The Hijack

Elle: She was staring out the window, ignoring every single one of them. She was tapping her foot anxiously and the trees passed her gaze at a slow pace. She jolted up a second later, 'did you see that?' She asked no one in particular.

Roger: "See what? I can only see trees..." Roger replied as he looked out the window.

Eliza: "And quite peculiar ones too." I say as we travelled to our location." I couldn't hide a yawn as we drove, trying not to wake Diana beside me.

Erraline: Erraline was sat by herself, minding her own business.

Diana: Having no one to talk to Diana ended up falling asleep, leaning against the window so she wouldn't bother Eliza

Julian: Julian sat behind the steering wheel and drove slowly towards their destination as to let Liam keep up with them. Julian was silent as he heard the other speaking but, didn't choose to speak himself.

Miquel: He fiffled with his thumbs, bored, and trying to tease Julian, as he knew what was up with Liam, he spoke up "Julian? Did someone die? Or why are we driving so effing slowly?"

Diana: After just a while of sleeping, Diana woke up and noticed Erraline sitting on the seat in front of her. "You and julian seem to be friendly...." Diana said in a quiet tone as she leaned forward so she could talk to Erraline.

Erraline: "Yeah. We just have a nice friendship." Erraline responded.

Julian: Upon hearing Miquel, Julian decided to just ignore him like he did everything else.

Elle: She ignored all of them and continued to stare out of the window into the thicket, "I'm serious, guys, I saw something." She said, her voice unnaturally worried and her eyebrows furrowed together, "something is out there."

Roger: "Something like what though, I believe you, but maybe we can help if you describe it a little."

Elle: She hesitated and searched the forest before shaking her head, "don't believe me. I think I just hallucinated."

Roger: He shook his head, "I don't think you did, but alright," he raised his hands in defeat.

Elle: She smiled hesitantly and turned away. A second barely passed before the glass smashed and hands grabbed Elle and her scream was muffled as she was dragged out of the car.

Julian: Julian stomped onto the breaks just after he felt shards of glass hit against his face and watched as Elle was dragged out the car. Without much thought Julian unbuckled his seat belt and jumped out the van, looking around the area in search for Elle.

Diana: Diana looked out the window with a worried expression. "We need to go help Elle" She said aloud hoping the others would file out the van so she would be able to as she was sitting towards the back and was blocked by everyone else.

Roger: "Eleanor!" Roger screamed as he jumped out of the van through the broken window. Before he could fall to the ground, he used his powers over the air to help him hover over the car and look around, trying to find Elle. "Eleanor!"

Erraline: She rolled her eyes and left the van.

Cult: A group of them were situated just behind the van, a couple of them were holding guns pointed directly to Elle's head. There were about twenty of them, and some were balanced in the trees whilst a few were dotting the circle around the clearing. The leader, who obviously was as everyone was glancing towards him, was gripping her by the hair. Elle was choking out blood and trying to loosen a metal collar that was audibly buzzing. It was obviously causing her the pain and she was continuously gasping for breath as if it actually was choking her.

Erraline: Erraline walked to the back of the van, and was probably the first to spot the cult and Elle. She wasn't able to speak, instead just trying to understand what was going on.

Julian: After only a few seconds of looking around, Julian spotted Elle and the cult residing behind the Van. He also spotted erraline and slowly walked up beside her. "What do you want?" Julian said aloud, his gaze going from the cult to Elle. Although he wasn't close to Elle, the lunar prince didn't like to see Elle in the state she was in now.

Diana: Once Roger had exited the van, Diana was able to climb out the Van and spotted Erraline and Julian at the back of the van. "Oh god..... Elle...." Diana said under her breathe as she spotted Elle. It didn't take very long for Diana to reach Erraline's side and waited for the cult to answer Julian.

Miquel: He stepped out nonchalantly, not being one for gossip until he saw what was actually going on. He gulped, his eyes widened and his face reddened.

Cult: The leader tilted his head and bent down to drag a finger across her cheek, "well, I think you should all get down on your knees. Just so we don't have any...mechanical problems." He said gesturing to the guns. "It'd be a shame for a pretty thing like this to be harmed."

Elle: She cringed backwards from his touch and managed to rasp out, "screw you, you ignorant pea brain." Before coughing out more blood.

