Liam: He sat in a large armchair which faced the raging fire. Figures danced around in it, soldiers, cavalry but they soon dispersed back into the fire before coming back to life. A crystal glass was gripped in his hand with a drop of liqueur in it. The house was around four stories high and stretched out across a whole block in the middle of the city. It was a mansion but some might have described it as a palace. In the entrance, there were portraits of each royal king and queen decorating the walls. It was a day after the attack and was hitting midday. Elle was sitting on the floor as she flicked through a folder they had found in the hall. It seems there was double the information than they had been given and had been sent to the house before they arrived.

Eliza: I walked downstairs, wearing a long sleeved shirt and pyjama pants, sitting in the armchair next to Liam. "I have to say, this place is pretty nice." I say, glancing at Liam. "Have something about your mind? About Katherine?"

Liam: He glanced across to her, "I wouldn't think they'd put a prince in a dump," he pointed out with a smile, "and they're asking us to be cannon fodder, the least they can do is give us a nice place," he said before shrugging, "among other things. How's your head?"

Eliza: "Well, I still get headaches every now and then, so okay I guess. Roger's been so sweet with me though, especially after I had a dizzy spell that woke me up in the middle of the night. How about yourself, how's your arm? And did Katherine hurt you elsewhere before we somehow got out?"

Liam: He shook his head, "she left me alone," he replied before finishing off the glass, "ready for tomorrow? Big're a police officer, yeah?"

Roger: "She is," he said, joining the conversation as he quickly went in to greet Eliza with a kiss to her cheek and then turning to Liam to do the same before noticing that it actually was Liam... a guy. Relatively unfazed by this, but not wanting to seem that he didn't care about Liam at all (even if he really didn't know anything about him), Roger quickly apologized and awkwardly offered his hand in that weird stance where it would be Liam's decision to either just shake his hand or greet-hug him. Roger mentally cringed at the awkwardness.

Liam: A look of surprise and something else, guilt, shame, nostalgia, flashed across his face before he smoothed out his face and he took the hand with a small, amused smile.

Elle: "There's this wicked kings sized bed upstairs, you know, if you want to do any lovey dovey reunions," she spoke up as she closed a folder to pick up another and wiggled her eyebrows at them, "there's a spa and everything."

Roger: Not having noticed Elle, he quickly forgot to acknowledge Liam's gestures and turned to her and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek too. "Thank you for the offer, Elle, but we're not having relations. Unless Eliza wants to?" He turned towards her and raised an eyebrow, indirectly asking her to have a talk about the matter later on.

Elle: She beamed up at him before smirking, "well that's something I didn't think I'd hear everyday," she mused before rolling her shoulders, "where's everyone else?"

Miquel: "Le joli garçon français est ici..." He offered as he sat down next to Elle in the floor and eyed at the folder, "Anything new you've found so far?"

Elle: She hummed slightly, "no, not really, it's a lot of history dating back to the 16th century. Talking about how kids disappeared. They suspected them to be elemental's but never had proof."

Eliza: "But Katherine, for some reason, she wanted Liam kept alive, and I don't think that should could go dominatrix on you, Hastings. It's about something more than that. But, I'm probably overthinking, you know, headaches do cause a person to do that." I chuckle lightly as I could feel a slight dizzy spell coming. "Dear God, I'm going to need headache medicine to get me through the day tomorrow." I groan lightly, as everything was a little...woozy.

Liam: He smirked, "I got the impression she wanted someone to spend her nights with, she thought I was 'hot'.' He replied, "are you alright? You might want to go sleep."

Eliza: "It's just a small dizzy spell, it'll past with time. And Liam, thanks for, well, saving my ass twice yesterday." I give a kind smile to Liam. "I mean, after our battle with Katherine, the next thing I remember was a whoosh, then I woke up in a bedroom, with Roger glancing at me. Did anything important happen at all in between then? Did Katherine attack you guys?"

Liam: He shook his head, "she didn't, she stayed away," he replied, "we got to the hospital then we took a train to Moscow."

Eliza: "How's Erraline doing? She'll make it, right? God, I was out for a long time.." I say as I slowly stand up and head to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, even though I was still woozy.

Roger: "Nonono, sit down," he told Eliza. "I'll bring it to you. DO you want a slice of lemon with it for flavor?"

