instead of black and the bowtie matched.

Eliza: "You're Elle, right?" I smile as I extend a hand towards you. "Eliza Barnes, nice to meet you."

Elle: She regarded Eliza with unreadable eyes before shaking her head with a tight lipped smile, 'quite.'

Eliza: "So then, this whole scenario thing, it's strange I must admit." I chuckle slightly. "So I've heard that you and Roger are in the Elemental Creatures class?"

Miquel: Miquel entered the restaurant next to Emily and sat down right next to Liam and where Emily should sit. "Hello, Liam" He greeted with a small smile as he shifted his silk lilac tie. For a suit, he wore a fitting electric blue suit, a white shirt and brown elegant leather loafers. Overall, he looked a bit quirky but he managed to pull the outfit off. His hair was finally not in a quiff, but in a rather messy slick-back stylish fashion. He turned to Liam and asked, "DO you think I look too weird with my hair this way?" He bit his bottom lip anxiously.

Elle: Her stare flicked around the room for Roger and regarded him for a moment before smiling at Eliza, 'I do believe I am. Mind you, I don't particularly...converse with people whilst in class but I do remember speaking to Roger. Boyfriend, I presume?' She asked as she rose an eyebrow as she remembered back to how the two looked at each other upon sitting down.

Liam: He smiled lopsidedly at Miquel, 'hello again, nice to see a familiar face.'

Miquel: Miquel tried reading Liam's expression "What is it? Is anything wrong?" Miquel asked genuinely worried for Liam.

Roger: "Well, we are still wondering on how we will work, but boyfriend is the closest thing to what I am for her." Roger replied smiling courtly at Elle too, "Anyroad, you look stunning Elle. Your dress is very flattering to your, er, figure." Roger complimented her although the dress was a tad too revealing for his taste. Still, he genuinely thought she looked good.

Eliza: "I definitely agree, I could never look good wearing a dress like yours, but it definitely suits you, Elle." I smile and underneath the table, I take Roger's hand in mind. "Anyways, I am curious to know - is the class interesting? I was suppose to take it next semester, before all of this mess."

{{Post|Elle|She smiled at them both, 'why thank you,' she said as she studied Roger as if not believing what he said before turning back to Eliza, 'hopefully you still will. I wouldn't call it fun but it is interesting in some parts. It does drag at times.'

Liam: He tilted his head, 'no?'

Erraline: Erraline walked into the restaurant and sat at the table by herself. She wore her false fur coat, as well as a slimming purple gown and high heels. She then took off her coat.

Julian: Clad in a traditional black suit and white button up shirt Julian walked into the restaurant and looked around, finally spotting the group at a fairly large table near by. while running a hand through his messy hair and giving small sigh Julian walked up to the table, going to the chair next to Erraline. "Is this seat taken." Julian said while standing behind the chair, his tie hanging untied around his neck as he really didn't care to actually tie it.

Diana: Diana stood at the entrance of the restaurant, her gaze fixed on the group of classmates that sat at the table. For reason unknown by even Diana she couldn't move and only stared which may have earned her a few strange looks. You can do this.... The young female thought to herself as she finally started walking, her black lace backless mermaid evening dress dragging behind her as she did. Once reaching the table Diana didn't acknowledge anyone except for Liam, who she only gave a soft smile and a short wave before sitting on a chair next to Elle.

Liam: He nodded to her with a small smile.

Elle: Her eyes flickered over to Diana and winked.

Erraline: Erraline looked at Julian. "No." She replied.

Eliza: "Well, who wouldn't want to learn about amazing creatures all day, am I right?" I smile. "So, how long have you been here for Elle?"

Elle: 'A month now?' She replied absentmindedly as she thought it through before nodding, 'a month and three days,' she continued but more confidently.

Eliza: "Well, welcome to the academy. Hopefully they put you in a good dorm, I'm stuck with a naïve 14 year old, a gallant but slightly full-of-himself Solar Duke, and a Flint brother.

Elle: She smiled politely at that as she took a sip of water, 'I already have a dorm,' she confessed as she placed the drink down.

Eliza: "That's awesome! Do you know who your dorm mates are?"

Elle: She nodded at Liam, 'he's one of them. There are four others but they're just acquaintances. Most of us keep to ourselves except us two,' she said as she scrunched her nose, 'I do believe the two of us argue so much the others avoid the dorms altogether.'