Cult: He sneered and struck Elle across the face, the noise rocketing across the air and birds scattered. "You little slut," the man growled before turning back to them and for a moment it was silent before Elle began to scream and reverted back to the tugging of the band.

Julian: Julian gritted his teeth and clenched his fist but, kept a calm expression. "Just do what he says...." Julian said to the others as he got onto his knees. Julian knew some of the others would be hesitant but, he knew something everyone didnt, aside from Miquel. Liam had to be somewhere around and Julian was hoping the fire elemental would be helpful in the situation.

Diana: Diana winced upon hearing Elle's scream. The lunar duchess was surprised to hear Julian's word but, she saw no other way. Hesitantly, she got onto her knees and waited to see what would happen next.

Erraline: Erraline got onto her knees, but was eyeing the guns the whole time. She thought about outmaneuvering the cult and bringing them to their knees.

Roger: He kneeled on the ground without any hesitation, but he focused the best he could on the guns all pointed to Elle. He had a plan. And he thought he could work it out, but he'd need the rest of them to help with. If successful, it would probably be the hardest thing he'd ever done. But how could he communicate with his teammates without blowing it up. The answer came right to him in a fraction of a second. Telepathy.

Erraline: Sneakily and carefully, she was able to pick out the weakest of the cult and steal their gun.

Cult: People began to move and tied Miquel's wrists together and began to go down the line. The leader scuffed his foot in the dirt, "Katherine's on her way. But...we have a minute," he said slowly as he turned his eyes onto Elle. He raised his hand and began to struggle with his zipper.

Liam: He finally decided to step in and a ball of flames erupted from the trees. The leader screamed as he began to burn and dropped onto the ground. The people scattered in surprise and Elle crashed onto the ground. He rushed forward grabbing one of the guns to shove it towards the ground before pushing his sword into one of the guards.

Erraline: Remembering the gun she was able to steal with ease (and surprisingly had not been taken from her), she was somehow able to shoot one of the remaining cult members.

Roger: Roger noticed some guards shoot at Elle's and scared and with his eyes wide, he forced out a small tornado towards her. The time went by 50 times slower as he focused into controlling the tornado. Fractions of a second before the bullets hit Elle's skull, the tornado went through them ad redirected them to their original source, killing both of the guards as Roger's mind scattered and his vision became fussy.

Julian: It didn't take long after Roger deflected the bullets for Julian to run up to Elle and pick her up bridal style. With some concentration, the lunar prince teleport behind some tree and looked Elle in the eyes. "Stay still...." He said seriously while looking at the thing around her neck, his hand raised up next to it. After just a few seconds, the necklace melted into the shadows and teleport onto the floor next to Elle. "Are you ok?" He asked once it was off.

Diana: As everyone began to scatter, Diana took this as her chance to run towards one of the cult members and fight him off. She dodged a few punches and stabs and even rolled under a kick. Finally she was able to take the knife away from the member and stab him with it. Once standing up she noticed a member running towards her. Tossing her knife through the air, the blade dug into the cult members neck - killing him.

Elle: She gasped for air and turned over to empty her stomach onto the ground. When she was done, she internally thanked the lord she had placed her hair into a ponytail. For a moment, she was in an awkward position gasping for air. "I must seem so attractive to you right now," she rasped out as she struggled to get up into a sitting position, tears of exhaustion running down her face and her hands shook. "I...I'm so...I couldn't use my powers. I couldn't feel my powers. I was so empty. I..what happened?"

Julian: Julian gazed at Elle for a few seconds before brushing a strand of hair, that had managed to escape her ponytail, out of Elle's face. "You should worry about your appearence....." Julian voiced as he stood up and looked down to the female. "You should wait her for the other quest members to finish off the cult.... your in no state to fight..." With that, the lunar prince teleported back to the fight to help the others finish off the cult.

Elle: She paused when she felt him brush it back and opened her mouth to say something, argue most likely, but allowed herself to relax back when he disappeared.

Erraline: Not shooting because of the quest, but rather out of pure fun, she shot two of the cult members in the head, two of which hadn't been killed yet.

Cult: There were five left who huddled into a group and began to shoot back. One raised his hand and a gust of air shot out, intending to whip them off their feet.

