The Travel

Elle: She stood at the ticket booth and shouldered the bag to a more comfortable position and moved forward in the cue.

Eliza: I was checking in my baggage underneath my Russian name. Over the last few days, I had learned to perfectly fake a Russian accent, which Roger thought was cute. I finish checking in my bags and walk over to Elle with a smile. "You ready?"

Elle: She turned her head to look at the girl before shrugging, 'I suppose I can be as ready as I can be. It hasn't even been 24 hours since the meeting and here we are-off to Moscow.'

Roger: He already knew French before his fake ID, but he now knew how to speak with an actual French accent. He noticed both girls and walked up to them, him being in a sport-like suit and put both his arms around the chicks as he spoke with his French accent, "Bonjour, my ladies."

Elle: She smirked up at him and pushed money over the counter, 'Si vous allez parler francais , au moins la finition en elle,' she spoke back without a pause.

Roger: "I'm not that fancy, Elle." He laughed, "Although it would've lost it's touch if I said the whole thing."

Elle: She pouted at him, 'I thought it would be romantic,' she replied.

Roger: Roger snorted, "Romantic? I'm not romantic at all. Ask Eliza."

Elle: She paused before rolling her eyes, 'I forget that,' she grumbled, 'I'm going to write that down, 'Roger–Doesn't like romantic antiques.' Why do you get to be the French one, then? You make the romantic country go to such waste.'

Eliza: "Not necessarily romantic, but you nailed the accent. Russian, however, is a lot harder to master." I quickly peck Roger's cheek. "Now I'm checked in, how about you, mon cher?"

Roger: "In fact, I love romantic antiques, I'm just not good at them. I could probably practice them with you so that when I get back to Eliza, I'm more romantic."

Elle: She grinned at him, her eyes sparking with mischief, 'am I being used, captain?'

Eliza: "I doubt it Elle. Anyways, I'm checked in, how about you two?"

Roger: "Checked in as in?"

Elle: She waved her ticket in his face, 'as in the ticket.'

Eliza: "Precisely." I hold up my ticket a little lower to show Roy.

Erraline: In a horrible mood, Erraline arrived to check in her luggage. She didn't want to talk to anyone else.

Diana: Diana, who was clad in a casual outfit, already had her ticket in hand and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. In no time, the lunar duchess began seeing other members of the group arrive but, stayed in her seat.

Julian: Finally finished with checking in his luggage, the Lunar prince had his ticket in hand and watched as other members of the group arrived as well.

Elle: She chuckled before separating from the lovers as she was impatient enough to not wait for Roger. Giving a nod to both Erraline and Julian, she waltzed into the carriage and pointed to a seat next to Dianna. The one next to the window, 'can I sit there?'

Diana: Upon hearing Elle, Diana looked up at the girl then over to the seat. "Of course...." She said with a small smile.

Elle: She grinned crookedly and slid into the seat next to her and glanced out, 'is that all of us?' She asked with a tilt of her head.

Eliza: I sat down in the carriage, where there was a seat across from me that I waited for Roger to sit in.

Erraline: Erraline sat by herself in another carriage.

Julian: Julian walked over to the area Erraline had been sitting, noticing she was alone. "Mind if i join you?" he asked, a tired expression plastered on his face. "Your the only one in this group that doesn't annoy me.." Julian added on, a light smile showing before it disappeared and his same tired expression was shown.

Diana: Diana, like always, stayed quiet and pulled out a book that she began to read.

Elle: She huffed eventually as she realised it might take a while for everyone else to pile on.

Erraline: "Of course," She smiled, allowing Julian to sit with her before she went back to being emotionless. "I could really do with a cup of coffee."

Miquel: Miquel came running all the way to the train, incredibly late, which was unusual for him. He wore a pair of light blue jeans, lilac button-down shirt and dark purple velvet loafers, his usual quiff now messy from the wind blowing against his face as he ran. He slid into the train and looked around for Emily. Upon not finding her, he went to search for Liam before he remembered that he wouldn't be coming. He then found Erraline and Julian. Figuring he might get to meet his partner better, he blatantly sat in front of her, facing her and Julian, who were sitting next to one another, "SO, are you a couple?" Miquel placed his index finger on his lip, completely ignoring and avoiding the fact he was late. With a smirk on his visage, he noticed Roger sitting down in front of Eliza.

