The Hearing

Liam: He frowned at this and he blinked twice slowly as he stared at the man before glancing around the room but struggled to catch a glimpse of the others in the far too dim light, 'what? What quest?'

Elle: She rolled her eyes as she leant her head onto her fist as she allowed her face to enter the view, 'a quest, doofus, you heard of those things before?' She asked with a dry smile.

Liam: He gave her a withering look as he crossed his arms over his chest as he scowled at her, 'I don't want to surprise you but as it happens, I do believe I have.'

Diana: Diana being her quiet self stood in a corner and looked to Liam and the old man that walked into the room. Many thoughts were going through her head as she looked around the room and only noticed a few familiar faces. having nothing to say, she stayed quiet while leaning against a wall she was standing next to.

Julian: Julian gave a soft chuckle as he heard Elle. He could defiantly get along with a girl like her. "I pretty sure we all know what a quest is...." Julian said in a low voice which probably caused him to be unheard..

Erraline: Erraline wore her favourite coat and didn't bother to say anything. The only person she could see was Julian.

Elle: She smirked at Liam before winking at Julian, 'you'll be surprised how much this doofus doesn't know.'

Liam: 'This doofus has a name,' he shot back as a wisp of fire ran through his hair but was quickly doused in water and he spluttered.

Erraline: Erraline still had no idea what was going on. She went to reach for her phone, but then remembered that she didn't bring it with her. "Crap." She silently muttered.

Diana: Diana took notice to Erraline sitting a few feet away but, decided against takling to the other female. Diana was more in the mood of staying quiet and waiting to see why they were all here.

Julian: Julian softly smirk. "I couldn't care less..." Julian winked at Elle before looking to Erraline and a small smile formed on ethe luanr prince's face. "Hey erraline..." He said after slowly making his way over to her and speaking in a hushed tone.

Erraline: She suddenly got scared as Julian frightened her. "Woah, you got me there. Hey." She then smiled.

Roger: Standing next to Elle with his arms crossed and a pondering look on his face, he looked at her, "I know this will be a quest, but why were we chosen? Was there a specific method of recruiting or was it random?"

Miquel: He was sitting down on a table with a light grey button-up shirt, a dark silver leather jacket and some metallic-looking black skinny jeans, along with his usual quiff. Smiling warmly when he noticed William entered, but being a man of not many words when around people, he limited himself to waving at Liam.

Man: 'Enough,' he yelled as he curled his lip at anyone who dared talk, practically begging for them to speak once more, 'I suggest you get along with every one of these people as nine of you will be spending a lot of time with each other without seeing anyone else. How long for is up to you.'

Elle: She frowned as she glanced across the room, slightly relieved that she knew some people in the room. 'There's ten of us,' she voiced.

Caelum: The darkness finally cleared from his sight. Caelum glanced at the rest of the teenagers in the room. He watched them bicker for awhile, trying to remember their names.

Emily: She sat somewhere near the back of the room away fron the dim light. She kept her eyes focused on Miquel who was waving to some stranger. She would've said hi, but her disorientation wasn't helping.

Eliza: She was standing near the back of the room, listening to everyone before she decide to speak up. "Why thank you, captain obvious." Eliza said, in reference to the captain. God, this was almost worse than the Petrovas. Almost.

Erraline: She decided to ignore everyone else and strike up a casual conversation with Julian. "So, how have you been since we were at Lunarbucks?"

Man: A bang of fire separated Julian and Erraline and it swirled around them in a blaze and the man leant forward to rest his hands on the table as he stared at all of them, his eyes no longer irises, but burning flames, 'I suggest you listen because by this time tomorrow you won't be in this kingdom or any other kingdom. You'll be in Moscow. So if you want to know why then I suggest you shut up and listen to me because a few of you are in the fire kingdom and I am your kings advisor. Do not make me regret bringing you all together, do you understand me?'

Caelum: "King Edan?" He whispered. "He must know his daughter then. Does Victoria know about this?" He continued to contemplate.

Eliza: "I think that you would have less regrets if you told us the plan, sire, so we could be able to form a strategy. Impulsive decisions lead to hasty consequences.

Erraline: Erraline rolled her eyes at the mentioning of Victoria.

Miquel: He finally took notice of Emily and smiled at her, although he knew it was no time to talk properly, Hey Em, we have to talk. Urgently. It's not bad, though He said to her telepathically.

Roger: "If only seven can participate, are they going to take three of us out?"

Eliza: "That could possible.." I shiver, thinking what could happen if myself, or worse Roger was eliminated. I glance over at Roger worriedly.

Diana: Of course Diana stayed quiet still and just waited. Finally she had noticed Liam and gave him a small wave before looking back to the old man who seemed to be the fire king.

Julian: Julian had never been one to listen to people with higher ranks then him, even with his own parents who were the king and queen of the lunar kingdom. With a cluntched fist, Julian decided to stay quiet and give Erraline a small smile before looking forward and waiting to see what would happen.

Advisor: He snorted, 'do you listen, at all?' He snarled, 'one of you will be staying behind being the connection between the group and the city. But perhaps before I start discussing who that is I should be giving you the background.' He said, his tone taking a complete switch and it was more gentle and soft.

Liam: He frowned at this and shifted in his position, not looking at anyone and scowled at the ground. 'The kidnappings.' he spat out.

Advisor: He turned to him with a raised eyebrow, 'you know?'

Liam: His lips pulled into a dry smile as he lifted his eyes to stare at him, 'I read the newspaper.'

Erraline: Erraline reciprocated Julian's smile.