Roger: Feeling the change of air in the area near them, he retaliated the gust of air by attacking it with a gust of his own, making both waves dissipate before he finally gave in to a light slumber.

Eliza: I had used my powers to teleport to the scene, hanging out near the back. "I bet you didn't know I prefer to have my cult peeps a little...toasted." I say, running towards the front, and taking on one of the men, who happened to be second in command, and we were locked in a tight battle.

Cult: Finding Eliza and the others nothing but an annoyance, the elemental soldier turned around and a ball of flames shot to the van and soon the explosion rocketed throughout the clearing.

Eliza: I heard the explosion, and it shook me, but it only made me angrier as I kept fighting, using my powers.

Liam: He leapt at the member with his sword swinging upwards but soon he was thrown into a tree.

Cult: The member swung his arm and Liam was thrown backwards. In less than a second, the member disappeared and reappeared to loom over Liam reaching down to grab his shirt.

Miquel: "Hey sandbags!" Miquel stood up after the shock and noticed how the cult member was attacking Liam, "Looks like you need to cool down. Luckily, I can help." With that, he created a moderate-sized icefall and threw it, aiming it to the cult member's nape.

Cult: He twisted away when he heard Miquel's voice and the ice slammed onto Liam who grunted. Turning around, the ground began to shake as a fireball swarmed towards Miquel.

Miquel: Shaking his head at hitting Liam, and acting on instinct when he saw the fireball coming, he shot a high-pressured water spurt towards the fireball, putting it out and maybe even squirting the member in his face.

Eliza: "Liam, we can take the rest of them out, the three of us can. But we have to combine our abilities."

Cult: He growled at the suggestion and began to suck the air out around Eliza with the intention of suffocating her to death.

Liam: A ball of fire melted the ice and he struggled onto his feet, "he's teasing us. Waiting for Katherine to arrive," he breathed out before shooting fire towards him.

Eliza: I choke out. "Then hold off then." I choke out a large scream in pain. "Need...air..." I look down at Roger, who was asleep. "Roy, wake up please, I need you." I manage to choke out in pain, as slowly, but surely, I could feel myself slipping away.

Liam: He pulled out hidden knife from his sleeve and leapt forward and the member barely had time to blink as it was pushed into his chest and his powers dropped. Liam dug the knife deeper and deeper. "Iustitia mea non deficiet," the man whispered, spitting blood onto Liam's face, "and Truth shall Prevail." he snarled just before he slumped and Liam took a step back to allow the man to fall onto the ground and attempted to wipe the blood off his face but ended up smearing it.

Miquel: He neared Liam and hugged him tighter than he ever had hugged Liam. "Are you okay? I?m sorry about hitting you with the ice ball. You have blood covering your face, let me help you with that..." Miquel started as he touched Liam's face and softly moved his hand throughout it with a little bit of warm water coming out of his hand to clean up the blood.

Eliza: I pass out from lack of oxygen, unsure if I would ever see the light of day again.

Liam: He pushed Miquel off, "I'm fine. The other's are worse," he said before pushing past him to Eliza and shook her away, "try wake up Roger."

Julian: With the rest of the cult members gone, Julian made his way back over to Elle - walking this time instead of using his powers as he was already feeling a bit dissy. "They're gone.... you can come out now..." Julian said as he past some trees and Elle came into his view.

Diana: As Liam had suggest to miquel to try and wake roger up, Diana decided to help Liam with Eliza. "Do you think she'll be ok." The lunar duchess asked as she watched liam try to shake the girl awake. Despite the amount of dirt and cuts now covering her body and the blood running down the side of her own face, Diana was more worried about Eliza, Roger and also Elle than herself.

Elle: She had torn off her jumper, to reveal a red, flannel shirt that had a few buttons missing. It was a size too small and clung to her body. Her jumper was gripped in her hands, molded around the buzzing collar. She froze when she heard Julian and had her eyes darted up to stare. She was still shivering but she had gained enough wit that her pride was trying to stop it. She wasn't cold weather wise, but it was like her soul had been shaken. "Okay," she said quietly, "are they okay?"

Liam: "She has oxygen," he replied as he checked her pulse, "so she should be fine. Roger just exerted himself too much."