Julian: Julian looked at Miquel with a serious expression, not really caring for the question he asked. "No were not..." He said before going quiet and looking out the window of the train.

Train: Eventually, the train began its journey, going quite slow at first but eventually it began to pick up its pace. Taking the long route around the city, the group were shown through each layer of buildings, seeing both the rich part but also the part where poverty ran amock.

Elle: She had her nose pressed against the glass and took every part of it in and was happily reciting buildings and their history. She turned to them eventually and made a face, 'where is everyone? Why can't we all just be in one carriage. Everyone is so antisocial.'

Erraline: Erraline had been looking out of the window the entire time, even ignoring the annoying French boy, who was, to her, sadly soon to be her partner. But at one moment, she looked to Julian. "Just a random question, but do you like anime?"

Diana: Diana peered over to Elle with an amused expression. "I like to think of myself as mysterious not antisocial..." She said with a small laugh while bookmarking her place in her book before closing it. Diana was aware that Elle wasn't referring to her but, with hopes of striking up a conversation, Diana took her shot.

Julian: "Anime?" Julian said in a questioning tone. "Can't say i do..... Don't even think i know what counts as anime." Julian replied, a small chuckle escaping his soft lips.

Elle: She narrowed her eyes at Diana, 'there's a very fine line between mysterious and anti social and, funnily enough, I don't think I'd place you in either. Quiet and book smart,' she commented, 'which is nothing bad. I love books. Especially Guenassia. French writer,' she said with a nod before looking over to Diana's book with curiosity, 'what's that one?'

Erraline: "Ah," She replied. "I started watching an anime called Hetalia. I relate to the Nordics the most, really. There're people that I wish I could strangle." She gave a small, but evil chuckle.

Diana: Diana looked down to her book, a small tint of blush filling her cheeks. "This is a peronal journal i like to keep..... not exactly soemthing i like to share." She said putting her hands over the book.

Julian: Julian gave a slight nod, unsure of why Erraline was suddenly talking about animes. Without saying another word he looked out the window, gazing at the scenery they passe by.

Elle: She jerked back instantly and winced, 'really? Sorry, I think I just pried a bit too much.' She said, her happy face slipping a bit too show a tad moment of exhaustion but it was wiped away after a few moments.

Erraline: Erraline felt stupid for talking about something that Julian didn't know about. Instead, she put her headphones on and decided to watch a couple of episodes of Hetalia, remembering to bring her phone this time.

Diana: Diana shook her head quickly. "Oh no it's fine really...." The lunar duchess mental facepalmed as she felt a bit bad for making the situation a bit awkward. "do you have a favorite book?" She asked trying to move the conversation along.

Julian: Julian's gaze went from the window to Erraline, who had her phone out and headphones in. Upon looking at her phone, Julian took noticed to the show that was playing and found it a bit interesting. "Mind if i use one?" Julian asked after taking out one of Erraline's headphones and gesturing to put the piece in his own ear so he'd be able to hear and watch the show.

Train: It zoomed towards the wall and a whistle shot through the air.

Erraline: "Sure." She then offered one of the headphones to Julian.

Julian: Before Julian could reach for the headphone, the memory of his talk with Liam came to mind. After bringing out his phone and checking the time he turned to Erraline and gave an apologetic smile. "I'll be back...." He said with a small sigh before standing up and walking out the carriage to a secluded part of the train, waiting for the exact time Liam and he had agreed on.

Liam: He stood in the shadows and watched the train before beginning to sprint at the wall, hoping that the portal would appear.

Julian: after another quick look at his phone Julian stood up and walked over to the wall, beginning to concentrate. In no time a portal opened up and all Julian could do was keep his concentration and wait to see if Liam would come through.