Eliza: I smile kindly. "For sure, Nurse Norwood." I chuckle and peck your lips before I go and sit back down.

Elle: She glanced over at her, "maybe you should call in sick."

Eliza: "Nah, I can tough it out. Nothing that Advil can't fix. So Elle, I'm dying to ask, you and Julian? There's chemistry there, anyone can see it."

Elle: She glanced over with a blink of her eyes before snorting, "him? Nah, he likes Erraline. We barely know each other."

Eliza: "Well, honestly, it's confusing to keep up with all of the drama that happens in relationships. But Elle, there's someone out there that likes you for who you are. I think Victoire's brother, Olivier has taken a liking to you, but he thinks you hate him."

Elle: She scoffed, "I do hate him. He's irritating."

Diana: Diana had finally woken up from her slumber and looked around in her dimly lit room. "I wonder if everyone else is awake..." She said to herself as she climbed out of bed and walked down stair. Upon arriving she waved her hand at no one in paticular "Hey guys..." Was all she said before sitting down and running a hand through her hair. Since she had just woken up she was clad in a set of black pj short shorts and simple black tank-top.

Julian: While everyone was down stairs, Julin sat on an armchair located in Erraline's bedroom waiting for her to wake up. Julian himself hadn't gotten much sleep so he continue to doze off but, he would keep lifting his head to take a glance at Erraline. He really only cared that she was ok.

Liam: he sprung out from his seat as he saw Diana and he blinked before smiling at her, "hey."

Eliza: "And everyone's up and moving. Morning Diana, my pyjama buddy." I say, noting her pyjamas.

Diana: Diana looked over her clothes and gave a soft chuckle. "I just got out of bed..." She said in response to Eliza. For only a second she glanced over at Liam, looking away quickly though so that she wouldn't begin to blush. "Is Julian up yet or Erraline?" Diana asked out of curiosity and mainly because she still didn't see the two

Eliza: "Nope." I say with a non-chalant smile. "But apparently, there's like a gorgeous master bedroom upstairs, and Elle is trying to figure out who, or rather, which couple should have it."

Elle: "We all have good beds to sleep in, just that one has a bloody spa with it," she replied, "since Eliza and Roger are the only couples that are here I thought they'd want it. But they practise absitence as a way of birth control."

Diana: Diana gave a slight nod as she went quiet and began listening to the others. "Well i wont be using that bedroom..." She added, finding the subject a bit strange.

Elle: She gglanced over at Diana with a devilish grin, "definitely not."

Eliza: "Well, the two of us are going to talk about it, Elle, and we'll let you know what we plan to do."

Elle: She outwardly cringed at this, "please don't."

Roger: He came back with the slice of lemon and the glass of water on his hand and offered it to Eliza. "Actually, we'll take it." He turned to his girlfriend with a confident look on his face, "Regardless of our decision of abstinence or lack of it, we could still sleep on the same bed and maybe have some time in the spa. Wether we decide to consummate or not should thereby remain unknown to all you, which I believe should be a relief for you all."

Elle: She pulled out a pair of headphones and pointedly shoved them into her ears as she mock-gagged.

Eliza: I take the water with a smile. "I mean, the bed will be comfortable for sure, that's a given." I smile. "And well, what happens behind closed doors is our buisness, and our decision whether to do it or not. And no need to worry about headphones, they say the room is sound-proof."

Roger: At the sound of this, his cheeks reddened, "I wonder why they made it soundproof."

Erraline: Erraline was stuck in a weird comatose state, even though she wasn't going to die. Her state was almost over, anyway, so she would be close to waking up soon.

Julian: After lifting his head up to check on Erraline once more he noticed she was still asleep, unaware that she was about to wake up. Do to this he simple leaned his head onto his arm once more, closing his eyes and waiting for her to wake up.

Erraline: After about five more minutes, she finally woke up. She sat up slowly, remembering her wound. She was surprised to see that it had been healed, and all that was left was just a scar. "Ugh, dreams."

Julian: Upon hearing her voice Julian's head snapped up. "Erraline?" He said in a sleepy tone. "Well finally you awake." he smiled before standing up and sitting at the end of the bed. "So how was your nap?" He joked while he looked at her and waited for her to answer.