Julian: Julian gave a soft nod. "They're all fine.... Roger and Eliza fainted but, they should be fine." He answered while looking at Elle, his vision becoming a bit fuzzy. With the little sleep he had gotten and the powers he had used he was feeling a tired, to say the least. "What about you? can you walk?" He askde while trying to ignore his tired feelings.

Diana: She gave out a soft sigh before looking up at Liam. "What the hell are you doing here..." She asked while softly pushing his shoulder. "You're supposed to be back at the academy.

Elle: She nodded as she stood up and gazed at him, "I...there was an explosion."

Liam: He grinned at her slightly before scooping Eliza into his arms, "I was, yeah, but like I was going to let you have all the fun."

Miquel: Miquel went to help Roger up by mouth-to-mouth breathing and other stuff but nothing seemed to work. "He is just too tired.. We'll have to carry him along." And with that, he carelessly slung the body over his shoulder with what seemed to be almost-to-none effort, amusing, given Miquel's build. "Are all the rest of you alright?"

Eliza: I woke up, coughing slightly to regain air. "Remind me to pack an oxygen pack the next time any one of us goes on a vacation."

Liam: He glanced down and grinned, "you did," he replied, "his name's Roger."

Eliza: "But he was knocked out before I came here." I say, coughing into my arm slightly. "How is it possible that he managed to save me then?"

Liam: "Oh, that's called natural oxygen. It exists."

Eliza: "Well, you can probably set me down now, I don't have to be carried the whole way, Liam.

Liam: He set her down, "good, you're heavy."

Eliza: "Not that heavy!"

Liam: "You so are," he grinned, now teasing her before moving past to Roger.

Miquel: He carried Roger over his shoulder as he started walking, "So. Now that we do not have a car, I believe we should walk."

Eliza: "I agree."

Liam: "I don't care what we do," he snapped, "we need to get out."

Julian: "It was the van... one of the cult members kinda blew it up..." Julian said to Elle before he started to walk back to the group. "We should get back... everyone is probably worried about you..."

Diana: Diana gave a soft smile as she heard the other speaking, glad the eliza was ok and that they were able to joke around. "Walking sound ok to me..." She replied.

Elle: She was silent before she shrugged to her feet, "yeah, right..." she said in a faint voice as she followed him with her mouth clamped shut.

Liam: "It'll take hours," he pointed out.

Miquel: "Indeed. But it is not like we can do something else than that. We only have that choice as viable."

Julian: Julian didn't bother looking back at Elle, he simply continued to walk and after just a few second - as they were just behind some trees, Julian saw the others and heard their conversation. "We should start walking..." Julian forced out. "Before anyone else shows up.... were not exactly in condition to fight off anymore cult members." As he said this his gaze went to each of the quest member, his eyes ending up on Diana. Noticing the blood running down the side of her face he sighed and took out a bandana he had in his back pocket before handing it to her.

Diana: Diana looked at Julian with a slightly confused look but, she still took the cloth. After taking it she felt around and suddenly felt the warm liquid sliding down the side of her face. "Thanks..." She said in a soft tone before wiping some of the blood off and hold the cloth against her wound, which was just a small gash on the side of her right eyebrow.

Elle: She was silent for a moment as she hovered in the background but she analysed the distance, "we've been in the car for ten minutes. The station was about an hour from the border in we have two hours of walking if we're lucky. Then another hour to the next station. Our passports and I.D.s and clothes were in the van. We should be in Moscow tomorrow morning if we can get there without being stopped."

Erraline: Erraline, ignoring everyone else and hiding a secret wound from resorting to physically fighting the cult members, as to try and help the others, proceeded to walk ahead of everyone else, despite the fact that her wound could turn into a serious one.

Eliza: "Well, if it's any use, I heard the explosion coming, and due to me being well, fire, I managed to grab our IDs, passports and some cash before I was forced to transport away." I say, in reference to my backpack that I had managed to grab. "I tried to fireproof some of the stuff in the van, but it's probably no use.."

Liam: He took a deep breath and exhaled it as he rubbed his neck, "no matter, we need to go. Katherine's coming and...we're in no shape to fight."