Eliza: I chuckle. "At least your dorm situation is better than mine. But hey, I know that, if I have to, I crash in Roger's room every once and awhile."

Miquel: "Alright. I like your tie by the way, it reminds me of... " he gulped, "Well, it reminds me of something..."

Liam: He raised an eyebrow at him before shrugging, 'it's a bowtie but thanks,' he replied.

Elle: She snorted slightly as she heard this, 'then is there really any doubt what you two are?'

Roger: He turned completely red at this, and almost spat what he's just sipped from a water bottle he'd brought. After swallowing it, he spoke up, "Uh, Elle, Eliza and I are not having sex. And we aren't going to."

Miquel: He shrugged, "Same thing. It blends in with your shirt somehow, so maybe that's why," Miquel replied, which didn't make sense so he just nervously laughed, "So, who's your crush right now? Is it Diana?" He asked the last part by whispering with an almost inaudible voice to Liam.

Liam: He widened his eyes slightly as he risked a glance over to Diana before turning to glare at him, 'why would you say that? Who said I even have a crush?' He asked him with an accusatory glare.

Elle: She winced slightly for Eliza's sake, 'now that's the way to win a woman's heart, captain.' She said as she covered her mouth to hide her smile.

Eliza: I chuckle at Elle's expression. "Plus, having a chaste relationship allows us to appreciate one another, and build a lasting relationship rooted in true love, not intercourse."

Elle: She gave a conceding nod to that before pointing out, 'that is true but by being sexual, it strengthens the attachment between the two people and create a certain bond that cannot be imitated with just emotions. To make love with one another can certainly help in appreciating the other and igniting the flame further. Sex does not withhold true love between people, rather the opposite. You can appreciate each other both ways, especially if you have both parts.' She swirled the glass around as she studied them for a moment before smiling, 'of course, that being said, you don't have to have sex if you're not interested but it would be ignorant in believing that sex stops relationships to continue and that it causes the downfall of a lasting relationship. Sex, in all reality, represents the love between the people. If it dies out or not enjoyable, then it would mean that one of the partners involved has lost their love for the other but that has nothing to do with sex being the reason for it. Sex always has been a symbol.'

Eliza: "I guess you have a point - but Roger and I are doing perfectly fine without it. It's not intercourse is wrong, it's just not necessary for the two of us." I sip my water.

Elle: Her eyes sparked at this, 'that argument is completely different from the one before.'

Diana: Diana stayed quiet and listened to the conversations that were going on around her. With a glass of water in hand, the young elemental swirled it around and occasionally took drinks from it while she took glances around the table.

Julian: Julian gave Erraline a soft nod before pulling the chair out and sitting on it. "So whats this dinner about again?" Julian asked, leaning a little towards Eraline so she could hear him.

Erraline: "The advisor wants us to get to know each other."

Eliza: I chuckle. "It isn't actually. In fact, they are the same argument, just worded differently. Called reading between the lines. Anyways, on a different subject, do you know your role yet?"

Elle: Her eyes flickered before shaking her head, 'no, I do believe we are waiting for the last two people to arrive. Caelum and Emily I believe,'

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Roger: Roger chuckled a bit as he saw both his girlfriend and what was probably his best friend fight over sex that just wasn't going to happen. "I'm happy with Eliza as we are, and despite sexual intercourse being a great spark in between a lot of people, it's just not for us, specially not for me, and I extremely thank Eliza for being supportive with our decision. In fact, we've already spoken about having her part of the relationship being open, but she doesn't really want to, if I recall correctly."

Miquel : Miquel held back a laugh, "Nope, no one did, but she's pretty attractive and I'd bet my money that she probably could like you too. I mean, you're not that ugly." Miquel joked, playfully punching Liam's arm with his in a brotherly-like fashion.

Eliza: "La Yes, you recalled correctly." I smile. "But hey, at the end of the day, the two of us are happy, and in love, and when it comes down to it, that's all that matters."

Elle: She nodded twice before shrugging, 'I wasn't combatting your happiness with each other. It was the generalisation over what sex means and that by not having it, your relationship is far better than a relationship that values sex. That is what I was combatting.'

Eliza: I nod with understanding. "Why thank you, Elle," I smile at the girl sitting across from me. "My real question is, where the heck do you find eight-inch heels?"

Elle: 'I bought them New York,' she said as she chuckled, 'I brought them over.'