Erraline: "Oh. Julian. Hi. I thought you would have been with the others. My nap was strange. I saw my dead parents, who told me that I didn't die yet because I still have a lot to experience and achieve. Apparently, I also have yet to "get close to someone significant". Besides that, nothing else happened. How are you?" She asked, speaking carefully and trying to avoid the sting of her scar.

Julian: Julian gave a soft shrug of the shoulders. "I couldn't exatly sleep when i thought you were dying.." He said in a low voice. "Besides that i'm fine."

Erraline: "I don't know whether surviving this was good or bad. Most of all, I feel neutral. But at least you're okay." She smiled. "So, what happened when I was unconscious?"

Julian: "Nothing much.... Elle took out the bullet, Diana used her powers to heal you, some lady named Katherine attacked Eliza and Liam but their both ok." Julian paused for a minute to let everything sink in. "Oh and i ripped up my favorite shirt to make a bandage for you, turns out they didn't eed it in the end so you own me a shirt." He chuckled.

Erraline: She chuckled. "Buying shirts isn't a problem for people like us." Her face then grew serious. "I appreciate what you and the others did for me. And this Katherine woman sounds stuckup. But there is something I need to talk to you about."

Julian: Julian looked at Erraline with a slightly confused look. "Alright, go ahead." he answered.

Erraline: "Wow. I really don't know how I'm gonna say this to you. I just hope this doesn't changes things. When I say this to you, we'll still be on good terms, right?" She asked, now feeling worried.

Julian: Now feeling a bit worried himself, Julian began to rub the back of his neck nervously. "Umm i guess it depends on what it is Erraline..."

Erraline: "Ah, okay. I'm just hoping that we can be on good terms with each other after this, because being on your bad side would be awkward and saddening, especially since we've gotten along so well. During my dream, like I said, my parents told me that I should let someone significant into my life soon. At first, I was confused. Then I realised what they were talking about. They meant it in a romantic way. And, well, here's the revelation part. Oh boy. I have feelings for two different people. You can probably tell by now that one of those people is you."

Julian: Julian was silent for a bit, unsure of what to say as he was a bit caught off guard. Finally he smiled and looked up at Erraline, meeting her eyes. "Well of course you like me... who would't." he joked, which was a bit unusual for him, maybe something he resorted to when it came to talking about his feelings. "Seriously though, i'm not someone you wanna get close to in that way." Julia admitted, hoping he wasn't hurt her feelings or sounding rude.

Erraline: "You're handsome and funny." She laughed slightly, before returning to being serious. "Here's where I have to be truthful with you the most. Although I like you, I mentioned that I also have feelings for another person. But my feelings for him may be developing deeper than I thought. And I just wanted to say that, I think we should just be friends. If we were just friends, then romantic feelings can't complicate our friendship. And besides, you're a prince. I'm just a duchess who doesn't even feel like a duchess."

Julian: a soft sigh excaped his lips as he heard Erraline. "I'm glad you said that." He answered. "Don't get me wrong, i also had feelings towards you i couldn't really explain maybe a crush? but, i value our friendship a lot to and wouldn't want it to be ruined or made awkward because of a little crush." Julia finally admitted with a small laugh after. "Beside's, whoever this other guys is could probably make you a lot happier then i ever could." He smiled before nodding towards the door. "Now what do you say we join everyone down stairs? i'm sure they wanna see that your ok."

Erraline: "I doubt that." She chuckled again, finally relieved that she let her feelings out. "Before we go downstairs, I just want to give you some advice. As a friend. If anyone does show an interest in you, and they genuinely mean it, I think you should take it up. I have a feeling that Elle might come to like you."

Julian: He shrugged his shoulders softly. "Maybe she will, i did save her life after all." he smiled before pushing himself up off the bed and walking over towards the door, only to hold it open. "I appreciate the advice though, thank you." he said while waiting for her to get up and walk out so they could go see the others.

Erraline: "No problem. It's what friends do." She smiled, as she walked out, whilst still being aware of her wound.

Julian: After only of few minutes of the two walking, they ended up in the area where everyone was at. "Guess who's up everyone." He said aloud as he gestured towards Erraline. After saying this he went to sit on a couch.

Eliza: "Well, I think we all know why." I chuckle a bit and glance at Julia. "And look who's arrived, my colleague in battle, Julian. You get to do all the police-stuff, I'm a detective, like Jake Peralta."