Julian: Julian simply rolled his eyes before starting to walk, walking up beside Erraline and giving her a slight nudge. "Hey.... are you ok? any injuries?" He asked as they walked.

Diana: Diana began to follow the two other lunar elementals.

Liam: He watched Diana for a moment before backtracking to grab a duffel bag out from behind a tree and swung it over his shoulder and followed the others.

Elle: She didn't glance to the others and only allowed her eyes to focus on Roger for a second before pushing past them to scamper behind the group.

Diana: Diana glaned behind her to see if the others were following behind. Upon seeing Elle Diana slowed down to end up next to her. "Hey... are you ok?" She asked.

Elle: She glanced over at Diana and her hands closed around the collar harder, careful not to touch it, and turned back to gaze at the ground. "Yeah, I always am, I'm just tired," she replied, slightly truthful, "are you?" she asked as her eyes flickered back to the cut before away again, "if we find a pharmacy in this jungle, then we should dress it."

Erraline: She turned to Julian, trying to cover up the wound and ignore the fact that she was bleeding. "I'm alright. At least I'm not dead yet."

Roger: His body started feeling heavier on Miquel's shoulders, Roger unconsciously exerting a higher pressure over him and thus, over Miquel. "Guys... some help? He's getting heavier..." Miquel, eventually, lte go and Roger fell on the floor, a loud thud echoing..

Liam: He stopped and turned back to drag Roger up into his arms, "move," he snapped, "we don't have the time to dawdle."

Roger: As if on cue, Roger opened his eyes, stopped the pressure from pulling him and kicked, trying to get out of the embrace, "Eleanor! Eliza!"

Liam: He rolled his eyes and dropped him, "we're all fine and alive."

Eliza: I grin brightly as I see Roger awake. "You're okay!" I exclaim as I hugged him gently. "Well, I knew you would be fine, but now I know for sure." You could tell that I was a little paler than normal, but otherwise I was alright.

Roger: "Thank the Lord you are alive," He hugged her back and placed a hand over his heart to emphasize.

Eliza: I rest my head against your heart. "Hey, Liam saved my life, otherwise I would have choked to death. But are you okay?"

Roger: "I am... WHat about the rest of you guys?"

Eliza: "Everyone else is a little banged up, and the van exploded as well, so most of our stuff is gone. I wish I could have done more though. I tried to salvage what I could from the burning van."

Liam: Fires licked his hair as he scowled down at them, "we need to leave now, or I swear we'll leave you both behind to be slaughtered."

"Well, you would do the same if you were reunited with someone that you cared about, Liam. However, you are right, but thank you for letting the two of us have a moment with one another." I say as I take Roger's hand. "Allons-y, Fireman!": {{{2}}}

Liam: His eyes flicked to Roger for a moment before turning on his heel, "I can assure you that is not the case. I stay well away from my loved ones, even if they're in the same room," he replied and walked back to the group, "now hurry up."

Eliza: "Who knows, that might change, Fireman."

Miquel: Miquel waltzed up to Liam as Roger started walking next to Eliza, "Hey so, uh, we need to talk. In private. Not urgent, just important."

Liam: His jaw ticked as they exited the clearing, "couldn't that wait? Even the notification of it? It's not like, I don't know, someone's coming to kill us."

Miquel: "Who knows? As far as we were concerned back in the car, no one was going to snatch Elle out of a window and almost kill her, now didn't we?" Miquel raised his eyebrow and indirectly pointed an accusative finger to Liam, "And from now on, whatever happens is on you.

Liam: He stopped and turned on his heel to loom over Miquel, "me? You think I planned for that?" he growled, "you think I let people past me and to the van? They came from the side from what I can guess and when it happened, I was nowhere near," he snapped before digging his index finger into Miquel's chest, "I'm not the one who made this happen, I'm not one of them. I'm not the leader of this group. I'm not the one who called us all together. Guess what, Miquel, we're a team. Whatever happens now, is on all of us. I'm not the one who made it happen, I didn't give them directions to Elle, especially since I wasn't even in sight. But at least I was actually some help in getting her out."