Eliza: I nod, impressed. Another thing that I noted is that all of the other girls were wearing lavish ballgowns, and I was a shorter, more conservative dress. Sure, it was fancier with the jeweled belt, but it didn't compete with anyone else. I lean over to Roger and whisper. "I think I underdressed a little.."

Liam: He turned his head to hide his blush and rubbed his knuckles against his cheeks, 'not as good looking as that prince over there. I'd be surprised if she wasn't looking at him.'

Roger: "Nah, you did not, my dear Ms. Eliza. Underdressed, or not, you still look beautiful. You just don't need too many accessories or fancy dresses. Just like Elle, whether she is pimped up or not, she looks virtually identical to me. Just as everybody should be."

Miquel: "Then be surprised! Come on! The prince is not bad-looking, but trust me," he leaned in to Liam's ear and whispered, "You were the first guy crush I had just from sight. That sure has to mean something doesn't it?" Liam wiggled his eyebrows after he pulled back from Liam's ear.

Eliza: I smile and gently kiss Roger's cheek before I look over the menu, trying to decide what I was going to have for dinner.

Elle: She narrowed her eyes at Roger, 'I'm not pimped up nor am I identical to you. We do not look like each other, there is a thing called genetics that prohibits that. Just because I decided to dress up does not mean I am a slut or pimped up,' she said as she scrunched her nose at him, 'I am not conservative and enjoy dressing up and wearing lavish gowns. If it injures your values then so be it. I don't wear clothes for other's attention.'

Eliza: I quickly move my gaze between Elle and Roger, trying to find a way to be the middle woman in this situation. "It's not wrong to dress lavishly, that's a choice a person has. And it's their choice to wear whatever makes them feel confident and they think looks good on them."

Roger: He waved his hand in the air in dismissal and misunderstanding. "I completely agree. Maybe I worded it out wrong. I meant that to me people look the same whether they are in a gown or in their pajamas. They are all beautiful both guys. I'm not suggesting you are like me, since then that would be complimenting myself and I believe I am modest enough not to do that. I do believe your dress is stunning, as I mentioned earlier, Elle and it doesn't injure my values. I believe you are a very good person and you like to express yourself in your own way and I find that admirable."

Eliza: I nod in agreement. "So then, what to order..." I say quietly, glancing over the menu.

Elle: She pursed her lips before taking another sip, 'I saw the way you looked at me,' she said as she glanced down at the menu, 'shouldn't we wait for the last two to arrive?'

Eliza: "Hey, it's never too early to start thinking and preparing for anything, especially food."

Roger: "I think that I know what I'll be having..."

Eliza: "Lemme guess - halibut?"

Diana: seeing as Elle was already in a deep conversation with Eliza and Roger, Diana looked around the table to see who else there was to talk to. There was Julian and Erraline but, Diana wasn't the biggest fan of Julian. Then her gaze landed on Liam and Miquel. After a few moments of thinking, the lunar duchess rose from her seat and sat on the on just on the other side of Liam. "It's Miquel correct?" Diana asked as she sat down.

Miquel: Miquel's cheeks turned red as he had been caught red handed. He simply nodded. "Lunar duchess... Diane?"

Liam: He widened his eyes as he saw Diana wander over and shifted in his seat, begging that his cheeks had lost the blush before snorting at Miquel's name for her, 'Diana,' he corrected him.

Diana: Diana let out a small chuckle as she heard Miquel's name for her. "as Liam pointed out... It's Diana." She said with a small smile placed on her lips. "So... what are you boys talking about?" The lunar duchess asked hoping she wasn't intruding on their conversation.

Julian: Julian gave a soft nod as he heard Erraline. "I see...." He said while looking at the other people.

Liam: He coughed into his fist at the question, 'uh...when I should give out the i.d.s, now or after dinner,' he lied.

Caelum: Caelum walked in quietly, sitting at a table by himself.

Erraline: "There's nothing really interesting to know about me."

Liam: He sighed, 'why bother waiting for the other two?' He asked to nobody in particular and raised his voice, 'alright, ya bastards, listen up!'

Diana: Diana gave a soft nod. "I see.... well maybe you should do it after everyone has eaten." she said before going quiet as Liam spoke up.

Julian: Julian glanced at Erraline from the corner of his eyes. "I don't know about that... i find you quite interesting." He said with a small smirk before going quiet as he heard the boy on the other side of the table.