Erraline: Eliza's comment reminded Erraline of her own upcoming job - being in charge of children. But she didn't even feel like complaining. "Hi guys. So that I'm not a bother, can anyone tell me where the kitchen is?" She asked, hinting at her long-hidden Australian accent.

Elle: She glanced up instantly, her eyes going to Julian then over to Erraline and grinned crookedly, "thank god, it would have been such a bother for you to die And it's down the hall on your right."

Erraline: She maintained an emotionless expression on her face. "Thank you." She then quickly walked to the kitchen, hoping to have some time to herself to think, and try to at least eat something since she was shot.

Miquel: Miquel yawned, stood up and walked up next to Liam and yanked the empty bottle of Liqueur from him. "Is there any more of this in here? Or Pinot noir? I can make some great and well-deserved Filet Mignon in a red-wine sauce..." He said as he twirled the bottle in his fingers and read the information in it.

Liam: "If there is, won't be for food, it'll be to forget ourselves if we fail," he replied with a small smile at him.

Eliza: "So then, looks like everyone has had a relaxing morning so far." I sip my water, which immensely helped with my headache. "So, what should we do for our afternoon together? I know I'll be moving rooms, and doing some final touches, but do you guys want to do something as a group?"

Miquel: "Well aren't you the optimist," he rolled his eyes at Liam playfully with a dimpled smile. "I wanted to cook though..."

Roger: Roger's face lit up when Eliza asked that question. "Wait. Why don't we go out ofr dinner or something? Not like the awkward dinner we had where we were all dressed up. But what if we go out as normal people. Sightsee for a bit, eat local food, meet new peeps. I mean, surely it can't hurt if this unfortunately ends up being one of the last days in our life. We should seize the day."

Eliza: "I agree. Not complaining, but I think that going touring around Moscow would be an excellent idea. We should take in this beautiful city, and it's unique cuisine." I sip on my water some more.

Elle: "We could stay in, play a board game and get to know one another and get an early night. Give Miquel a chance to cook." She offered.

Eliza: "If we're playing Cards Against Humanity, you all are going down." I joke.

Elle: "I was thinking Monopoly," she replied.

Miquel: He beamed at Elle, "I completely agree with you Elle. I should cook. And make you a dessert. Actually, I'll start searching the kitchen to see which ingredients we've got..." He stood up and left for the kitchen.

Eliza: "Well, I'll be right back, going to switch my stuff into the other room." I say as I set down my water and head upstairs to move my large backpack that acted as my suitcase, and my satchel to the grand room upstairs, setting my things down in the room, glancing around as my jaw drops. "This is beautiful."

Diana: Diana like the idea of playing board games and resting for the day, mainly because yesterday had taken a toll on her and all of them. "Sounds like a good plan to me..." She said before standing up. "I'll be back" Planning to change her bandage that Elle had dressed her cut with. Oce in the bathroom she left the door open and removed the badage, looking at it in the reflection of the mirror.

Julian: Julian stood up and walked over to Elle, lightly kicking her foot to get her attention. "Come with me to find the games..." he said thinking she would probably be able to find them easier. For a second he looked at her and thought of what Erraline had said but, the thought was pushed aside.

Elle: She glanced up at him and slowly shrugged, throwing the file back into the pile and pushed past him, "if you really need me," she said as she passed.

Liam: He discarded the glass and was leaving the room just behind Elle. He didn't intend to see Diana but he glimpsed her through the open door. Pausing he knocked lightly, "do you need help?" He asked.

Diana: Diana, who was still looking in the mirror, noticed Liam in the reflection. "Oh uhmmm sure..." She said as she passed him a new bandage. "How's your arm feeling by the way? From what Eliza said your arm should be falling off." She asked while looking up to him.

Julian: Julian slightly smiled as he walked out the room and began opening the closets that he passed by. "So... how's your neck?" Julian asked suddenly while he continued to open up door, still not finding any games.

Liam: He smiled slightly, "she was exageratting," he replied as he gripped the bandages, moving closer into the room.

Elle: She shrugged, "it's fine. The affects disappeared after a night," she replied as she glanced into them slightly, "they should be in a games room of sorts, or a storage room."

Erraline: Sitting in the kitchen, Erraline rested her head. She made some toast, but could hardly eat it, so she left it on the plate.

Diana: Diana moved further into the room to give Liam more room to enter. "Well maybe if you would have listened to the fire king.... it wouldn't have happened in the first place." She said looking at him with a small smile on her lips.