Miquel: Miquel felt like backing up, but even if it was his friend, he never was submissive,"Alright, you're not a leader, clearly you've proved that. And I never said that all responsibility falls on you. I gave an example that whatever happens is on you. Or on you," He pointed at Roger, "Or on you," He pointed at Erraline, "Or on me. Or whoever the hell it is, okay? I know it wasn't your intention for this to happen and I know that you did help, and I also known that you've told me to back away from you so I do not get hurt. Several times I've hear that and several times I've said that I am not doing so, but sometimes, you really get past my limits, you know? We got out of the problem, great. But you could also stop being a jerk about it. We're actual people that you have to interact with and I seriously don't care if you are a good socializer or if you just don't like talking at all, but like you said, we are a team and you need to treat us like teammates, not some freaking piece of crap you step on. You need to stop threatening us and you really should change your tone with me. I was going to confide something personal with you but now I really don't feel like it. " Miquel growled back as his eyes darkened, unusually pairing to Liam's, given the fact that Miquel was usually very calm and reserved.

Liam: He was silent for a moment before whispering, "excuse me if I want to get out before someone actually does die. Excuse me if i brush someone off to save your lives. Excuse me if I point out that it's not the time. Excuse me if I don't have to have someone nearly die to take this somewhat seriously. Even now, you just want to stand here dawdling and saying that we need to talk. It's not the time, nor is it the time to start having a go at each other. You want to be a team? Then get your act together." With that he turned on his heel and pushed past everyone and was consumed by the trees.

Miquel: "Imbécile..." He muttered in French as he stopped on his tracks, and crossed his arms before Roger walked up next to him and nudged him with a "Com on, let's get going."

Diana: Diana was just about to respond to Elle until she heard Liam and Miquel beging to argue. Once Liam had stormed past everyone Diana looked over to Elle. "We'll never get anywhere if we keep stopping to have a fight..." With that Diana turned and continued to walk in the direction they were walking before, expecting Elle to follow her.

Julian: Julian, who stopped right next to Erraline, watched as Miquel point at her and others in the groups. Julian really didnt care for the fight they boys were having and just waited for them to finish. "You sure your ok? You look a bit pale?" Julian asked erraline in a hushed tone as everyone began to continue walk once Liam stormed past them all.

Elle: She did follow her and smile slightly, "or have lovey dovey reunions," she offered.

Erraline: "Stupid French boy." She muttered quietly, as response to Miquel pointing at her, but her situation having influenced what she said as well. "I'm in slight pain, but I should be alright." She then said to Julian, lying because she didn't want to be a liability on the group and wanted to get the quest over and done with.

Diana: A small laugh escaped Diana's soft lips as she heard Elle. "Yea, i beginning to think we wont ever finish this quest..." She said returning the small Smile to Elle as she walked along side her.

Julian: Despite still think Erraline wasn't ok, Julian simply gave a soft nod. "If you say so...." He said hesitantly before starting to walk with the group, expect Erraline to follow him.

Erraline: She continued to walk, despite the immense amount of pain she was in. Her eyes started to wander, as she looked for a nearby hospital. Hopefully, she could try to find one before she passed out, even though she hated how dramatic this whole situation was. Suddenly, a small droplet of her blood fell onto the floor. She hoped that no one would see.

Elle: "Everything ends eventually," she replied as the trees began to get thicker and thicker around them and the clearing was well out of sight. Liam ducked in and out of view but the shadows kept him from sight as he moved through the trunks.

Miquel: He continued walking but made sure to stay at the back of the group.

Diana: Diana nodded at Elle's statement as she tried to keep an eye on Liam but he kept dissapearing. "Why do you think he came?" Diana asked still looking towards where she last saw liam.

Julian: As he was looking down to the ground as he walked, Julian caught a small glimpse of the blood falling from Erraline's wound. "Erraline.... Are you bleeding?" He asked suddenly while standing in front of her as to stop her from walking. "Show me..." he demanded while looking down at her.

Elle: "If it were me being left behind...I'd have done the same. No one likes feeling useless." She said eventually and careful with it. "I don't trust it," she confessed, "a flight risk. Like they care about non-royals staying in the academy."

Erraline: She made no attempt to cover up her wound further, not having the energy to do so, and so unzipped her jacket to reveal a gunshot wound. That's when she collapsed, losing a lot of energy.