Erraline: "You're quite the charmer, Julian." Erraline muttered quietly so that she wouldn't get reprimanded by Liam.

Miquel: He smiled as he turned to face Liam, his full attention on him. "Are you giving us the IDs now?"

Liam: 'Two points to Miquel!' He said with a smirk before thrusting the bag onto the table and zipped the side open and brought out a brown envelope, 'you have a name and a job, two of you are together so I suggest you get to know with each other,' he said, dropping his tone as if he was trying to imitate the adviser.

Diana: Diana glanced into the bag that held all their new fake I.D's. Diana had to admit, she was a bit curious as to who she would be but, stayed quiet as she listened intently to Liam.

Julian: Upon hearing Erraline Julian looked over to her and gave her a small wink before looking forward again.

Liam: He slid them out and glanced down to the first one, 'Roger,' he began as he glanced over, 'new name is some French name but your job firm.'

Roger: His eyes became wide-open as he blinked twice, not believing. "I'm now supposed to act like a member of a law firm?" ROger took the ID gingerly and read it Étienne Bordeaux...

Liam: 'Act?' HE asked innocently, 'you are a member of it, there is no acting involved,' he rebutted before pulling out the next, 'and not to worry! You have Elle to accompany you as Anastasia.' He said throwing Elle an I.D.

Elle: She glanced down to it then across to Roger before looking back to Liam, 'they could have chosen a better headshot.'

Roger: He laughed as he looked into her ID and then listened to her comment. "You look good, Elle. Besides, you're the one who knows about laws in here. You are going to help me, right?" Roger bit into his bottom lip and made a puppy-eyed face.

Elle: She gazed at him and tapped her chin with her index fingers, 'I suppose I would,' she mused before winking, 'of course.'

Liam: 'Julian, you are captain Jackson of the Russian police force,' he said throwing another I.D over to him.

Julian: Julian took the I.D in his grasp and slipped it into the pocket of his jacket. "Sounds cool..." Julian said with an emotionless expression.

Liam: He studied Julian for a moment before glancing over to Diana, 'you...don't have a job...research back at the base most likely,' he murmured before glancing over to Eliza and pushed an I.D over, 'Ekatarina, you'll be with Julian.'

Erraline: Erraline smiled as Julian winked at her. She wondered what her I.D. would be.

Caelum: Caelum remained silent.

Liam: 'Erraline, you'll be a preschool teacher with Miquel but he's in the kitchen cooking them food,' he mused as he pulled out the next two I.Ds, 'Erraline, you're Veronica and're Edmund,' he said with a snort.

Erraline: Erraline noticed Liam's snort and rolled her eyes, whilst collecting her I.D. She then turned to Julian. "I'm going to have a great time." She whispered sarcastically.

Eliza: "Ah, you'll be fine Roger. Knowing my devil's luck, we're gonna be separated the whole time.." I tap my fingers against the table.

Liam: He looked at Erraline, a bit fazed by her appearance... she looked a bit dark, much to Miquel's contrast and dismay. He gulped and smiled at her innocently before looking back at Liam and speaking through gritted teeth, "You weren't the one who made the ID's, were you?"

Liam: he grinned lopsidedly as he looked over at him but shook his head, 'nope, not me,' he chuckled, 'but I can see why each one was chosen,' he mused.

Roger: "It's alright, we'll be together in our hearts..."

Miquel: "WHY?!" Miquel whispered a shout, trying not to make a scene. "I feel like she's gonna kill me on a ny given time..."

Elle: She raised an eyebrow at them, 'they're all 9 to five jobs, you'll be together at night,' she pointed out.

Liam: 'Because they're all surveillance, kids are being kidnapped,' he said with a grin, 'and you can get a scope on those affected and see if they're hiding something,' he said before pushing his chair back, 'now if you'll excuse me.' He slid out of the chair and made his way down the table to Julian and leant down to whisper something into his ear.

Erraline: Erraline heard Miquel. She turned to face him. "Listen you French dimwit, he said that you're going to be in the kitchen anyway. I'm the one who's dealing with the kids. And I'm no Sasha Petrova, but I can be just as fierce as her. Just try not to piss me off." She replied sarcastically.

Eliza: I glance over my I.D. "Detective Karkoff. I could get used to that.." I smirk a bit.

Julian: Julian chuckled at Erraline's comment before he turned to the side and looked at Liam. "What do you want?" Julian said while looking up with an uncaring expression.