Liam: He burst into the carriage and took a second to look at him before bursting into laughter, 'and here I was, thinking I was going to just slam head first into a wall,' he said before rubbing his chin with a sly grin, 'I doubt I'll be useful to the quest whether I stayed or not with a head injury.'

Julian: Once Liam was through Julian closed the portal, sitting on one of the near-by box. "Shut up....." was all Julian said, his gaze looking to the ground and his voice in a low tone. with the little sleep the lunar prince was getting, opening the portal did take just a bit more energy out of him than he had thought it would.

Liam: He gazed at Julian before pulling out some chocolate, 'here,' he said stepping forward and offering it out, 'have some of this, it helps I hear.'

Julian: After getting his breathing in control Julian stood up from the box, pushing away the chocolate that Liam had offered. "Thanks but no thanks..." julian said before starting to make his way back to the carriage he was in before. While walking, Julian felt his legs growing tired and tumbled into the closest carriage next to him, which with his luck was empty, and sat down on one of the seat.

Elle: She peered over at Julian with a raised eyebrow, 'are you okay? Have you been attacked?'

Erraline: Confused as to what was going on, Erraline looked over towards Julian. She then got up out of her carriage, carrying her phone with her and ignoring everyone else, and sat in the carriage where Julian was. "Do you want me to sit here instead?"

Elle: She pursed her lips as Erraline grazed in and glanced towards Diana, as if saying see what I mean? but turned stiffly away to stare out the window.

Erraline: Erraline could sense that Elle was looking at her and rolled her eyes. She then looked at Julian again, "Are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Elle: In her mind, a million ways to throttle Erraline without being caught rushed through her mind and for a minute, she contemplated on how to get away with actually murdering her but she kept her glare turned outside.

Julian: Julian looked over to Erraline, a small smile playing on his lips. "Just a bit tired." was all he said before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Eliza: I leaned my head against Roger's shoulder and drifted into a light sleep.

Miquel: Upon noticing that everyone around him had left to another carriage, he stood up, disheartened and started walking in the opposite direction with his head hung low until he came to a secluded carriage where he bumped into someone. He then turned his face high to apologize, "Oh my gee, I'm so so-"

Liam: A hand was shoved onto his mouth and he was pushed into an empty carriage with the door slamming shut behind them and shoved him against the wall, 'what the hell are you doing here and not with the others?' He whispered furiously, his eyes sparking with anger.

Miquel: Suddenly shocked by the whole thing, as he didn't expect something similar from a stranger, Miquel shot up his hands innocently in surrender before focusing on the person and noticing it was actually Liam. his eyes sparkled for a second with a glint of positive surprise while his eyebrows became a knot of cofusion. Trying to be quick to explain, he started "I-I was- and th-they left and-"but then it dawned on him, and suddenly he was a little angry too. "Wait. What are you doing in here?!" he whispered-shouted as he jabbed his index finger accusatively at Liam's chest.

Erraline: Due to being somewhat tired herself and hungry, Erraline leaned her head against the wall and went to sleep.

Liam: He stared at him for a moment before sighing in defeat and took a step back, withdrawing his hands, 'did you actually think I was just going to sit here twiddling my thumbs?' He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Miquel: "No, you had work to do and I got scared for you because I heard there was an attack to the school just this morning after we left our dorms. I don't know if it's true or what it was about but I got worried about you and Em. I'm glad you're okay." Miquel went in to hug Liam in a brotherly fashion.

Liam: He placed a hand on his chest and scowled at him, 'in approximately ten minutes, you all shall get a video call from the advisor demanding every single one of you to tell him where I am. Apart from you, Julian knows but he's a prince so he can lie without a big consequence. You, on the other hand, do not have that safety card. I can't ask you to lie for me but...I'm a fan of breaking the rules when necessary so I suggest you do. Right now, it's easy for them to stop the train but in Moscow it'll be too late. Clear?"

Miquel: "Of course I would lie for you! No questions asked." Miquel said with loyalty after pulling away. "Would you lie for me?" He queried as he bit his bottom lip nervously and scared of his reply.

Liam: He gave him a coy smile, 'I might, I doubt the situation would come up though.'