Julian: Upon seeing Erraline falling he went to catch her before she could hit the ground. "Your going to be fine...." Julian voiced in a hushed tone but, he was actually very scared for the lunar duchess.

Diana: Diana was about to respond to Elle before she noticed Julian walking with erraline in his arms. "Guys hold up! Erraline's hurt..." She said aloud so the other questers could here her and stop.

Elle: She turned at Diana's words and didn't pause in hurrying over. Throwing the collar onto the dirt, careful for it to be away from them, she leant over Erraline, gently pushing her onto the ground. "Holding her like a damsel in distress won't help her," she commented as her eyes scoured the wound. "It doesn't seem to have hit anything vital since she was able to get this far," she continued as she pressed her flannel onto the wound, to help stop the bleeding. "Diana, you can heal wounds, can't you? I'd ask Julian, but he's already used a lot of his own without resting. I...I need to get the bullet out," she said. Her voice was calm, almost irritatingly calm but her eyes were darting. "I need something like tweezers, to make it less painful. I could dig it out but that would be messy."

Erraline: She was unconscious by this point. Erraline tried to say something but couldn't.

Miquel: He neared them and grabbed his eyebrow-plucking tweezers from his bag before offering them to Elle, "Here. I hope they can help."

Elle: She gazed at them for a second before taking them out of his hands, "it'll have to do," she said with a frown, "someone strip their shirt into make shift bandages or track down Liam. He'll have a roll of it if he's smart. Which is doubtful. He's a proud dog but he might have a brain cell in there." She ranted before slowly taking the pressure off her wound, "someone keep your finger on her pulse. It should be slow but she's still breathing so we have a chance. Not Diana, though, she is to stay next to me. Diana, as soon as I get the bullet out, seal the wound."

Diana: "Ok i'm ready..." Diana said as she stayed next to Elle and waited for her to take the bullet out.

Julian: Julian stayed still for a few minutes, surprisingly unable to move or speak. He already believed himself to be curse - anyone he got close to fated to die. Now here was Erraline, a girl he had grown to like as a close friend and maybe even had small feeling for, lying on the floor with a gun shot wound. Finally Elle's words hit Julian and without thinking he threw off his jacket and pulled off his shirt, beginning to tear it into a make shift bandage like Elle had instructed.

Elle: She took a deep breath, "I'm already one step into relapsing, if I have to shoot someone I'm going to scream," she said before gently pressing the tweezers into the wound, her other hand clutching the skin around it in an attempt to trap the bullet. Blood oozed out of it and onto her hands, and dark red blots got trapped under her nails but this didn't seem to phase her.

Miquel: Miquel knelt down next to Elle placed his hand on Erraline's wrist to check for her pulse. Slowly, he started feeling the faint, yet existent pulse underneath his fingers. "You are going to go through this." He told the unmoving body as he smiled warmly.

Elle: She groaned, "too small," she said throwing the tweezers away and dug her fingers in, "people always tell me that it's great that I have long fingers but I've never found a particular reason to be happy about it. Until now." She said and for a moment, she was silent until an explosion shook the place.

Liam: He darted back to them and knelt beside Diana, pressing his finger to his lips.

Eliza: "You guys need to stay and work on Erraline. I'll go delay our new "friends". I say as I teleport away, towards the sound of the explosion.

Liam: He grabbed her wrist and they landed back in the clearing from before. A woman was there, she looked around 25 years old and wore a skin tight jumpsuit. He swore under his breath.

Katherine: She turned around and stared at the two and slowly smirked, relaxing back on her feet as fire swirled behind them, "so...this is what the kingdoms throw at me. A pair of foolish children," she said with an arched eyebrow before winking at Liam, "I wouldn't have come back, by the way. That was such a mistake but it certainly makes my life easier."

Eliza: "Hey, lady, don't start by judging first impressions. Besides, you'll see us for our true selves once you get to know us better. And leather jumpsuits? Really? It's like you robbed Evil Queen Regina's closet, because black is really her Color."

Katherine: She tilted her head, her eyes sparkling in amusement, "Regina? I was going for Black Widow, I might confess. Really, it was for this blasted forest. Anything else would have been difficult," she said frowning as she averted her eyes to gaze at the forest before looking back at her, "and where I would I get to know you? Over a tea party? I make a wicked cup of chai if you want one."