Liam: He smiled pleasently down at him before whispering, 'don't suppose you could show me to the bathrooms? I haven't been here before so I don't have a clue.'

Julian: Julian was a bit caught off guard by the males question. "Umm sure?" He said a confused tone. With that he stood up and began walking in the direction of the restrooms.

Liam: He matched his pace and only glanced back once before they disappeared from view, 'I need you to do me a favour,' he said instantly as he crossed his arms as he scowled at the other man.

Julian: Upon hearing the males sudden words, Julian stopped in his spot and turned around to face Liam. "and what favor would that be?" Julian ask with a raised eyebrow, his hands shoved into his pockets.

Liam: He regarded him with cool eyes before shifting from foot to foot, 'you're a prince which would mean you can have...extensive power, right?' He asked but didn't wait for a responce, 'if you were to, say, make someone else shadow-travel to where you are...would it work?'

Miquel: He backed off, his eyes wide. "Alright. Miquel." He offered Erraline his hand.

Erraline: Erraline reluctantly shook Miquel's hand.

Julian: Julian thought about the question for a second before moving his shoulders in a shrugging motion. "Don't know..." Was all he said as he stared at Liam. After a few mintues of silence and more thinking he began to speak again. "I guess i could ask the lunar teacher if it's possible."

Liam: He rolled his eyes, 'don't be ridiculous. You can't tell or ask anyone nor do you have the time to without it being the middle of the night and making it seem even more suspicious than it already is,' he said with a shake of his head, 'what about a portal?'

Julian: "A Portal?" Julian said thinking if the idea was possible. "I'm not sure but, i can try...." He added.

Liam: 'Wonderful,' he said with a tight-lipped smile as he gazed at the other man, 'when the train is pulling out of the city, make a portal on the walls. Don't make it so I'm appearing next to might be better if we kept this a secret until there is no turning back. Even from them.'

Julian: Julian shrugged his shoulders, not really caring for the reason behind all this. "Yea whatever. I'm not the talking type anyways.

Miquel: Being the intrusive, and mystery-solving guy he was, he quickly noticed that Julian should be back by now if the only thing Liam wanted from him was to know where the bathroom was. And so, Miquel had stood up and walked towards where he's seen from the corner of his eyes Julian and Liam walk to. He got there just in time to hear the very last part of the conversation, "Keep what a secret?" Miquel asked with an arched eyebrow and crossed arms in front of the duo.

Liam: He froze as he heard a voice and slid his eyes over to Miquel with a frown before smiling slightly, 'that I have no sense of direction. Do you know how humiliating it is that I can't even figure out something as simple as that?' He asked with a snort as he brushed past them, 'I'm hungry...have we ordered yet?'

Miquel: He raised his eyebrow even higher as he tapped his foot against the ground, "Not buying it. Remember I'm a behaviorist?"

Liam: For a moment, he wondered if Julian would keep Miquel's death a secret and contemplated on how to rid his dead body in such a confined place. He could always just burn it to crisp. Putting on a smile, he rolled his eyes, 'oh don't be so uptight.'

Miquel: Putting on a more relaxed expression on his face, he walked right on front of Liam and placed both his hands on Liam's shoulders, giving them a slight reassuring squeeze. "Whatever it is, Liam, you can tell me. I won't tell anyone."

Liam: He sighed before clearing his throat and leant in slightly, 'I have erection problems and I was looking for some tips from Julian.'

Miquel: He laughed for a while as he almost bought it, but for something he was a behaviorist, he always observed everything. "Oh Liam! You don't have those sorts of problems. To be honest I am kind of ashamed to say this, but I've noticed that you have the normal amount of erections a guy has in average. Julian, on the other hand... Whatever. If you don't want to tell me, it is okay."

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Liam: His smile melted off and he blinked at him a few times before shaking his head, not bothering to reply as he pushed his way back to the table.

Miquel: Miquel sighed, somewhat disappointed that Liam hadn't trusted in him.

Julian: Having stayed quiet through the whole conversation, Julian simply walked past Miquel and followed Liam back to the table. "Back..." He whispered to Erraline as he sat down and began scanning the menu.

Erraline: Erraline heard the conversation between Liam, Miquel and Julian, and pretty much maintained a face that suggested that she didn't know what the f**k was going on anymore. "Welcome back, Julian."

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