Emily: Once she received the message, she gave him her own timid smile. T-Telepathically right? Even through telepathy she could stutter. She was glad no one could see the tint of pink on her cheeks.

Diana: "3 elemental children were kidnapped in just one month...." Diana said aloud as she remembered reading about the kidnapping on the newspaper like Liam had said.

Julian: having nothing to say, the lunar prince stayed quiet. He wasn't to sure why he was called here but, he was intrigued by the situation.

Advisor: He gave a single nod to Diana, 'and nearly ten mundane children,' he continued, 'these kidnapping has been spread throughout but more kidnappings have occurred in Moscow and tomorrow morning you shall be on your way there. We suspect their base is somewhat around there. Spy, befriend perhaps, then infiltrate and destroy from the inside if it is a threat to us. If not, then at least try to save the children and bring the elementals here or to their respective families.'

Miquel: "No. In private. It is imperative" Miquel replied straightforwardly but with many hints of warmth and care.

Roger: "Okay, but- I understand that we have to do it, but how are we supposed to know what or who it is that is kidnapping people and elementals?"

Erraline: Erraline decided to join in. "About the elemental children, are they kidnapping a certain type of elemental?"

Eliza: I nod at the advisor's message, meaning that we have to play to our strengths. I quickly glance at the people in the room as I formed a strategy.

Advisor: He shook his head, 'some are too young for us to know their elements but the ones we do know, yes there is a ratio between each element but no pattern–it is quite possibly just whoever is that they find. If they are stealing a specific element then it up to your indiscretion, like figuring out how to find them,' he said with his focus sliding over to Roger, 'if we knew where they were then we wouldn't send a bunch of teenagers to go look for them. But the highest age of a child has been seventeen, perhaps they'd think it was a bounty if a group of you arrived there,' he said with a quick shrug before bringing out a duffel bag, 'in this is everything you need. Passports, weapons, keys to your base, but also information on where you work. For this to succeed then they are to believe that you are not one of us but rogue elementals. For that, it would be more practical to give you alibis. Another life. So we have enlisted you into mundane jobs, one might be a factory worker, whilst others are working in an office. Each one has a certain...element that allows you to gain information so I suggest you use the days you're working to your advantage. How long you are in Moscow, of course, is up to you.'

Liam: He clenched his jaw as his fingers tapped his thigh, with his mind whirling and he struggled to push down a growing sense of fire at the base of his stomach.

Elle: She crossed her arms as she heard the information and frowned. She wasn't to back down from this and if they did succeed then it would certainly help them gain recognition throughout the land but if one of the others wanted to...Elle couldn't shake the feeling that that wasn't an option.

Roger: "So we'll have different names, nationalities, jobs and in general, IDs? Can we see them now to memorize our fake personal information?"

Eliza: "Most likely, that is the case. Hey, beats Petrova's mission." I shrug

Diana: Upon hearing the advisor Diana immediately went into deep thoughts. New identities? she thought to herself before snapping herself back to reality. "You said one of us would have to stay behind?" She voiced aloud, with a short pause after. "May i ask who that will be?"

Julian: Julian glanced over to the bag that the advisor had thrown down. "I am a bit curious what my new identity will be..." Julian softly whispered to Erraline while still looking at the bag.

Advisor: He hooked his hand into the bag and threw it at Liam, 'he will, he was born in Moscow. He knows the place well enough to be your eyes and ears,' he said before smiling, 'and he will also be the one coordinating you all. If you have a specific job in mind then I suggest you ask him.' He said before adjusting his tie, 'you have a dinner together so my advice is to take the chance to get to know everyone. Not just the people you already know.'

Liam: He stumbled under the load as he paled slightly. Stay behind? No. No. No. He shook his head, 'not me–I'm better down there.' He pressed, 'I know places that we can use and we won't be able to–'

Advisor: He cut him off with a sneer, 'considering you're a flight risk, you're safer here.' he snapped before shoving past him and Liam stood there glaring at the ground.

Erraline: "You'll probably be given a good identity. I'll probably end up getting an identity where I have to act like an overindulgent brat, because fate loves me." Erraline whispered back.

Miquel: He turned to look at the duffel bag. "Were the identities randomized or were our personalities and abilities taken into account when creating them? That being said, I don't really have an opinion on either, but could we have a look at them now?"

Caelum: He nodded in agreement. "At least let us get a look at our IDs so we don't mess our names up. Not everyone here is an actor, oh wait, none of us are. So if you want this to work, give us the identity stuff."

Liam: He shook his head at them, 'why do you all think we have a dinner together? That'd be our opportunity to look over them,' he replied before the advisor could open his mouth and in return, the adviser scowled at him but Liam didn't bother looking at him.

Elle: She sighed as strands of water swirled around her fingers, 'is it a good place? I'm starving and craving salmon and most places that aren't at least four stars don't serve it. So please tell me it's all paid for and is a five star restaurant. If we're all waltzing to our deaths, you owe us a good restaurant,' she pointed out to the adviser.

Roger: "That is very true. I am craving for an alaskan halibut, but I won't be really picky as long as the food is good."

Miquel: "I could cook for you, you'd love it.." Miquel replied shrugging whilst raising an eyebrow, but it somehow came out as suggestive and both Roger and Miquel blushed a bit.

Eliza: "I could care less about tonight's meal, I'm just excited to have borscht in Moscow." I smile a bit.

Adviser: He looked at them all with a frown before naming a restaurant. Before leaving he stopped and turned only slightly to say, 'good luck.'

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