Miquel: "I will ask you a question, but please be honest..." He paused for a second before continuing, "Do you consider me as a friend?"

Liam: He rubbed his chin when he heard it and was silent for a moment before taking a long but slow breath and spoke, 'I'm not a good person to be friends with. Your answer is yes but not in the way you believe. Not in the way that will satisfy you. Be friends with everyone else, they would treat you better than I would. Friends come with responsibilities that I cannot upkeep. I will hurt you, I'll hurt you still but the fall will be shorter if I keep you at arms length,' he said softly and ehis piercing eyes pierced him further, 'you have an expectation of me that we both know I fall far beneath.'

Miquel: "I don't care if you don't satisfy me, Liam. I don't satisfy you as a friend either, and that is what friends are for, to look out for each other. I've gotten hurt several times by people, but I would rather have. S grest time with then and get hurt than byñadsing great experiences just because of fear. I'm not completely like you think I am." He connected his eyes with Liam's piercing pair, although Miquel's were more caring, but also with s hint of bravery, somehow.

Liam: He regarded him carefully before saying with a sadistic smile, 'the last friend I had was when I was fifteen and I killed him. I held a knife in my hand and I thrusted it straight into his throat without a second thought. I'm not afraid to be hurt but I don't look out for people. I look out for myself,' he said before shoving past him, 'now get back to the others. The more you're out, the more suspicion you bring.'

Miquel: "I-I, ugh!" He pulled at his hair with his hands before kicking the nearest seat he saw right agter Liam left. Why did everyone leave once he got close to them? Why not before? Why not stay forever? Miquel felt pathetic and miserable and he wanted to claw at everything he saw. Was his personality really that bland or annoying? Was he a cliché? Did he pudh people away with his actions of loyalty? Or what the hell happened every single time? With an invisible tear falling from his legt eye, he stormed out to the compartment where he had been seating.

Advisor: In both the cabin that the rest were in as well as Miquel's, a hologram popped up and he stood in the middle of it with his hair abright with flames. 'Where is he?' He snarled, 'I will search that train before you even get to Moscow if none of you give up.'

Elle: She gazed at him, 'where's who?' She asked, sounding bored, 'by the way, your head's on fire.'

Diana: Diana glanced up from her book to look at the advisor, a confused look on her face. Wonder who he could be talking about...... Diana thought, her gaze fixed on the advisor.

Julian: Julian's eyes shot open as he heard the sudden sound of an angered voice. "Aghhh what's going on?" He asked as he noticed the advisor, hearing a small amount of what the advisor had said. He must be talking about Liam.... Julian thought to himself and had no intention of ratting out the fire elemental. Yes Julian didn't care for Liam but, he also wasn't one to rat someone out at first chance.

Erraline: Erraline woke up at the sound of the voice. But because she was still hungry and tired, she decided to sleep again. She didn't know what the advisor was talking about.

Caelum: Having remained quiet the entire time, he sat by himself. He didn't know what the advisor was talking about either and just decided to look out of the window.

Eliza: I woke up to the sound of hologram as I yawned and glanced Roger. "Morning." I kiss your cheek before glancing at the advisor confused and glanced back at Roger.

Advisor: 'William HAstings, where is he?" he snapped, obviously not amused by any of them.

Elle: 'Is he not in his room?' She asked, 'have you checked the classrooms? He might believe he still has school, or maybe he's on the roof looking at the view, or maybe he's off in a corner being broody or, of course, he's sleeping with someone.'

Advisor: He took in a deep breath through his nose and the flames died out before he finally said, 'you will end your journey just before entering Russia. You will take a black SUV hidden in the car park just off the station. The keys are under the hood. You will take it straight to Moscow.'

Eliza: "First things first - anyone know how to drive an SUV?"

Elle: 'Surely, one of us is good with cars,' she mused. 'I never bothered with a license myself,' she confessed and grinned at Eliza, 'and I don't think I'm the only one.'

Advisor: 'Regardless,' he grunted before pointing at them, 'the lives in this world rest on your shoulders, brats, if you fail then you will be coming home to ashes.' With that, he disappeared and the hologram turned off.

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