What Are Tri-Elementals?

Tri-Elementals, are elementals who can control three elements. They are one of three types of Multi-Elementals, Bi-Elementals, Tri-Elementals, and All-Elementals. These elementals are not common, infact, out of every ten elementals, two tri-elementals are born. Essentially making them one fifth of the population.

Tri-Elementals can have any combination of the six elements, for example, Air, Fire, and Earth. Tri-Elementals are different from Bi-Elementals besides the fact that Tri-Elementals control more elements. Tri-Elementals do not get there elements from there parents, but rather it depends on the enviorments they were carried around in during the nine month stage before birth. That's what determines their elements.

Extra Information

  • Tri-Elementals are known to skip up to ten generations
  • Tri-Elementals tend to have a lesser control of their powers in their younger years due to the amount of power they have to carry