Julian: Finally Julian opened a closet and inside was a closet full of board games. "Here we go" he said as he looked back and opened the door for Elle. "Don't pick any boring ones." He smirked.

Liam: He matched her smile as he began to redress the wound, "if I'd have listened to that advisor, Elle would be scarred for life before being thrown into a ditch," he replied.

Elle: She huffed as she grabbed monopoly, "if you say this game's boring then go back to the academy," she sniffed before glancing at him, "how's Erraline? I don't think she's going to be opening up to any of us anytime soon but she trusts is she?"

Diana: Diana stood still while letting Liam redressed her wound. "Seriously though... you shouldn't have come... what if you get i trouble?" With this diana looked down to the ground.

Julian: Julian stared at Elle for a few seconds, remembering the talk him and Erraline had. "Erraline doesn't trust easily... something we both have in common which is probably why were such good friends." Julian admitted with a small pause before continuing. "She's fine though... she's a tough girl."

Liam: His hands were gentle, albeit a bit calloused but he was careful not to be too rough with his handling of the bandage, "he was scared I would bolt as soon as I left the academy, don't know why he'd care but...I suppose they don't look to kindly to rogue elemental's. But I'm here and I haven't made a particular sign that I'm running away so he can't complain. He probably will, he seems the type that gets a kick out of lecturing. But I've been in trouble before, this is nothing compared to that," he said rather vaguely and made no sign he was going to elaborate. "Are you saying you're not happy to see me?" He asked, changing the subject, "I'd have thought a familiar place here to keep you company would be nice."

Elle: She smiled slightly, "I think about half of the people here can relate to that," she said as she leant against a cupboard still gazing at him, "not that I care about her," she added on with a wink, "just be a bother for her to randomly collapse again."

Miquel: Once he entered the kitchen, he acknowledged Erraline with a court nod and a lopsided smile. "I know you probably hate me... and you have every reason to do so, I suppose I'm very hate-able, but-" He shook his head and closed his eyes, clearly going off-point. "I guess I just wanted to ask genuinely how you were doing? As a person, I got really worried when you drifted off into that deep slumber, but I know that can have short and long-term repercussions, so, how are you dealing with them?"

Erraline: She briefly lifted her head to acknowledge Miquel. "Hey. I didn't mean what I said, I was just in a lot of pain." She then tried to stop herself from placing her head on the counter once more. "If you exclude the fact that I can hardly eat anything without it making me feel sick, then I'm fine."

Miquel: If possible, his smile became all-the-more lopsided, although it now was in empathy and pity, but then became genuine, "Hey, if anything, as a cook I can make you delicious some chicken soup. It's proven that it is impossible to feel sick while eating chicken soup." He chuckled.

Erraline: She gave a half-hearted smile, due to her remaining stomach pain. "That would be nice, thank you. I can trust someone French to cook for me."

Eliza: I come back downstairs after a few minutes. "Chicken-Noodle Soup? Count me in!"

Diana: Diana gazed back up at him. "Sure whatever.... you better not get killed though" She slightly smiled before looking in the mirror and seeing the new bandage on her wound. "Thanks by the way..."

Julian: Julian slightly shruged as he leaned against the door frame. "just grab the games and lets go..."

Liam: He waved his hand as he stepped back, "don't bother thanking me," he replied.

Elle: She didn't react to the dismissal and grabbed the box and shoved past him and disappeared through the doorway.

Miquel: Miquel giggled, "You sure can," he replied carefully as he looked around the kitchen, trying to find the ingredients for both the chicken soup and whatever he was going to prepare for the rest of the questers.

Diana: Diana simply nodded before walking out the room. "We should go back to the others... i'm sure they have the games ready." With this she turned on her heels and walking back ot the previous room everyone had been in before.

Julian: Julian allowed her to push past him, following behind her as she did so.

Liam: He nodded once and followed her.

Elle: Her stomach churned as she made her way back to the lounge room and she tossed the box onto the table and sat back down in her position, not looking at anyone.

Miquel: While he continued looking for food, he asked loudly, so the others could listen to him in the other room, "SO, what would you guys like for dinner?"

Eliza: "Hmm, whatever you can find in that big fridge." I say, standing up and heading to the bar. "Should I make some punch guys?"

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