Eliza: "You might make a wicked cup of chai, but I make an evil cup. Care to see who has the better tea, Bruce Banner's girlfriend?"

Katherine: "I go by Katherine," she said with a tight smile, "but from what I see, I have three options. First is that I slaughter you both, second is that I kill Eliza, aka you, and save him because he's hot and you're annoying. My third option is to do either the first and second and then I make my way to your friends. They're that way, I imagine," she said nodding behind the two. The direction that the other's were. "So many good options but which one."

Elle: Finally, she gripped the bullet and ripped it out. "Diana, now."

Eliza: "Well, Katherine, rule #1 of cleverness - don't tell people your plans. It's the suspense that makes villains, well, villains. Now, thanks to you, I know various mechanics to counter your plan, but since I'm not a dumbass like you, I won't say them."

Katherine: She looked bored by this, "One man's hero is another man's terrorist," she said before winking, "but I wasn't talking to you. And it weren't really plans, just options, you can't really stop yourself from being killed."

Liam: He bit down on his lip, "you could let us go," he offered quietly, "make it interesting later on. Why bother killing us now? You can kill us with an audience."

Katherine: Her eyes sparked at this and she laughed, "oh that would be interesting but I travelled all this way," she said walking forward to him and trailed her fingers down his face, "I think I'd rather kill you both. People like you always come biting back biting in the ass." Whilst she was saying this, his skin began to fry and smoke poured off and he cried out as he tried to jerk away but her fingers grew tighter.

Diana: Just as Elle pulled out the bullet Diana put her hands above the wound and began to concentrate. In no time her hands began to glow with shadows and so did the area of Erraline's wound. "I think that will do it." The lunar duchess said as she moved her hands.

Julian: Now Julian was done making his makshift bandage and brought it over to Elle, the cold air hitting against his bare chest but he didn't seem to mind. "Here you go..." Julian said in a low tone as his gaze went from Erraline to Elle.

Elle: She grinned over at him, "don't need them anymore. They were the backup if Diana couldn't do it."

Julian: Julian lowered the bandage and just blinked at Elle. "You could have mentioned that before..."  He mumbled before standing up and walking over to his jacket, pullit over his body and zipping it up before walking back over. "Is she gonna be ok?"

Eliza: As her fingers grew hotter on yours, I used the heat from my fingertips, starting to burn her skin, in an attempt to get Katherine to move her hand onto my wrist if necessary. "Hey lady, I should stick you in a freezer for awhile. Maybe then you'll cool down, and learn your lesson."

Katherine: She didn't seem to be affected by this as she turned her eyes onto Eliza. Shadows grabbed at Eliza's ankles in an attempt to drag her away. She pushed Liam towards Eliza, his weight seemingly nothing to her.

Eliza: I use a fireball to take out the shadows, then grab Liam by the wrist. "Okay, we don't need to fight it. They should be almost done. Follow my lead." I say as I do some quick thinking. "How much strength do you have in you?"

Liam: He shook his head, "not enough," he said before pulling out his wrist, "okay, run, I'll be right behind you. She won't kill me."

Katherine: She rolled back on her heels as she gazed at them. She was obviously toying with them and allowed them to speak with one another. She checked her fingernails.

Elle: "But then I wouldn't have had the chance to see you shirtless," she said with a shrug, "Erraline should be fine. She doesn't have the bullet in her, her wounds healed. Blood loss perhaps, but that should be it."

Eliza: "Well, I'm not going to run, not until we know our work is done." I say as I turn towards Katherine. "So, if I'm going to die, which I most likely won't, I would like to know a bit about you, and perhaps help you find some different attire to wear. Having leather still if to you at all times cannot be comfortable. It's a silicon suit, but worse."

Katherine: "You'd be surprised," she drawled before yawning. "no, I don't think I will kill you. I think I'd rather do it slowly. Torture you to death, just so I can hear the impertinence be pushed out of you." With that everything in Eliza's vision went black, the last thing she probably saw was either Katherine's smirk or Liam leaping towards her.

Eliza: Before my vision got black, I grabbed Liam's wrist, and got the two of us out of there, which definitely knocked me out for sure, as I heard us landing back in the camp.

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